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305 34th Ave NW Altoona, Iowa, 50009
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Traditionally Adventureland's rides were the epitome of a traditional park. Outlaw is one of CCI's older woodies, but also one of their better ones. Underground is considered a wood coaster, but it's more of a dark ride. It's neither a great coaster nor a great dark but certainly worth riding for its uniqueness. Dragon is a rare coaster from Hopkins. Then the park changed the game by adding Monster, from Gerstlauer. It is a very well received coaster. The park maintains their flat rides well and runs them for decent cycles. Some that should not be missed include Sidewinder (Frisbee), Der Flinger (Paratrooper), Silly Silo (Rotor), Falling Star, Space Shot (S&S Tower), and G-Force (Breakdance).

The park has two water rides in Raging River and River Rapids. Neither of them are guaranteed to get you wet, but lines are long in the summer, particularly for the rapids. There's plenty of wetness to be had in the adjoining water park, which is included in your park admission. The park also still only charges 25 cents for SkeeBall.
It's mostly standard amusement park food with BBQ, fried chicken, chicken tenders, hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, sandwiches, and salads available at various locations in the park. Some of the unique offerings are tacos in a bag (fritos with taco meat) and footlong corn dogs. The park also has real, fresh-made lemonade and large slabs of bacon. Don't miss the traditional ice cream parlor on Main street.
Operating Season
The season runs from early May to late September. Daily operations occur from late May to late August with weekends only to open and end the season.
Access & Location
The park is located a couple of miles northeast of Des Moines in Altoona. The park is within one mile of I-80, the major interstate crossing East-West through Iowa.
Nearby Lodging
Adventureland Resort offers both the Adventureland Inn (185 rooms) and a Campground (hook-ups and tents). Complimentary trolleys run from the resort to the park
More info can be found at http://adventureland-inn.com/
Virtual Queue Options
Not Available
Adventureland has a Bingo Hall on Main Street that is very popular with the locals.
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