Sea Paradise
Hakkeijima, Japan
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Now that we've gotten the bizarre fact that a Togo coaster was good out of the way, now comes the most bizarre thing we've seen all trip:
"The Water Chute!"

We had no idea what to expect here.  We thought it was just some 'old school' Water Chute ride.  We were 'half-right.'
We walk up to it and see a ride op standing on the front of the boat while it travels down the drop!  WTF?!?

And THEN, right when the boat hits the water, the ride op jumps like 10 feet in the air! 

OMFG!!!  WTF?!?!  Are we seeing this right?!?

Turns out, these guys are like famous!  They're 'acrobatic, boat jumpers!"

Each one of the boat jumpers has a bio about their talent!  This is the weirdest thing I've seen since the Casa De Fruita Cup Flipper!!!

Have another the boat hits the water and it's going REALLY fast!

Then you heard this noise and all you see is the jumper dude WAY UP IN THE AIR!!!!!

Here he comes landing back on the boat.  And look at everyone in the boat, they are totally calm.
PEOPLE!!!  THIS IS INSANE!!!  Something amazing is happening here and no one in the boat seems to realize!

Wow!  All I know is I gotta find out where I need to sign up to be a 'boat jumper!'  Wow!

Hehe, Crazy Barrels!  Remember when a ride like this used to be a Magic Mountain?

"Screw Intamin.  I LOVE TOGO!!!"

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