Ocean Park
Hong Kong, China
Official Web Site: http://www.oceanpark.com.hk/

Theme Park Review Goes To Asia!

Ocean Park has plenty of other rides other than the cool Zamperla coaster and the Arrow death machine...

It's got....yes...A SPACE SHOT!!!!!  (and Turbo Drop!)

Yo, yo....Quaker has joined the Chinese gansta mob.

Why does Robb look like he's mid-pinch on taking a huge dump?

Mmmm.....gotta love the crazy Asian Fanta drinks!!!

Yay!  Condor rides!  I've always thought they were like a Scrambler in the air.

Robb looks MUCH more happy now!  =)

I don't even know what to make of this photo....poor little porcelain mermaid really doesn't look too happy about it!

So back down to the other side of the park we go....

Remember you two...NO HOLDING HANDS!!!!

Quaker checks out the funky "Walk the Dog" game! 
Don't let him get hit by the tractor-trailer truck!

Even the games take the Octopus card!


Just in case you needed a reminder....

Do not spit on the goldfish!!!


"I think I can see my dad!"

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