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Chimelong Paradise
Guangzhou, Guangdong China

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Roller Coaster Photos
10 Inversion Coaster
Dive Coaster
Family Gravity Coaster
Half Pipe
Motorbike Launch Coaster
Twister Coaster
Young Star Coaster

Other Ride Photos
Alien Attack
Bumper Boats
Bumper Cars
Double Deck Carousel
Fire Truck
Forest Temple
4D Theater
Giant Frisbee
Jumping Machine
Music Flier
Pirate Adventure
Rainbow Shuttle
Rotating Cup
Shoot the Chute
Sky Bicycle
Sky Drop
Splash Battle
Suspended Windshear
Swiftly Chair

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Dive Coaster POV
10 Inversion Roller Coaster POV
Motorbike Launch Coaster POV
Intamin Half Pipe Roller Coaster POV
Twister Coaster POV
Family Gravity Coaster POV

Park Maps
2012 Park Map