Cedar Point
Sandusky, Oh
Official Website: http://www.cedarpoint.com/

The best part about Dragster is that it made the line for Millennium Force short.  =)

As sun sets, MF is still going strong!

John breaks TTD with his evil camera!

John!  Stop taking pictures!!!
(isn't Justin getting a bit fresh with John?)

Yes, he broke Raptor too!

Cedar Point's ghetto style Fast Pass impales your hands with times you can ride.
(BTW, the ink takes about 3 days to come off!)

What is it with Justin and getting fake boobs on this trip?
(John seems not to mind, though!)

It's cool how Wicked Twister is right on the beach.

Time for something Dan can never, ever eat!

Justin takes one of his many bathrooms breaks!

Elissa's starting her career in the theme park business?

To make sure we get on TTD the next morning, Justin camps out for the night.

Dan takes the place of the footer of his sorely missed ride.

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