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Oakwood Theme Park
Canaston Bridge, Narberth, Pembrokeshire, SA67 8DE
01834 861889
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When Speed: No Limits opened, Gerstlauer Eurofighters were still a novelty as this was only the third one built. This, along with Megafobia (CCI woodie), brings a lot of coaster enthusiasts out to Wales. Megafobia was at one time considered one of the world's finest woodies but now provides an inconsistent ride.

Drenched (Intamin River Plunge) is one of the world's tallest and steepest water rides, but the line can get quite long. Bounce (Huss Shot 'n' Drop Tower) is another intense ride worth trying.

Don't miss their unique dark rides: Spooky 3D and Journey to Neverland
There are five eateries with distinct menus: The Restaurant (fish and chips, pasta, potatoes, salads), Woody's Burgers (beef, chicken, or veggie burgers along with hot dogs), Dixie's (fried chicken pieces and strips), and Pit Stop (hot dogs and bacon baguettes).
Operating Season
The season generally starts in mid-April and runs through the end of October. Check the park's website for exact dates, but the park is not open on many Tuesdays and Wednesdays from April - June. The park is open daily in July and August. The park reverts back to mostly weekend operations in September and October.
Access & Location
Direction by car can be found on the park's website: http://www.oakwoodthemepark.co.uk/plan/directions.asp The nearest rail station is 5 miles from the park at Narbeth.
Nearby Lodging
The park's website lists some suggested accomodations:
Virtual Queue Options
Not available
The park generally has a children's show and a magic show in the children's area of the park.
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Coaster Expedition Volume 8 DVD
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