Bas does TPR West Coast Tour 2009

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Bas does TPR West Coast Tour 2009

Postby hyyyper » Tue Aug 25, 2009 2:10 am


Hi TPR reader, in this topic you will find a complete literal and photographical report of the 2009 ThemeParkReview West Coast Tour. Below is a day by day overview, just click on the links to go to the report of that day. Have fun reading!


Day -2, Day -1
Outbound flight and sightseeing ... 925#798925

Day 0, Day 1
Driving to the Bay Area and Discovery Kingdom ... 951#800951

Day 2
Gilroy Gardens and Santa Cruz Boardwalk ... 936#801936

Day 3
California’s Great America, driving south and Six Flags Magic Mountain ... 385#803385

Day 4
Six Flags Magic Mountain (Part I) ... 249#804249
Six Flags Magic Mountain (Part II) ... 166#805166

Day 5
Universal Studios Hollywood, Scandia and Incredible John’s Pizza ... 140#806140

Day 6
Seaworld and Belmont ... 159#807159

Day 7
Legoland, Castle Park and Disneyland Resort ... 771#808771

Day 8
Knott’s Berry Farm, Adventure City and Disneyland Resort ... 005#810005

Day 9
Disneyland Resort ... 692#811692

Day 10
Disneyland Resort ... 988#812988

Day 11, Day 12
Return flight ... 341#814341

Hard Rock hyyyper
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Postby hyyyper » Tue Aug 25, 2009 2:12 am

Bas does TPR West Coast Tour 2009
Day -2, Day -1
Outbound flight and sightseeing

After waiting almost a year since the East Coast Tour, I was finally ready to head out to California to start the West Coast Tour 2009. I drove away from our little house at 3 in the morning and crossed to border into Germany. Once I got to Köln (Cologne) Airport, I got on the Germanwings flight Stansted in London.

From Stansted I had to take to bus to Heathrow and from there NorthWestAir would take me to Minneapolis-St. Paul and eventually to Los Angeles. I arrived at the first hotel just before midnight, meaning I travelled 30 hours in total (!).

Some of us hung out in the lobby for a while, but eventually went to bed. The morning after a lot of the trip-goers had signed up for the sightseeing day.

For the majority of the day we ‘enjoyed’ getting stuck in LA traffic, but we occasionally stopped to see some random things. The first stop was at Rodeo Drive, where (we think) we saw Paris Hilton (we’re not sure), looked at a Beverly Hills sign and Mike ate a burger.

After spending totally nothing in overpriced stores, we hopped back on the bus to visit Hollywood Boulevard. We saw the usual Walk of Fame, Celebrity footprints at Grauman’s Chinese theater and the Hollywood Sign (which I first thought was just a billboard on a building). But as we walked along the boulevard, it appeared that Jamie Foxx was being filmed for a movie.

The third stop was Venice Beach, which was, as expected, a beach. There was very little going on and after we walked to the pier and back, we headed out for the bonus credit stop, Santa Monica Pier.

The little park on the Santa Monica Pier, called Pacific Park, had just a single coaster, a few flats and a small ferris wheel. The roller coaster wasn’t all that spectacular. It has two helixes and some little bunnyhills, but it’s a credit!

As the sun slowly sank to the horizon, more and more rides were taken over TPR-style. Eventually it was time to get back to the bus and make sure we got some sleep before the long drive up to the bay area the next day.
TPR West Coast 2009 0003.jpg
Attention people driving towards Köln Airport: Get out of the way, I've got a flight to catch!
TPR West Coast 2009 0006.jpg
Without any (major) traffic violations, I arrived at the aiport
TPR West Coast 2009 0018.jpg
Are we in the Matrix?
TPR West Coast 2009 0026.jpg
"....To your left you can see the Atlantic Ocean....FOR THE NEXT 6 HOURS!..."
TPR West Coast 2009 0038.jpg this the prototype Delta outfitted with warp drive?
TPR West Coast 2009 0040.jpg
Some artsy "plane vs. boarding passenger vs. terminal window"
TPR West Coast 2009 0042.jpg
LA! I made it!

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Postby hyyyper » Tue Aug 25, 2009 2:13 am

Part II
TPR West Coast 2009 0058.jpg
Neighbourhood Sign Photo!
TPR West Coast 2009 0059.jpg
Rodeo Drive
TPR West Coast 2009 0060.jpg
Icebat in progress?
TPR West Coast 2009 0065.jpg
Yay, Hollywood
TPR West Coast 2009 0066.jpg
Are we in Disney Studios?
TPR West Coast 2009 0070.jpg
I first thought this was just billboard!
TPR West Coast 2009 0078.jpg
Jamie Foxx getting filmed
TPR West Coast 2009 0083.jpg
Hey look, it's me and 9 random letters on a mountain!
TPR West Coast 2009 0085.jpg
TPR West Coast 2009 0089.jpg
Re-election campaign?
TPR West Coast 2009 0091.jpg
not-so-hidden Mickey
TPR West Coast 2009 0099.jpg
And mr. Walt
TPR West Coast 2009 0104.jpg
Santa Monica Pier . . . from the Venice Beach pier!
TPR West Coast 2009 0113.jpg

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Postby hyyyper » Tue Aug 25, 2009 2:13 am

Part III
TPR West Coast 2009 0114.jpg
It may not look like much, but it's a credit!
TPR West Coast 2009 0116.jpg
"Yes, I do believe your photo turned out exactly like mine"
TPR West Coast 2009 0117.jpg
Swing ship takeover
TPR West Coast 2009 0119.jpg
Some TPR-peeps waiting for the scrambler
TPR West Coast 2009 0133.jpg
Overview of the little park from the ferris wheel
TPR West Coast 2009 0137.jpg
A rollercoaster....IN THE SHADOW!
TPR West Coast 2009 0138.jpg
TPR West Coast 2009 0140.jpg
TPR West Coast 2009 0143.jpg
Beautifull sunset over the pacific
TPR West Coast 2009 0154.jpg
TPR West Coast 2009 0155.jpg
Yup, we're still at Pacific Park
TPR West Coast 2009 0158.jpg
Nerd shot
TPR West Coast 2009 0160.jpg
They had some nice moons in California too

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Postby Jds03 » Thu Aug 27, 2009 3:36 pm

YAY! Annother West Coast Photo TR! =)

Nice Report Bas. I really liked your Pictures, they were really well done.

Although I thought you lost your first camera...

Thought "Laser Snake Horse" was real.
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Postby Speeddeamon128 » Thu Aug 27, 2009 7:27 pm

Nice first update Bas I'm looking forward to seeing your updates!
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-Behemoth/Ravine Flyer II Tour 2008, East Coast Tour 2008, West Coast Tour 2009

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Postby hyyyper » Sat Aug 29, 2009 11:26 am

Bas does TPR West Coast Tour 2009
Day 0, Day 1
Driving upstate and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

In order to get to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and other parks in the bay area, we first had to get over there. So, we all hopped on a bus and started driving north.

Unfortunately we only got 2 blocks before we bumped into the wonderful standstill that people call LA-traffic. Thankfully, there were lots of things to keep us occupied. While our ‘tour-bags-of-not-necessarily-crap’ were handed out, we experienced a Q&A with Robb. I won’t go into details, but after the session, everybody on the trip knew a lot more about Papier-mâché-volcanoes, lending out laptops and Jezus fixing coasters.

As we passed by Six Flags Magic Mountain, Robb opted to play a game they usually play when driving alongside parks: How many coasters do you see operating? The results:
X2: not operating
Viper: not operating
Tatsu: not operating
Superman: not operating
Déjà vu: not operating
Riddler: not operating
Batman: not operating
Scream: not operating
Goliath: not operating
Colossus: not operating

So, 30 minutes after opening all of the visible coasters weren’t running for a good 4 minutes we had SFMM in sight.

Anyways, we tried not the think about it all that much and after more miles, snack time and other randomness we stopped to get some food. But after the food stop it was SHARK ATTACK 3 that kept us entertained for the rest of the drive. And believe me, entertaining it was.

Eventually, we got to our awesome hotel. Why awesome? It has coaster-mosaic-murals, space invader room keys, an IHOP and a decent pool. As soon as everybody got themselves a bit settled, the pool area was invaded by snacks from almost every place on earth. And while eating all those snacks, I failed to take any pictures, sorry.

The next day we went to the West Coast Bash at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, which was essentially a lot of people joining in on the West Coast Tour for a day. We started our day with EAT, exclusive animal time, where some animals were served, uh, brought for us. Soon after, we were put in the new tiger theater were a lot of people told lots of things about tigers.

But onto the important stuff! Because after the tigers, it was time for Medusa ERT. The coaster was awesome, and my favorite in the park. The straight drop is just as awesome as the dives on other B&Ms, and the rest of the ride is just great. However, I do prefer the other Medusa/Bizzaro, and that’s basically because of the cobra-roll.

The rest of the morning consisted of getting all the coasters in that weren’t open for ERT that evening, looking at animals, shopping for random souvenirs and defining the way of life. Cobra was just a regular kiddie, except that the snake in front was one of the coolest coaster trains I’ve ever seen. Boomerang wasn’t that bad for a boomerang, and Kong wasn’t that bad for it being an SLC.

At lunch we got an Q&A session with a marketing guy and an operations guy. And while the marketing guy was acting like he was presenting for the home shopping channel, the dude from operations was able to tell us some cool things of how the park and coasters are run.

After the lunch I joined the ‘bonus activity’, the jelly belly factory tour. Having never heard of jelly belly’s and no worries of getting all the credits, I figured I’d join up. The whole tour turned out to be a walkthrough-jelly-belly commercial and I discovered that I hate the candy and requested to visit an M&Ms factory next year.

We got back in the park in the afternoon and did some of the flat rides. The topspin was the worst topspin I’ve ever been on. I don’t know why, but it ran only half a regular cycle (3 flips) and then broke down. We also got the remaining credits while everybody else was playing TPR-trivia. After the trivia was over, the ERT begun. With something special going on at the Tony Hawk Big Spin. The game was to fill a cup of water at the beginning of the ride, and trying not to spill water during the actual ride.

Tony Hawk itself was a fun ride, and if you were lucky with the weight distribution, got could get an insane amount of spin. V2 (or V1.5) was not as fun as its full-size bothers, but it was different and during the sunset you could get a spectacular view of the park. Roar was a very decent ride, powerful but a little slow on the hills and high turns. One funny note about the Roar operations, though. Now, first of all, I am not a racist, and I don’t want to step on anybody’s toes, but it was too stereotypical to see 3 black female operators chatting loudly in the operator booth, while one white girl had to check almost all the restraints by herself.

I rode Roar about 5 times in the back row and then went over to Tony Hawk to do the water challenge. I failed miserably at the game, but it was a lot of fun see to others fail as well. But when I got off the ride to take some more pictures my camera had decided to commit suicide and do nothing except for displaying ‘lens error’. So there I was, half a planet away from home with can $250 camera not functioning… :cry:

Apart from the disaster with my camera, I really enjoyed the day. I’m sure that lots of people liked all the animals, but I was really positively surprised by the coasters in the park and the way the event was set up. Thanks to everybody who was even remotely part of it, Thank you.
(And, managers, if you are reading this: Get that Topspin some decent programs!)
TPR West Coast 2009 0183.jpg
This is what the bus looks like if you suspend yourself from a seat in the back.
TPR West Coast 2009 0184.jpg
And this is what it looks like when to take the effort to stand up.
TPR West Coast 2009 0175.jpg
Hey look, there's Tatsu, and it's...not operating
TPR West Coast 2009 0176.jpg
and neither were Goliath, Superman, Colossus
TPR West Coast 2009 0177.jpg
...and Scream! Bummer
TPR West Coast 2009 0185.jpg
Now, while I was enjoying watching the awesome motion picture that many know by the wonderfull name of SHARK ATTACK 3, I totally forgot to take pictures. So from SFMM, we suddenly are at the Avatar hotel with the mosaic murals!
TPR West Coast 2009 0192.jpg
Hey look, it's San Fransisco. But then trough a bus window, miles away and shot with a cheap lens.
TPR West Coast 2009 0193.jpg
And here is a bridge and prison island, you know the names.
TPR West Coast 2009 0194.jpg
Hi KerryB!
TPR West Coast 2009 0211.jpg
So, three days into the trip, we arrive at the FIRST (official) park of the trip
TPR West Coast 2009 0212.jpg
Good ROAR!, or should I say 'Not so bad ROAR'
TPR West Coast 2009 0217.jpg
EAT with otters
TPR West Coast 2009 0220.jpg
TPR West Coast 2009 0221.jpg
And tiger-training-people!
TPR West Coast 2009 0224.jpg
Smack my tiger up!

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Postby hyyyper » Sat Aug 29, 2009 11:27 am

Part II
TPR West Coast 2009 0227.jpg
Our host: EDGAR, thank you dude!
TPR West Coast 2009 0230.jpg
3 other pretty important animal people and a quarter of John's head
TPR West Coast 2009 0233.jpg
Enough with the animal and animal people, time for some cool coasters
TPR West Coast 2009 0237.jpg
Happy (and some disturbed) riders
TPR West Coast 2009 0240.jpg
More happy (disturbed) riders
TPR West Coast 2009 0247.jpg
TPR West Coast 2009 0249.jpg
Chris, stop that death stare, you're spending too much time with Mike Austin
TPR West Coast 2009 0251.jpg
TPR West Coast 2009 0253.jpg
TPR West Coast 2009 0258.jpg
Hi Tyler!
TPR West Coast 2009 0261.jpg
Paul look out! It's mega shark!
TPR West Coast 2009 0262.jpg
TPR West Coast 2009 0266.jpg
TPR West Coast 2009 0267.jpg
Icebat vs. SharkHat
TPR West Coast 2009 0274.jpg
Gnaarlggh...Me Eat Qbots!

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Postby hyyyper » Sat Aug 29, 2009 11:28 am

Part III
TPR West Coast 2009 0276.jpg
Time for coasters, here's some Medusa-porn for ya
TPR West Coast 2009 0279.jpg
TPR West Coast 2009 0280.jpg
TPR West Coast 2009 0284.jpg
TPR West Coast 2009 0286.jpg
Artsy zero-G shot
TPR West Coast 2009 0288.jpg
They should make this a valentine's card
TPR West Coast 2009 0291.jpg
'Better than the other 'roar', ROAR'
TPR West Coast 2009 0293.jpg
V 1.56833678
TPR West Coast 2009 0298.jpg
More V 1.4159
TPR West Coast 2009 0306.jpg
Tony Hawk can give you a lot of spinage (spinage not spinach)
TPR West Coast 2009 0314.jpg
More V 1.999
TPR West Coast 2009 0319.jpg
V 3..2..1..launch
TPR West Coast 2009 0320.jpg
V 1 1/3
TPR West Coast 2009 0321.jpg
And here we are, the last picture taken with my good old camera. After this picture, I got on the ride, only to find out my camera was busted when I got be continued

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Postby printersdevil78 » Sat Aug 29, 2009 8:08 pm

Awesome TR! That Jamie Foxx picture came out really good, as did the ones of the Hollywood sign (among others). Amazing moon shot, too! Your recollection of the trip sounds much like mine, minus the drive to Germany and 30 hours of traveling!


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