Knoebel's Amusement Park
Elysburg, PA
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Knoebel's Phall Phunfest 1998 Photo Update!

Ppp981.jpg (22354 bytes)
Getting ready for the PhunPhest!  Bethany transforms herself into a witch!

Ppp9811.jpg (26955 bytes)
Bethany's first ride on the Phoenix!  Needless to say she had many, many more as the night carried on!

Ppp982.jpg (14243 bytes)
There was a lot of snapping going on during Flyer rides.  I think Beth even managed a snap or two!

Ppp983.jpg (30090 bytes)
No first trip to Knoebels would should go without a framed photo with Kozmo!

Ppp9826.jpg (22735 bytes)
The Phoenix Pharies invade the Skooters!

Ppp9822.jpg (22231 bytes)
Jim and Russ go for a 'fire' ride on the High Speed Thrill Coaster!

Ppp9820.jpg (20860 bytes)
Backseat Bill got just a little too much Airtime on the Phoenix.  He's caught a bolt in his head!

Ppp9825.jpg (27516 bytes)
This guy obviously has the Los Angeles driving style down!

Ppp9821.jpg (13054 bytes)
Joe Schwartz appears as Dilbert!

Ppp9814.jpg (24236 bytes)
I'm starting to worry about Dana and Dooley! 

Ppp9829.jpg (32780 bytes)
This gets my vote for most disturbing site of the event! That IS the Easter Bunny trading presents with a "Peep!"

Ppp9819.jpg (14488 bytes)
This guy gets an honorable mention at the costume awards ceremony for the "Knoebels" theme!

Ppp9816.jpg (25764 bytes)
Mark McKenzie gets the award for "People who aren't always what they seem to be."

Ppp9817.jpg (19074 bytes)
At the end of the night came the bon fire!

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