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Grona Lund
Lilla Allmänna Gränd 9, 115 21 Stockholm, Sweden
+46 08-587 501 00
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Vilda Musen
Tuff-Tuff Taget

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Bla Taget
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Flygande Mattan
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Skratt Kammaren

The park has many sit-down restaurants where you can eat and drink at a leisurely pace than quick-service stands. Kresjey's is a BBQ restauant, but they also have amazingly fresh fish dishes. Kryddhyllan is in the heart of the park, great for people watching. Tyrol Bakficka is a bar serving German sausages and offers an outdoor porch for crowd watching. If you prefer your food on the run, there are two large food courts with many options. Kvasten Food Court has Thai food, fish and chips, burgers, hot dogs, and langos (fried dough). Rue du Maroc Food court sells pizza, kebabs, hot dogs, and Mexican dishes.
Operating Season
The park opens in late April for a couple of days each week, including weekends. In late May the park starts daily operations, which run through late August. From Late August to mid-September the park scales back to a couple of days a week.
Access & Location
The park can easily by reached by public transportation.

Bus and tram:
Take Bus 44 from Karlaplan or Tram 7 from SergelsTorg right to Konsthallen/Grona Lund. It is also possible to take T's red line to Karlaplan and walk from there. The walk takes about 20 minutes.

Cycle or walk:
Go over Djurgårdsbron and follow Djurgårdsvägen past the Nordic Museum and on. You can also walk the path through Galärparken, along the waterfront past the Vasa Museum and the museum ships. Facts and Tips: A walk from Djurgårdsbron takes about 10 minutes, depending on how fast you go and how often you stop to enjoy the Royal Canal on the road.

By car:
As the park is in a congested area, it is highly recommended to use a park-and-ride and either walk or take public transportation. A suggested park-and-ride location is Parkaden on Regeringsgatan at NK (Goverment Street at NE).
Nearby Lodging
Hotel Hasselbacken is across the street from Grona Lund
The park website lists a few hotel partners that offer park discounts.
Virtual Queue Options
Not Available
The park uses Stors Scen as a venue for regional musical acts and major international stars throughout the year and is free to the public. Many shows are held in Tyrol and require a fee and reservation.
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