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Nagashima Spa Land
333 Urayasu Nagashima, Kuwana Mie 511-1135 Japan
0594) 45-2000
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Children Coaster
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Flying Carpet
Free Fall
Frog Hopper
Giant Frisbee
Giant Wheel Aurora
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Haunted House
Jet Ski
Merry Go Round
Mini Train
Rockin Tug
Rock n Roll
Shoot the Chute
Space Shot
Space Shuttle
Star Flyer
Swing Around
Tea Cups
Tele Combat
Top Spin
Water Ace
Wave Swinger

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Steel Dragon 2000 POV
White Cyclone Roller Coaster POV
Ultra Twister Roller Coaster POV
Freefall On-Ride POV
Coaster Expedition Volume 5 DVD
Corkscrew POV Video (Forum Members Only)
Shuttle Loop POV Video (Forum Members Only)
Steel Dragon 2000 POV Video (Forum Members Only)
Ultra Twister POV (Forum Members Only)
White Cyclone POV Video (Forum Members Only)

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