Photo TR: Busch Gardens Europe, August 18-21, 2008

99 pictures...I got a little click happy.
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Photo TR: Busch Gardens Europe, August 18-21, 2008

Postby Electerik » Sun Aug 24, 2008 5:49 pm

I had only been to Busch Gardens Williamsburg once, back in 2000. And my girlfriend, Misty, had never been. So it seemed like a good time to mount an expedition.

We spent four days there, but I’ve grouped the photos as though making one big loop around the park.

And, as anyone who’s been there can attest, it’s a very photogenic park…so strap in, it’s going to be a long one....
Notice the lack of a train...and other cars...and toll booth attendants...because we were there THAT.FRIGGING.EARLY.
The ticket booth area does remind me a bit of Busch Gardens Africa.
It's a long--but pretty--walk down to the front gate.
We've made it inside! (And to England.)
Check out the height check phone booth.
Your host on this adventure...being stupid (as usual).
Foreground flowers are kind of my signature shot. I amuse easily.
The Sky Ride climbs over Scotland.
The park is making a big deal out of the Loch Ness Monster's 30th anniversary.
Beware the pretty flower monster.
The old, cracksmoking Arrow ride uses its spear to fend off the big B&M guns.
Straight up is kind of Misty's signature shot.
It's not a bad ride, all things considered.
You can certainly get some up close pictures of the thing.
I recalled a strobe light effect in the tunnel that no longer seems to be there.
Here you can see all of the thought and care that went into Arrow's design work.
Well, that was fun. Now off to Ireland!
My first ride on Corkscrew Hill. I liked it, but it did suffer from the standard over-abundance of motion simulation.
Exit theming and 3-D glasses bin for Corkscrew Hill.
Ireland is pretty, but kind of "showy." (As in, it's all shows.)
And now the European theming starts to get a bit off track, with the animal exhibits.
Irish Wolves (as far as you know).
A small Aviary. (But the word "Glen" makes it Irish!)
This bird really liked my camera.
Hmm...what's that off in the distance?
Hey look, we're in France!
I miss the car ride....
...but this is pretty good, too.
I prefer SheiKra, but it's still a great addition to the park.
Griffon's very steep lift hill, with Alpengeist in the back.
The holding brake.
It does liven up this section of the park.
Yeah, I know...this picture needs a train in it. But the train kind of obscured what I wanted you to see. Yeah...that's it.
This turned out really well, I think.
The splashdown. Again, a great addition, but just not quite as good as SheiKra, in my opinion.
Griffon popped my collar.
Misty presents New France. Which is really just Canada...which is not in Europe. What happened here, guys?
Trapper's Smokehouse was good. And the area is nicely themed and all. But, really...Canada?
Mighty "Le Scoot."
I think we rode this, like, five times. Misty really liked it.
It is a really fun ride. And the crew was the friendliest in the park.
Alpengeist has some great theming, but I'm a little vague about what part of the park it's supposed to be in.
Misty is an advanced skier.
Alpengeist's load station.
I really like the first drop and first couple elements.
Two trains. I'm awesome.
At about this point, the ride starts to get a little too "snappy" for my tastes.
The drop off of the block brake.
This is the awesomest park ever!
No, it's the awesomest park ever!
Land of the Dragons didn't have much to offer us big kids. I prefer Holidog's Funtown.
The sign is actually for the German Sky Ride station. But it's still a cool photo.
While we're in Germany, how about a cruise down the Rhine river?
It's a wolf, shoot it!
It's a relaxing ride, and it offers lots of interesting views of the coasters.
Wait, I have to do what now to get out of this section of the park?? (But, seriously, is this whole area just non-wheelchair accessible? Or did I miss something?)
Curse of DarKastle. I was really happy when Busch announced they were copying Spider-Man.
And, judged on its own, it is a cool ride. But it does really just feel a bit too much like Spider-Man.
I love the exterior theming.
The interior theming's not too bad, either. Except for that pesky television set on the wall. And the fact that you can't hear any of the preshow audio.
Make of this photo what you will.
This one's much bigger than Tampa's.
One nice thing about spending a few days visiting a park is getting to try all of the different eateries.
Der Wirbelwind...or something. The park map just says "Wave Swinger."
The Big Bad Wolf sported a fairly long line throughout our visit, despite consistently running three trains.
An interesting conglomeration of trackage.
I recalled/was under the impression that BBW's first section was difficult to photograph.
Happily, this idea turned out not to be true.
Swinging through the village.
And out over the Rhine.
I really like these rides. I wish some other company and/or park would pick it up again.
The bridge connecting Germany to Italy...just like in real life.
Italy has some great architecture.
Dinner and music.
Can you spot the Smisty in this photo?
This section of the park offers flat rides and gardens.
...also statues.
...and, um, things.
Coaster nerd.
More theming confusion, as this part of Italy features rides based on the journies of Marco Polo.
Roman Rapids is not the most exciting rapids ride....
...but it does offer some nice "get people wet" opportunities.
And it made me wish I had a waterproof camera, since it offers some great views of Apollo's Chariot.
Lunch time. How about some pizza and mozzarella sticks?
Time for a spin on the park's train.
The basketball game makes the Roman soldier sad.
An Apollo ride op assuming the standard BGE greeter position.
I think this kid just stapled himself.
Oh, there's a train in this shot all's just behind the trees. ;O)
Not much of the ride...but at least there's a train.
My favorite part of the ride.
And a great ride it is...especially at night.
The last drop (into a small ravine).
Escape From Pompeii is kind of like a shorter version of Journey To Atlantis at SeaWorld Orlando.
It goes up, you see some cool fire effects and stuff, and you come back down.
They seem to have enjoyed it.
Souvenirs. (Warning: Do not attempt to use this shirt as a park map.)
Aww, time to leave.
We had a great time. Bye bye, Busch Gardens Europe. We'll be back.

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Postby TheRapidsNerd » Sun Aug 24, 2008 6:58 pm

Hey, good report from one of my fave parks! You captured a really good feel of the place.

Roman Rapids is not the most exciting rapids ride....

Oh, we have to about this one.... ;) I kid, I kid. Yes, there are better rapids out there. Regardless, thank you for including a couple shots. =)

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Postby Luka » Sun Aug 24, 2008 8:46 pm

Looks like a very awesomely themed park with great rides!

Thanks for the great TR, awesome pictures.
What camera do you have by the way?

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Postby bgeguy » Sun Aug 24, 2008 8:52 pm

Great, no, AWESOME photo TR.

I hope you got at least one ride in the back on Apollo's Chariot during your visit. Amazing airtime coming out of the block brake in the back.

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Postby STR8FXXXINEDGE » Sun Aug 24, 2008 9:21 pm

Very nice TR.
You took some really beautiful photos.
Thanks for sharing.

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Postby Immelman » Sun Aug 24, 2008 10:36 pm

Very nice pics... the inclsuion of Canada confused me a lot too.

Of the parks I've been to, this is one of my favourites. Haven't been since 04 though. :(

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Postby Kalepi_Konei » Sun Aug 24, 2008 11:44 pm

Sharing is caring.

So I thank you for sharing.

Because that means you care.


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Postby Groteslurf » Mon Aug 25, 2008 12:29 am

Awesome report and pics of one of my favorite parks.

Loved the spiderman with Darkastle in the back pic.

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Postby jarmor » Mon Aug 25, 2008 1:10 am

Lots of pictures but I totally didnt notice it because it was very interesting and an enjoyable read. Atleast you had captions to help us who has never been to the park get a really good understanding of it!
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Postby Electerik » Mon Aug 25, 2008 8:13 am

Thanks for all the kind words, everyone. It's always nice to get positive feedback.

Luka wrote:What camera do you have by the way?

It's a Pentax Optio E40. It was the smallest point and shoot I could find that took standard AA batteries. It's not bad. But my approach to photography is just to take a lots and lots of photos, and then pick out the good ones. I think I actually took, like, 1800 pictures to get those 99. :P

bgeguy wrote:I hope you got at least one ride in the back on Apollo's Chariot during your visit. Amazing airtime coming out of the block brake in the back.

I think we rode in the front twice, and the back 4 to 6 times. I don't remember, exactly. But I agree that the back has some really great air--even with the two trim brakes they'd added since I'd last ridden.

jarmor wrote:Lots of pictures but I totally didnt notice it because it was very interesting and an enjoyable read. Atleast you had captions to help us who has never been to the park get a really good understanding of it!

Hey, thanks. I always think my captions are lame. ("This is a coaster. It's really fun.") But I'm glad you liked them.

But, dude, you've never been?? It's not that far from you, and it's awesome! You totally need to go.
Small Wolf.jpg
Bonus pic!


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