Knott's KBF 04-26-2008 photo TR

On a whim, I drove down to KBF. All pics are up now!
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Holy crap you have a HUGE donkey!
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Postby tkkyj » Wed Apr 30, 2008 11:00 am

Ah--I heard you guys have had that burger for a while! Parts of NY have it, too... but it will be "new" to a lot of others!

I was surprised that Ghost Town occupied such a large part of the park. I also liked that the trash cans were shaped like barrels. If you like it, it doesn't hurt to write to the park and tell them how much you like it. If they do remove some buildings, I hope they are able to eventually place them elsewhere... perhaps theming the path to Soak City.

I noticed that by the log ride, they had put out some of those foot massagers... and some kids were complaining that it ate their quarter. I took a look at how they were powered, and it seemed like 4 of those things were plugged into your average home power strip (along with a vending machine)! I'm sure that if the kid put a quarter in while the vending machine's compressor was on, it probably tripped the breaker on the strip (if it has one).

I liked that Knott's has a lot of rides that stray from the typical staples (Arrow looper, Wild Mouse, Ferris Wheel)... and look how many launched coasters they will have!

I assume the upcharge for the Screamin' Swing is a convenient way to deal with capacity?

Here are a few more pics from the tower, run through Photoshop a few too many times to try to remove the Vaseline from the Tower's windows....
Silver Bullet
Looking towards Independance Hall
Looking towards Pony Express
Supreme Scream

Holy crap you have a HUGE donkey!
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Postby tkkyj » Fri May 02, 2008 10:29 am

Bolliger&Mabillard wrote:I dont believe much more of Ghost Town will be removed or least for a few more years. I think we'll see Ride supports OVER Ghost Town before anything else is removed or altered.

That would be fine ;) Actually, it would be better if they are able to hide the ride somehow... maybe with one of those cool canopies like the one that stands over Fremont St. in Vegas but a little more subtle. Maybe it could show the night sky at first, then evolve into some kind of passive story about the gold rush... meanwhile, coasters travel above the canopy (which I think is transparent during the day).

Bolliger&Mabillard wrote:keep in mind that it's much harder to sell nostalgia at 50 bucks a visit than to ride Xcelerator, Sierra Sidewinder and Timberline Twister as much as you want.

I imagine that it is also hard to quantify how enjoyable the nostalgia experience is to a visitor, too. When I was hungry or thirsty, I tried to make sure I went to that part of the park so that--maybe--somehow the numbers will show that I spent time in that part of the park!

Maybe if the season passes ever get RFID-ified, they can see exactly where we spend our time... each time we walk through the entrance of the museum, how many times we walk through the tunnel to Soak City, visit Independance Hall, etc.

In fact, maybe each gate in the coaster stations could sense which train I was on, and instead of having all of those individual photo booths, there could be one central one that pulls up all of my on-ride photos for the day. edit: ...or from home...


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