Memorial Day Weekend 2001 or "Where is everyone?"
Michigan's Adventure

Muskegon, MI

Zach's Zoomer is the parks junior woodie.  

Zach's Zoomer actually had some airtime on these hills!

Elissa and I had 'ample room' squeezing into the Zach's Zoomer train!

Are we SURE this is *SATURDAY* of Memorial Day weekend???

Look at all those people on the Log Flume!

Elissa has a wild ride on the Big Dipper!  "Now *THIS* is a top ten ride!"

Look!  No one is riding the Wild Mouse?

Is it because of these banked turns or because no one in at the park?  Hmmm......

Next up was the Corkscrew.

Note the massive crowds rushing into ride this Arrow masterpiece!

Back to Shivering Timbers for some more rides!

The train speeds around the helix.

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