Photo TR : 6/11/08 Gorky Park, Moscow and much more

Moscow has the craziest traffic in the world.
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Archived Photo Trip Reports of Theme Parks, Roller Coasters, and Donkeys!
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Photo TR : 6/11/08 Gorky Park, Moscow and much more

Postby Groteslurf » Sat Jun 14, 2008 8:06 am

Last week, not even a week had passed since I returned from our 14 days Usa coastertrip, they asked me at work whether I was prepared to attend a meeting somewhere near Moscow.
As all flights for returning on Wednesday were full, I would only return on Thursday meaning I would have a full day to explore Moscow. So I said yes and my visa was arranged by speed procedure, hotels were booked and flights were booked.

Below my Moscow story.
DSC04746 (Medium).JPG
Monday morning I was already early at Brussels airport. Since I had business class tickets, I had access to the lounge.
DSC04747 (Medium).JPG
I love to be in those lounges : free food, drinks, internet, newspapers in a relaxed atmosphere.
DSC04748 (Medium).JPG
Only at 5 pm I arrived at my hotel in the centre of Moscow. They've put me in a junior suite so I had more than space enough in my room. Here the living room.
DSC04749 (Medium).JPG
The sleeping room.
DSC04750 (Medium).JPG
The bathroom. There was an additional toilet + bathroom and hall of which I didn't take pics.
DSC04751 (Medium).JPG
Enough stuff to shower 8 times.
DSC04752 (Medium).JPG
My room was on the 19th floor, so the view was pretty nice.
DSC04753 (Medium).JPG
DSC04754 (Medium).JPG
DSC04756 (Medium).JPG
DSC04755 (Medium).JPG
The traffic in front of the hotel. This went on day and night. Moscow has by far the craziest drivers I've ever seen. But much more about that later.
DSC04757 (Medium).JPG
The ministry of foreign affairs is in this building next to where my hotel was. Very convenient I thought to orientate myself to find back my way to the hotel. Later I found out that Stalin has built 7 of those more or less identical buildings in Moscow.
DSC04758 (Medium).JPG
Clear. No problem =)
DSC04759 (Medium).JPG
I was tired so decided to eat in the hotel at the panorama bar on the 23th floor. Similar views as from my room.
DSC04760 (Medium).JPG
DSC04762 (Medium).JPG
Next morning it was time to go to the client with 2 russian colleagues of mine. As the meeting was some 100 miles north of Moscow, I had time to shoot some pics from the car. We were not even driving 2 minutes before I saw this car parked on the right lane of the road. It was no exception at all. I saw hundreds of those.
DSC04764 (Medium).JPG
A lot is being built in Moscow.
DSC04765 (Medium).JPG
Yes, donkeys !
DSC04766 (Medium).JPG
Clear again.
DSC04767 (Medium).JPG
A lot of cars look like this. Also, approx 10 % of the cars still has their spike tyres on from last winter.
DSC04768 (Medium).JPG
DSC04770 (Medium).JPG
My colleague turned out to be a racechampion 20 years ago (no joke) and as we got delayed by getting out of Moscow, he speeded up once out of the city to be in time for the meeting. Here he was just going to race through those 2 trucks. He went on zigzagging through traffic at speeds of approx 100 mph and more, while speedlimit was at points only 40 mph. We also 'took' some trucks by driving over the shoulder of the road. Crazy ? For sure but most of the drivers in Russia seem to have been racepilots in a previous life. Really, everybody was driving this way.
DSC04771 (Medium).JPG
One of the better house along the road.
DSC04772 (Medium).JPG
Another McDonaldski.
DSC04774 (Medium).JPG
Thanks to my racepilot colleague, we arrived at the agreed time for the meeting. Meeting passed on well but would be continued on Wednesday morning. So we stayed in a beautiful hotel nearby. This was the view on the Volga river from my roomterrace.
DSC04775 (Medium).JPG
DSC04778 (Medium).JPG
The resort used to be visited by the russian presidents in the past when they went hunting. In the lounge of the restaurant you could find back some of the animals they've shot. (at the wall. The 2 in the front are my Russian colleagues)
DSC04779 (Medium).JPG
Soccer on tv and stuffed animals.
DSC04780 (Medium).JPG
When I saw this one, I knew it wouldn't be a good idea to propose a Blair Witch project night walk to my colleagues.
DSC04781 (Medium).JPG
Nearly dark.
DSC04782 (Medium).JPG
DSC04783 (Medium).JPG
Next morning we concluded the meeting and contract with the client so it was time to head back to Moscow. As you can see, highways only have a line in between with the opposite traffic. And this at +100 mph speeds. Crazy, just crazy.
DSC04786 (Medium).JPG
Six Flags, euh I mean Ikea.
DSC04787 (Medium).JPG
Where in the world don't they have Heineken.
DSC04788 (Medium).JPG
At 2 pm I was on my own again and finally had time to explore Moscow. But first a word about the traffic lights. While light is still red, drivers start proceeding already on the crossroad. Don't ask me why because once the light pops to green, they are not able to see the green light anymore and they slow down everything. Anyway, this is common use in Moscow and can be seen at every traffic light.
DSC04789 (Medium).JPG
My first mission was Gorky Park. It was a 30 minutes walk before I arrived at this bridge. Behind this bridge, I should find back Gorky Park.
DSC04790 (Medium).JPG
Yes !!!
DSC04792 (Medium).JPG
Ah, a looping coaster, Sbno it turned out later.
DSC04793 (Medium).JPG
But the coaster next to it was running :-)
DSC04794 (Medium).JPG
Quick shot of a statue I noticed to the left.
DSC04796 (Medium).JPG
Entrance to Gorky Park.
DSC04798 (Medium).JPG
Entrance to Gorky Park costed 80 Rub, being approx 3 usd.
DSC04797 (Medium).JPG
Souvenir shop.
DSC04799 (Medium).JPG
First attraction : electric cars.
DSC04800 (Medium).JPG
It's quite a nice park.
DSC04801 (Medium).JPG
Wheelchairs need to go on tracks like that on all stairs in Moscow.
DSC04802 (Medium).JPG
BEER !! (hey Hans ;-) )
DSC04803 (Medium).JPG
Simulator attraction. Doesn't that look nice ?
DSC04804 (Medium).JPG
Sbno ? No way, they were still in operation.
DSC04805 (Medium).JPG
DSC04806 (Medium).JPG
You had to pay per attraction in the park so I didn't do all rides. No idea what this attraction was but it didn't really look inviting.
DSC04808 (Medium).JPG
Another Sbno coaster.
DSC04809 (Medium).JPG
DSC04810 (Medium).JPG
The train was still on the track though.
DSC04811 (Medium).JPG
DSC04812 (Medium).JPG
As said it's a nice place to be.
DSC04813 (Medium).JPG
DSC04814 (Medium).JPG
Also sbno.
DSC04815 (Medium).JPG
The toilets in the park. Unfortunately I had to do nr 1 and I had a close encounter with the dirtiest toilet I've ever seen, by FAR ! For nr 2, you could get some old newspaper sheets from the toilet lady. Yes really ! The lady was nice enough to offer me a wet paper to clean my hands but I had icky hands the rest of the afternoon.
DSC04816 (Medium).JPG
Time to forget the toilets.
DSC04817 (Medium).JPG
DSC04818 (Medium).JPG
DSC04819 (Medium).JPG
At the other side of the park, you have a view on the Moskva river.
DSC04820 (Medium).JPG
DSC04821 (Medium).JPG
Isn't that nice ?
DSC04822 (Medium).JPG
DSC04823 (Medium).JPG
Swinging flatride with palmtree theming.
DSC04824 (Medium).JPG
Food and drinkstalls.
DSC04826 (Medium).JPG
More theming.
DSC04827 (Medium).JPG
It looks old. Probably because it is old.
DSC04828 (Medium).JPG
DSC04829 (Medium).JPG
Karting track.
DSC04830 (Medium).JPG
Gorky Park midway.
DSC04833 (Medium).JPG
No rule bumpcars.
DSC04834 (Medium).JPG
Another simulator.
DSC04835 (Medium).JPG
Isn't that the strangest thing you've ever seen ?
DSC04836 (Medium).JPG
Russians must love to shoot, as there were about 7 or 8 shooting attractions.
DSC04837 (Medium).JPG
A themed restaurant.
DSC04838 (Medium).JPG
My first credit of the day.
DSC04839 (Medium).JPG
I have a request to Mr Coasterfanatics : can you please add the Gorky Park coasters on your site ? I want those credits on my account badly ;-)
DSC04840 (Medium).JPG
DSC04841 (Medium).JPG
DSC04842 (Medium).JPG
Russians love coasters. This was the first line I saw in the park
DSC04843 (Medium).JPG
DSC04844 (Medium).JPG
DSC04845 (Medium).JPG
Next attraction.
DSC04847 (Medium).JPG
DSC04848 (Medium).JPG
Full ride.
DSC04849 (Medium).JPG
Very popular to watch aswell.
DSC04852 (Medium).JPG
DSC04854 (Medium).JPG
Break dance.
DSC04855 (Medium).JPG
DSC04856 (Medium).JPG
DSC04857 (Medium).JPG
DSC04858 (Medium).JPG
Kiddie train
DSC04859 (Medium).JPG
Kiddie fly flat ride.
DSC04860 (Medium).JPG
Paris ? Kings Island ? Kings Dominion ? No Gorky park.
DSC04861 (Medium).JPG
DSC04863 (Medium).JPG
Picture point.

Part 2 to follow

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Postby Groteslurf » Sat Jun 14, 2008 9:13 am

Part 2
DSC04873 (Medium).JPG
Patatski ! I didn't see that one coming.
DSC04865 (Medium).JPG
Look at that. After all the old and basic rides, I really didn't expect something like this.
DSC04866 (Medium).JPG
DSC04864 (Medium).JPG
The ride was ok too. Some nice effects inside.
DSC04867 (Medium).JPG
You can be Jack Sparrow in Gorky Park.
DSC04870 (Medium).JPG
Or Brad Pitt
DSC04868 (Medium).JPG
Or this lady
DSC04869 (Medium).JPG
Or this one ;-)
DSC04871 (Medium).JPG
Giant parkmap
DSC04872 (Medium).JPG
DSC04875 (Medium).JPG
I didn't dare to enter (I don't know what Russians mean with black holes ;-) )
DSC04876 (Medium).JPG
Even the Russian space shuttle has landed at Gorky Park.
DSC04877 (Medium).JPG
Another shooting attraction.
DSC04878 (Medium).JPG
Occasionally a car drives through Gorky Park.
DSC04879 (Medium).JPG
There is even a wild park.
DSC04880 (Medium).JPG
DSC04882 (Medium).JPG
Waterrides are also popular.
DSC04884 (Medium).JPG
DSC04881 (Medium).JPG
Next credit.
DSC04886 (Medium).JPG
DSC04887 (Medium).JPG
DSC04888 (Medium).JPG
Actually pretty good.
DSC04889 (Medium).JPG
DSC04891 (Medium).JPG
DSC04893 (Medium).JPG
Back of the theming.
DSC04894 (Medium).JPG
DSC04895 (Medium).JPG
DSC04896 (Medium).JPG
DSC04890 (Medium).JPG
The looper a bit closer.
DSC04885 (Medium).JPG
Another Sbno
DSC04892 (Medium).JPG
Small overview
DSC04897 (Medium).JPG
Credit 3. The operator didn't understand however that I wanted to ride and since we had a small language problem, I didn't bother and didn't ride it.
DSC04899 (Medium).JPG
Six Flags again.
DSC04903 (Medium).JPG
When exiting Gorky Park, I noticed there was another small themepark. So far, name unknown to me.
DSC04898 (Medium).JPG
DSC04904 (Medium).JPG
DSC04905 (Medium).JPG
Dark ride. As I still had some things on the agenda, I left this small park after 10 minutes.
DSC04900 (Medium).JPG
Only trolley busses in Moscow.
DSC04901 (Medium).JPG
Oops. One of the bars lost contact with electricity.
DSC04902 (Medium).JPG
No problem. The ladydriver fixed it in 30 seconds.
DSC04909 (Medium).JPG
Stalin statue, sponsored by Japan.
DSC04907 (Medium).JPG
Pay attention to the following pics. So light is red to cross the street by foot. Huge amount of cars are passing in all directions at 30 mph.
DSC04908 (Medium).JPG
Suddenly people start crossing the street. Cars are not slowing down one mile.
DSC04911 (Medium).JPG
Another group starting to run.
DSC04910 (Medium).JPG
After this had happened, I joined a group (running in the middle) to cross the street while light was still red. So after 3 days I already start to feel at home in Moscow traffic. And btw, the light was red for a long time already after all.
DSC04912 (Medium).JPG
Luckily they don't translate the groupnames. So Iron Maiden is doing a concert in Moscow the 19th of one of these months.
DSC04914 (Medium).JPG
Traffic jams everywhere in Moscow. My eyes and throat were hurting because of the heavy pollution at that time.
DSC04916 (Medium).JPG
Look at the 2 cars going to the left in the middle of the street. The first one is a policecar. The second one some smartass rich guy linejumping the traffic jam.
DSC04915 (Medium).JPG
Police is really everywhere but I think they're all blind policemen.
DSC04917 (Medium).JPG
Clearly I ended up at the better part of the city.
DSC04918 (Medium).JPG
Cars parked in the middle of the road. Really, nobody was inside of those cars.
DSC04921 (Medium).JPG
Nice view.
DSC04923 (Medium).JPG
'Lock trees'. No idea what it stands for.
DSC04924 (Medium).JPG
I saw that before.
DSC04926 (Medium).JPG
More traffic jams.
DSC04927 (Medium).JPG
DSC04928 (Medium).JPG
DSC04933 (Medium).JPG
Merging traffic.
DSC04931 (Medium).JPG
Nice view
DSC04930 (Medium).JPG
DSC04929 (Medium).JPG
Red Square. Red means nice in Russian.
DSC04934 (Medium).JPG
Other side of the river, sponsored by Japan again.
DSC04935 (Medium).JPG
One of the 7 buildings.
DSC04936 (Medium).JPG
DSC04939 (Medium).JPG
For those who thought my camera was travelling alone (Hi Beeja ;-) ), here I am.
DSC04940 (Medium).JPG
DSC04941 (Medium).JPG
So it's a nice square. It's not red !
DSC04942 (Medium).JPG
Kremlin entrance.
DSC04944 (Medium).JPG
DSC04945 (Medium).JPG
Fake wall. Yes Moscow is a themepark.
DSC04946 (Medium).JPG
A concert was scheduled for the evening. Don't know who. But it wasn't Iron Maiden because that was the 19 of June or July or August or ...
DSC04947 (Medium).JPG
Last shot of the castle.
DSC04948 (Medium).JPG
Stretch limo, sponsored by Japan.
DSC04949 (Medium).JPG
Walking round the Kremlin.
DSC04951 (Medium).JPG
The White House.
DSC04952 (Medium).JPG
... sponsored by Japan.
DSC04953 (Medium).JPG
Kremlin entrace which was closed already (it was 7 pm in the meanwhile)
DSC04955 (Medium).JPG
DSC04956 (Medium).JPG
Ok, now find my way back to the hotel. First problem : how the hell do I cross this street ? As far as I could see, no traffic lights. Mmmh ? Doesn't anybody at my side of the street has to be at the other side ?
DSC04957 (Medium).JPG
After 10 minutes I figured out that I enter this and make use of the premetro to cross the street.
DSC04958 (Medium).JPG
Mission accomplished.
DSC04959 (Medium).JPG
Movie theathre. Kungfu Panda was out already.
DSC04960 (Medium).JPG
I took this street on my way to the hotel. This was a very nice place. No cars, a lot of shops & artists. This must be the Ramblas of Moscow.
DSC04962 (Medium).JPG
Decided to eat at a familiar place this time.
DSC04963 (Medium).JPG
How could I know that there was a McDonaldski nearby ?
DSC04964 (Medium).JPG
Aaah found my hotel.
DSC04965 (Medium).JPG
But first had to cross the street again. Now that I knew how it worked, it was easy.
DSC04967 (Medium).JPG
The building next to the hotel.
DSC04969 (Medium).JPG
There's the 3rd one I've seen.
DSC04972 (Medium).JPG
After a good sleep, time to fly back.
DSC04971 (Medium).JPG
Traffic as usual.
DSC04973 (Medium).JPG
Moscow airport lounge : here I am.
DSC04974 (Medium).JPG
Thanks for reading.

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Postby robbalvey » Sat Jun 14, 2008 9:24 am

I have a request to Mr Coasterfanatics : can you please add the Gorky Park coasters on your site ? I want those credits on my account badly ;-)

Well, I know we don't have coaster counting feature (yet), but I did add your update to our new parks index page! ... pageid=347

Great TR, BTW! It's always nice to see reports from parks like this.


ps. Will we see you when we are in Belgium next week? =)

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Postby Olsor » Sat Jun 14, 2008 10:03 am

Incredible TR, Groteslurf! You really captured the feel of the city. I feel like I've been there now.

I loved the billboards advertising the radio hosts (presumably), especially the one spoofing a James Bond poster. That, and the Fresh Step cat litter advertisement plastered all over the bus. We are so different, yet so similar.

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Postby Meteornotes » Sat Jun 14, 2008 11:45 am

Excellent report. You are very brave for attempting some of those attractions. I loved the pictures of all the non-park stuff too. Thanks for posting!

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Postby ParkTrips » Sat Jun 14, 2008 12:04 pm

Talk about places you don't hear from often! Fascinating, I was really expecting Moscow to be really run-down, and not to say that it wasn't (looks like you spent a lot of time in nice business districts), but its nice to see capitalism is working for some of the people there ::D

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Postby ginzo » Sat Jun 14, 2008 1:36 pm

Great TR. Thanks for posting this!

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Postby the ghost » Sat Jun 14, 2008 1:48 pm

IRON MAIDEN ROCKS, btw those wheel chair ramps look insane, At DCA one of my friends had a broken ankle and was in a wheel chair, we were about to ride soarin and I was lazy and there was a small ramp like fifteen feet long and not too steep. My friend weighs about 20 more pounds than me and was heavy so i let go of the chair. ( I told him i was going to do so as the ride was at the bottom of the ramp) I swear he went like ten miles per hour down this tiny little ramp. It was crazy.

Nice pics BTW

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Postby Erik Johnson » Sat Jun 14, 2008 2:58 pm

Thanks for posting this, this was an awesome Photo: TR.

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Postby Kennyweird » Sat Jun 14, 2008 3:09 pm

I love TR's of little known, ghetto parks like Gorky. Thanks for sharing this, Groteslurf.
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