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The night is still early, lines aren't too bad...what's next?

Oooh!  How about "Mmmmmmmm...the ride?"

Oooh...with that line....maybe we'll pass!

Instead how about "Jurassic Park...in the dark!"

Ooooh!   I hope Elissa isn't too jealous.

GRRR!!!  "I'm Angry dinosaur on a stick....GIMMIE SOME CANDY!!!!"

"Tastes like chicken!"

Elissa found her orgy!

Jahan tries hard to make it all the way up the stairs "biggest loser" style.

He failed.....

How can you pass by these guys and NOT take a disturbing photo?

"ARMY!!!!!   *STRONG!!!!*"

"Elissa and Scary guy...friends 4EVER!!!"

This was the "Heckles and Twitch" show.....

It was supposed to be funny with pop culture humor....

....it wasn't.  Had some hot chicks though!  =)

Sorry clowns.  You need to be replaced with Bill & Ted!  Maybe next year?  *hint*  *hint*

The media event included the "mock graduation" of the scare actors.

She was HOT!  I'm sure she was very popular with the football zombies.

This guy reminds me of when I was in high school.

T2:3D.  We thought it was supposed to be different for HHN, but it just turned out to be "Suuuuuper!!!"

Mike gives T2 and HHN a big thumbs up.  But then again he gives Taco Bell, Fire Engines, and Sesame Street a big thumbs up too!  =)

We had a really awesome night at HHN 2006.  We hope to see more at next year's event, and hopefully even an awesome TPR meet for 2007 too!
Thanks again Universal!

Click HERE to see our Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood VIDEO!

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Thanks to Jahan and Mike for the extra photos!

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