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La Ronde
22 Chemin Macdonald,Ile Sainte-Helene,Montreal (Quebec) H3C 6A3 Canada
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Le Vampire

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Trosade (new for 2018, need photos)

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Goliath (B&M Hyper) and La Vampire (B&M invert, Batman: The Ride clone) are the two best coasters in the park. Don't miss Dragon which is hidden in a building in a corner of the park. Operations on Goliath are great but many of the other coasters suffer in this capacity so a Flash Pass is highly recommended on busy days. If you don't get a Flash Pass, make show to ride the low capacity Toboggan Nordique (Wild Mouse) early in the day.

Sure you could get all the coaster done without the Flash Pass, but LaRonde has a good selection of flat rides to enjoy including: Orbite (Space Shot over lake), Disco Ronde (Breakdance), Manitou (Claw), Condor, Tornade (Top Spin), and Tasse Magiques easy to spin Tea Cups with a long cycle.
There are two Subways and one McDonalds in the park. Most traditional amusement park food items can be found: hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, chicken fingers, sandwiches or taouk (Shish Kabob) but don't miss the opportunity to try some French Canadian specialtites: Poutine (fries and cheese curds covered with gravy), Queues de Castor/Beaver Tails (Canada's version of fried dough) or Crepes. The two latter treats can be topped with Nutella, fruit or sugar.
Operating Season
The park usually opens with weekend operation in late-May. The park is open practically daily June - August, which weekend operations returning in September and October.
Established Seasonal events
Fright Fest occurs during weekends in October.
Access & Location
The park is on an island just outside downtown Montreal. If driving when you get to Montreal you will want to exit Highway 20 at the Jacques-Cartier bridge; once on the bridge, exit at Parc Jean-Drapeau and follow the signs for La Ronde.

The park is easily accesible by public transportation by taking the Metro to the Jean-Drapeau Station and then the 167 La Ronde bus or taking the Metro to Papineau Station, and then the 169 La Ronde bus.
Nearby Lodging
The park's website lists many partners hotels where guests are eligible for admission price discounts.
Virtual Queue Options
Three levels of Flash Pass are available and can be used on all the major rides.
At Scene de Ribambelle, characters from a children's show perform four unique shows daily. On select Wednesday and Saturday nights the park hosts a fireworks show. The parks also has standard music, dance and magic shows at different locations.
Goliath Roller Coaster POV
Le Monstre Wooden Roller Coaster POV
Le Cobra Stand-Up Roller Coaster POV

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2012 Park Map
2008 Park Map
2004 Park Map

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