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Indiana Beach
5224 E Indiana Beach Rd, Monticello, IN
(574) 583-4141
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Cornball Express
Dragon Wagon
Hoosier Hurricane
Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain
Steel Hawg
Tig'rr Coaster

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Adventure Point
Air Crow
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Den of Lost Thieves
Double Shot
Falling Star
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Frankenstein's Castle
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Music Express
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Sea Dragon
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The location on Lake Shafer, with many rides built on piers over the lake, makes for a great setting, and the wind enhances many of the flats. On top of that, Indiana Beach runs many of their flats (such as the Falling Star) on a long and intense cycle. Cornball Express is one of the better wooden coasters (although operations are a little quirky), providing a great ride for a coaster that tops out at 55 feet. Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain (LoCoSuMo) is a unique wooden coaster--try to ride early as capacity is very low and encounters frequent maintenance issues. Steel Hawg, an S&S El Loco, is the parks only modern steel coaster.

Frankenstein's Castle is a slight upcharge, but this haunted walkthrough should not be missed. While in the castle be sure to get a closer look at the monster band.
The most popular food at Indiana Beach are the tacos. The Skyroom offers a very popular Sunday brunch.
Operating Season
Traditionally the park opens in May and the season ends Labor Day Weekend.
Access & Location
The park is 20 miles from the nearest Interstate. Direction can be found at the park's website
Virtual Queue Options
Not Available
Nearby Lodging
Lodging options are offered by the Beach House Inn, Boardwalk Motel, Cottages; Hoosier Pointe Beach Club and Ideal Beach Suites; Indiana Beach Camp Resort and IB Crow Campground
Indiana Beach holds a water ski show. Concerts also happen in the Rooftop Lounge
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