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Movieland Studios
SS249 Gardesana Orientale, 37014, Castelnuovo del Garda Italy
+39 045 644 9777
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Photo TR From 2005 Europe Trip

The thing that makes Movieland Studios so good is their complete disregard for intellectual property. Most of the rides use well-known names, such as Hollywood Action Tower (an Intamin 1st-generation Drop Tower following a similar Universal storyline), a Top Spin themed to Tomb Raider, and a Police Academy-themed simulator.

If you look past the "familiar" theming there are a couple of very fun scary rides. Magma 2 is like a backstage tour gone horribly wrong with an out-of-control, unlicensed driver. U-571 Submarine Simulator has to be experienced to be believed. You start on a u-shaped metal catwalk meant to simulate a submarine bay. All of a sudden you are under attack from some planes and are ordered to run along the catwalk as you are mildly splashed with water. Then you head down some slippery stairs and sit inside a submarine on what appear to be torpedoes. Then all hell breaks loose with sirens, blinking reds lights, and screaming as depth charges explode while everyone gets drenched. After U-571, Magma 2 if you want to contniue to put your life in the hands of the park ride KITT Super Jet, a high speed power boat ride. Horror House is a wonderful long walkthrough where 10-12 particpants deal with live actors and dark and uneven walkways.

If you prefer a more traditional drenching, Aquastudios is included in the admission price and offers some insane water slides.
Zorro Steak House and Show is the largest restaurant in the park. Other options in the park include pizza, pasta, hamburgers, hot dogs, and turkey legs. A word to the wise is to never order pizza from someplace themed to The Dukes of Hazzard.
Operating Season
The park opens in late April and the season runs through mid-September. The park is open every day in July and August, and open almost every day in June, with limited operations in April, May, and September.
Established Seasonal events
The park is open for Halloween events during weekends in late-September and October.
Access & Location
BY CAR: Along the highway A4 Milan-Venice, exit Peschiera del Garda and follow signs for Canevaworld. On the A22 Modena-Brenner, follow Affi exit, then follow signs for Canevaworld. BY TRAIN: Movieland Park is 5 km from the station of Peschiera del Garda. Throughout the season, there is a free shuttle service round trip from the station of Peschiera to the resort park. To check timetables for trains, visit www.trenitalia.com. BY BUS: The following link provides bus route info from major cities: http://www.canevaworld.it/canevaworldresort/lineepullman.php
Virtual Queue Options
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The John Rambo Stunt Show is the most popular show. Other shows include an illusionist and a Peter Pan show. Shows are spaced throughout the day so make sure to check the shows schedule when you get to the park. During lunchtime the Horror House closes and is transformed into a Scooby Doo-themed Scary House, but is only for children.
Hollywood Tower Free Fall POV

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2010 Park Map
2005 Park Map

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