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Happy Valley Shenzhen
Shenzhen, Guangdong China
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Roller Coaster Photos
Baby Coaster
Bullet Coaster
Mine Coaster
Snow Mountain Flying Dragon
Wild Elfin

Other Ride Photos
Big Hat
Castle Watch
Climbing in Forest
Dancing Wave
Dream River
Energy Storm
Fireman's Battle
Gold Mine River Rafting
Haunted Glacier
Hopping Frog
Jungle Water Fight
Laser Bumper Cars
Lucky Wheels
Mine Town Audio Room
Mushroom Waltz
North Pole Adventure
Panoramic Tower
The Perfect Storm
Power Surge
Safely Back from Haunted House
Shoot the Chutes
Sky Drop
Sky Flier
Space Shot
Spirited Space
Texas Ranger
Typhoon Eye
The Wheel

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TPR's Mini-Update from the 2008 China Tour

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September 27th, 2012 by cfc
July, 2008 by packfanlv

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North Pole Adventure POV
Mine Coaster POV
Baby Coaster POV
Dean Gunnarson Escapes Death on Bullet Coaster

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2008 Park Map
2012 Park Map