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Ocean Park
Ocean Park Road Hill Rd, Hong Kong, China
(852) 2552 0291
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Arctic Blast
Hair Raiser
Wild West Mine Train

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Amazing Asian Animals
Bumper Blaster
Cable Car Ride
Crazy Galleon
Ferris Wheel
Flying Swing
Giant Panda Adventure
Madagascar 2
North Pole Encounter
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Sea Life Carousel
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Whirly Bird

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Hair Raiser provides the punch B&M has been missing in many of their recent installations. The other coasters provide great views. One of the best rides is the Cable Car to get to the summit of the park, for those afraid of heights you have the option of taking the themed funicular railway. Thrills can also be found with Abyss (S&S Tower), Flash (Frisbee) and some older Huss flats (Condor and Enterprise). The park's log flume and rapids provide relief from the heat and will get you get.
The majority of the stands served traditional Cantonese food, but there is a McDonalds in the park.
Operating Season
Year Round
Established Seasonal Events
The park has a Halloween haunt event in addition to overlays for the Christmas season.

Drink'N Music Fest occurs on weekends from October - January.
Access & Location
The Ocean Park website gives direction for those driving or coming vie public transportation http://www.oceanpark.com.hk/html/en/plan-your-visit/transportation/
Virtual Queue Options
FasTrack is available at two levels. Fastrack 7 works on 7 select rides. Fastrack All works on all rides
In the Whiskers Theater the park hosts a Sea Lion show along with another show with human actors playing the role of ocean creatures. Also throughout the park you multiple opportunities to see animals in walk through exhibits such as the South Pole Spectacular, North Pole Encounter, Amazing Asian Animals and an Aquarium.
Hair Raiser Roller Coaster POV
Wild West Mine Train Roller Coaster POV
The Dragon Roller Coaster POV

1993 Park Brochure

Park Maps
2005 Park Map (Christmas Season)
2012 Park Map

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