Photo TR: Wild Rivers 7/22/09

Irvine, California
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Photo TR: Wild Rivers 7/22/09

Postby 24 » Mon Jul 27, 2009 4:19 pm

I'm introductionless.

Awesome water park in Irvine. If you've seen a lot of Malcom In the Middle then you might recognize this place.

Overall Wild Rivers looks like a small and crappy water park, but I left the place loving it! Highly recommended!

While I was walking around taking pictures my friend Kevin (XII) was getting video.
Wild Rivers 001.jpg
Park entrance
Wild Rivers 080.jpg
This place isn't that big but the slides are excellent! This place kind of reminds me of Blizzard Beach. There is a small slides area on one side of the park and a hill of all the intense slides.
Wild Rivers 081.jpg
All the good slides are in one big area.
Wild Rivers 019.jpg
Wild Rivers has the type of wave pool where they have people wait in line to get in it.
Wild Rivers 012.jpg
You get a board to use in the other wave pool.

This park has a lot of familiar names for slides like Hurricane Harbor, Typhoon Lagoon, and Congo River Rapids.
Wild Rivers 009.jpg
When the sign said "Splash Zone" it wasn't joking!
Wild Rivers 014.jpg
The Splash Zone is attacking!
Wild Rivers 016.jpg
Wild Rivers 018.jpg
Wave Pool area
Wild Rivers 023.jpg
The longest water slide in the park. The first part of the slide is ok but then there is sets of heavy trims.
Wild Rivers 025.jpg
The water slide has a really cool name.
Wild Rivers 026.jpg
Wild Rivers 027.jpg
Wild Rivers 033.jpg
The Liquidator is one of those dangerous rides that are always closed and the park doesn't remove them. You would probably die if you went down it. At least thats what one of the staff told me.
Wild Rivers 042.jpg
Every slide that is blue is made out of rubber! These things are pretty much giant slip n slides. The rubber slides are really bumpy. Not in a painful way though. Just kinda whiplashy.
Wild Rivers 043.jpg
Surf Hill: you can get stuck half way down, or go full speed and loose the mat on the way down.
Wild Rivers 063.jpg
My favorite water slides in California!! (think where the hell the slide start from)
Wild Rivers 047.jpg
(now can you get an idea where it starts?)
Wild Rivers 065.jpg
You start half way up the hill and the water slide immediately dive and travel underground. The whole slide feels like a launch.
Wild Rivers 053.jpg
It is a bumpy slide because of the rubber tube, but you shoot out the slide FAST!!
Wild Rivers 066.jpg
Wild Rivers 072.jpg
Wild Rivers 058.jpg
Wild Rivers 056.jpg
Sweitzer Falls are the slides next to Bombay Blasters. The slides that don't go underground.
Wild Rivers 071.jpg
Wild Rivers 067.jpg
The Wipe Out slides were interesting. At the start they have you sit in front of a huge water tank. When it's time to go, the op releases the tank of water and it flushes you down the layout of the slide at a really fast pace. It's kind of a water launch.
Wild Rivers 069.jpg
Wild Rivers 005.jpg
Wild Rivers 079.jpg
This was bumpy as hell! It's fast, the rafts twist around, people fly off or get stuck, and the awesome pops of airtime that causes it.
Wild Rivers 003.jpg
Wild Rivers 083.jpg
Wild Rivers 089.jpg
Wild Rivers 093.jpg
Wild Rivers 092.jpg
Two very painful slides! The trasition into the bowl sucks! Cou can feel where the different parts of the slide connect (the feeling of the sections of the slide slicing up your back). Still fun though.

In line for Patriot you can watch riders smack their head against the bowl as they enter it.
Wild Rivers 086.jpg
Wild Rivers 088.jpg
The only thing special about Patriot is the rollback.
Wild Rivers 091.jpg
Patriot twisting and turning over the parking lot.

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Postby atem122 » Mon Jul 27, 2009 4:27 pm

Aww the Liquidator is dead? That made one of the best Malcolm in the Middle scenes ever!

That was a great tr of a decent looking place, I suppose I should get down there one of these days

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Postby TheRapidsNerd » Mon Jul 27, 2009 7:02 pm

Alright! Always glad to see another water park TR. Looks like fun and thanks for the pictures. Will have to do this one next time I'm in California.

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Postby WFChris » Mon Jul 27, 2009 7:47 pm

I loved Wild Rivers when I visited last year in it's supposed last season. I did feel a little creepy as everybody was pretty much under 20 years old in the park, minus the parents. I'm really glad our group was my friend and his two little sisters. Kept down on the 'your old' stares. hahaha


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Postby robbalvey » Mon Jul 27, 2009 7:50 pm

Great Trip Report!

If you have time, would you mind uploading the pictures instead of linking to them? I'd love to include this TR in our park index.


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Postby 24 » Mon Jul 27, 2009 8:08 pm

^ No problem
I can do that tomorrow.

^^ When I was there everyone was either very skinny or very fat.

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Postby dino » Mon Jul 27, 2009 8:49 pm

Cool TR, I didn't even know Wild Rivers was still open. I always liked how it seemed to have that "local park feel".

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Postby BelizeIt » Mon Jul 27, 2009 9:59 pm

Excellent trip report.

Wild Rivers has always been a fun little water park. I live a few minutes away from it, and everyone who goes there seems to have a great time.

It seems that every year they talk about 'closing' it for good. The Irvine Land Management Gods who own the property will eventually tear down Wild Rivers and build something else on it.

I hope it stays around for a while, it's a unique little water park, that I would highly recommend for a visit.

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Postby itnotfair » Tue Jul 28, 2009 2:15 am

My favorite water slides in California!!

Yes!! Bombay Blasters are totally unique and awesome fun! How many water slides launch you out a couple feet above the water like that? I've only ever seen that at Wild Rivers.

Honestly, I'm surprised they are still around. I figured they'd have gone the way of Rampage at Raging Waters by now.

Thanks for the TR!

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Postby Retro_Gaga » Tue Jul 28, 2009 11:09 am

I'm really interested to see the start off of the wipeout slide lol.

Great TR!


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