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Walibi Holland
Spijkweg 30; 8256 RJ Biddinghuizen; Netherlands
31(0)321 32 99 99
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Burgers and fries are the most prevalent food in the park but you can also find pizza, pasta and chicken wings. And it wouldn't be a Belgian park without a stand to purchase pastries like pancakes, a Dutch staple.
The park also allows you to picnic in the park with your own food.
Operating Season
The park generally opens in early April starting with weekends only with more days each week until last May at with time the park goes to daily operations until September. Weekend operations bridge the gap until Walibi Holland opens for a full two weeks leading up to Halloween.
Established Seasonal events
The Halloween Fright Nights event occurs in October.
Access & Location
By public transportation the park can be reached via train and a bus connection originating from Amsterdam/Schiphol Airport. Take the train from Schiphol to Harderwijk (80 minutes). Then there's a bus (the Walibi Express) from Harderwijk which takes about 25 minutes.
Nearby Lodging
Walibi Village contains 142 cottages and bungalows of varying sizes to accomodate any size family.
Virtual Queue Options
With Fast Lane, the park offers 3 levels of service on 9 rides, including all the major coasters. The service works through your smart phone
Traditionally most of the shows in the park a targeted to children, but there will usually be at least one show for a larger audience, such as an illusionist.
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