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Happy Valley Beijing
Beijing, China
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Roller Coaster Photos
Crystal Wing
Extreme Rusher
Golden Wings in Snowfield
Harvest Time
Jungle Racing
Famly Coaster (new for 2018, need photos)

Other Ride Photos
Angel's Wing
Apollo Wheel
Bug's Party Carousel
Dream Coaster
Energy Collector
Energy Storm
Extra Power
Flying Ant Squad
4D Cinema
Frog Hopper
Happy Hot Wheel
Happy World
Haunted Grove
The Journey of Odyssey
Shambala Towers
Sky Drop
Spinning and Lost in Snowfield
Straw Hats
Surf's Up
Treasure Troop
Trojan Horse
Turning Cups
Twin Towers

No Infomation.
Flight of the Phoenix Roller Coaster POV
Cystal Wings Roller Coaster POV
Golden Wings Roller Coaster POV

Park Maps
2008 Park Map
2012 Park Map