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Waldameer Amusement Park
220 Peninsula Drive, Erie, Pennsylvania 16505
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Ravine Flyer 3
Ravine Flyer II
Steel Dragon

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Ali Baba
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X Scream

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Ravine Flyer II is the biggest reason to visit the park. The long awaited wooden coaster from Gravity Group flows from the top of the lift hill down the ravine to the bluffs below. The power of the ride doesn't let up until the train hits the final brake run. Steel Dragon is a solid Maurer Sohne spinning coaster.

Whacky Shack and Pirates Cove are two Bill Tracy creations that are so rare in these times.

The park also has a selection of traditional flat rides. Ali Baba (Flying Carpet) and X-Scream (Drop Tower) are the most thrilling of the flats.
Snacks and desserts are some of the better food options at Waldameer. The prices are fair and variety is limited. Another option at Waldameer is to bring your own food. The park even provide free grills if you bring the charcoal. The parking lot very close to the BBQ area.

Please note: all purchases in the parks are cashless so you need to load money on to a Wally Card for food/games and purchases.
Operating Season
The park is open on weekends in May. From June to Labor the park is open day, except Mondays. The park is not open on Mondays, except Holidays.

Established Seasonal events
Not applicable
Access & Location
The park is losated close to where I-79 and I-90 meet in Erie, Pennsylvania. Driving directions can be found on the parks website
Nearby Lodging
Waldameer has a list of nearby lodging options on their website. Some of these hotels offer discount tickets to the park.
Virtual Queue Options
Not available.
The same cast stages three entirely different musical shows each day at the Showtime Theater next to the Pirate's Cove.
Comet Wooden Roller Coaster POV
Ravine Flyer II Wooden Roller Coaster

Gravity Group's Ravine Flyer II Postcard

Park Maps
2013 Park Map
2012 Park Map

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