Photo TR: Aquatica Preview!

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Photo TR: Aquatica Preview!

Postby Erik Johnson » Sun Feb 24, 2008 10:36 pm

As many of you know, there was a passholder preview today for Sea World's brand new waterpark Aquatica. After spending a full day at the park I feel that it Aquatica is a waterpark made mostly for families rather than those who would be seeking to experience more extreme water thrills. Aquatica is set to a New Zealand theme.

Attractions include:

1. Dolphin Plunge: This is the duel slide that people have been talking about for a while now. It is the one that starts off as a normal enclosed speed slide but with an ending that most will never forget. Unless your tube happens to be covered in fog during your ride. We found it was better to ride this one in the afternoon once the water temperature of both the slide and the dolphin pool even out. We tried ridding these in the morning, and experience a serious bout of tube fogging. It is also recommended to try not to sail through these tubes at full speed, otherwise your encounter with the dolphins will be over too quick. My second ride was much better (slower and a crystal clear tube)

2. Whanau Way: A pretty standard 4 different (Two are mirror images) single rider tube slides. Fun, but nothing too out of the ordinary.

3. Cutback Grove and Big Surf Shores: Two small wave pools that run waves in 7 minute intervals. They sit right next to each other. Cutback Grove's waves are larger and more frequent.

4. Kata's Kookaburra Cove: A good toddler/young children water play area. This one also include 6 different slides (In groups of 3). As small children get older than can progress themselves through to the next group of slides.

5. Taumata Racer: 8 (!!) dueling racer slides. Again pretty much standard, but they do have a nice drop at the end of the run.

6. Walkabout Waters: This was a quite amazing water fort area for older kids, but we found that there were quite a few adults having as much fun. They had two small water dumping buckets instead of the normal large one. There are quite a few extra slides in this play area as well.

7. Walhalla Wave: This was an excellent family raft ride that was pretty insane. I think this was probably the most intense ride in the park. The family rafts are a bit smaller than the standard size as they only can fit 3 people into each one. While not as insane as the one at Mt Olympus (which actually was quite dangerous IMO), it still had a few moments that the rafts tip 90 degrees as you go along the slide. Also half the ride is enclosed which means there are a few surprises in the dark. Make sure you hold on tight during this one.

8. HooRoo Run: The other family raft ride which is a standard triple down one.

9. Tassie's Twisters: A double smaller sized toilet bowl ride. You can ride this as a single or double rider. Double riders have a tendency to end up having to push themselves around to the exit of the ride. Maybe it needs more pressurized water. Both of these dump themeselves into Loggerhead Lane.

10. Loggerhead Lane: The slower paced lazy river that does include a section with an aquairum as well as a section that goes right by the Dolphin Plunge pool area. (Tubes only)

11. Roa's Rapids: The faced paced lazy river. And I do mean fast. (No Tubes)

** A word of warning to those who may have fair skin. You MUST be protected from the sun in this park. There is very little shade and you will burn to a crisp, especially during the summer months.
Aquatica 001.jpg
A few weeks ago this arrived in the mail.
Aquatica 003.jpg
Cool, I get to check out a waterpark in Feburary. Only in Florida.
Aquatica 005.jpg
Turning into the parking lot.
Aquatica 006.jpg
This looks like the right place.
Aquatica 007.jpg
Well, we did not get very far.
Aquatica 010.jpg
They do charge for parking here.
Aquatica 011.jpg
Unless you are one of these people.
Aquatica 012.jpg
Can you find the Kiwi?
Aquatica 013.jpg
Which way is the entrance again?
Aquatica 015.jpg
I guess we can follow all of these people into the park.
Aquatica 167.jpg
Just in case you forgot who owned this park.

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Postby Erik Johnson » Sun Feb 24, 2008 10:53 pm

Ok, a large section of pictures!
Aquatica 018.jpg
I always like these cool little passholder events.
Aquatica 020.jpg
Well, ok, maybe not little.
Aquatica 021.jpg
The entrance area of the park does have some nice theming.
Aquatica 023.jpg
Here is the entrance. These lines went quickly once they opened the park.
Aquatica 025.jpg
A better look at the logo.
Aquatica 027.jpg
We got T-shirts for attending the event.
Aquatica 028.jpg
Empty tubes await!
Aquatica 133.jpg
We first started with Whanau Way
Aquatica 129.jpg
Its a pretty standard, single rider, tube ride.
Aquatica 132.jpg
Aquatica 131.jpg
You get a little air on these double downs.
Aquatica 130.jpg
Splash! How original.
Aquatica 110.jpg
We then checked out the Dolphin Plunge.
Aquatica 115.jpg
You first walk across this little bridge.
Aquatica 116.jpg
It does look pretty normal.
Aquatica 112.jpg
Even the exit pool looks pretty normal.
Aquatica 117.jpg
So what is the deal with these Dolphins that look more like Shamu?
Aquatica 118.jpg
Oh, I see that part of the slides are clear.
Aquatica 119.jpg
Ok, that is different.
Aquatica 120.jpg
Just try to slow yourselves down a little, otherwise the experience is over too quick.
Aquatica 121.jpg
On the other side of the pool, you can check this out.
Aquatica 124.jpg
Its the Shamuphins again.
Aquatica 123.jpg
Cute, are they not?
Aquatica 125.jpg
Oh, that does explain a lot.
Aquatica 157.jpg
Ok, where to next?

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Postby Erik Johnson » Sun Feb 24, 2008 11:18 pm

More photos.
Aquatica 070.jpg
Here are the double slides, Tassie's Twisters.
Aquatica 075.jpg
They do dump people out into either side of the Loggerhead Lane (which is the slower lazy river).
Aquatica 078.jpg
You actually have to cross through Loggerhead Lane to even get to the Tassie's Twister ride.
Aquatica 069.jpg
Speaking of Loggerhead Lane.
Aquatica 072.jpg
This is the slower paced lazy river.
Aquatica 074.jpg
Yes you do get a little extra wet.
Aquatica 077.jpg
This is one of two aquariums you can check out during the ride.
Aquatica 094.jpg
Its the Taumata Racer. An eight lane racer flume ride.
Aquatica 089.jpg
Aquatica 090.jpg
It was pretty fun. Though we only rode it once. One down 7 more to go.
Aquatica 091.jpg
He might be the winner.
Aquatica 095.jpg
No, maybe he is.
Aquatica 148.jpg
This is Kata's Kookaburra Cove.
Aquatica 149.jpg
These filled up very quickly which kept dumping water on people.
Aquatica 151.jpg
This area is all about little slides.
Aquatica 152.jpg
Eight of them in fact. Or was it six or seven?
Aquatica 154.jpg
These two tube slides would be the last ones kids do before graduating onto the:
Aquatica 099.jpg
Walkabout Waters.
Aquatica 051.jpg
This water fort area was quite awesome. Notice that it has two water buckets at the top.
Aquatica 054.jpg
A closer look of the two buckets.
Aquatica 055.jpg
They do this every 5 minutes.
Aquatica 059.jpg
This is how you drown above water.
Aquatica 060.jpg
There is a lot to do in this area. Even adults were having a lot of fun.
Aquatica 097.jpg
Another Splash moment.
Aquatica 092.jpg
These are two of the slides that start from the water fort.
Aquatica 100.jpg
Another angle.
Aquatica 058.jpg
One of many many water jets/fountains.
Aquatica 033.jpg
Ok, now where to?

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Postby Erik Johnson » Sun Feb 24, 2008 11:49 pm

Photos, photos, photos
Aquatica 035.jpg
The park has all of these Kiwi decorations all over the park.
Aquatica 041.jpg
Plus a few birds.
Aquatica 165.jpg
Its a real Kookaburra.
Aquatica 037.jpg
Ok, we are hungry.
Aquatica 038.jpg
At the Banana Beach Cookout you can get an all-you-can-eat/drink wristband.
Aquatica 156.jpg
Its picnic/cookout type food, and you can keep coming back here all day.
Aquatica 128.jpg
Here is The Waterstone Grill.
Aquatica 127.jpg
This is what you can eat here.
Aquatica 045.jpg
This is the final dining area in the park.
Aquatica 155.jpg
Mango Market offers these items.
Aquatica 052.jpg
They have swimming vest stands all over the park. Yes they are free to use.
Aquatica 073.jpg
There are a lot of areas you can lie down and relax.
Aquatica 043.jpg
But this place is not one of those areas. This is the fast lazy river.
Aquatica 046.jpg
This is the larger/longer of the lazy rivers in the park.
Aquatica 083.jpg
There are a lot of areas to get extra wet along the river.
Aquatica 087.jpg
Aquatica 082.jpg
Roa's Rapids surrounds this walkway.

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Postby Erik Johnson » Sun Feb 24, 2008 11:52 pm

You can see how fast the Roa's Rapids are.

Roa's Rapids

Aquatica 188.mpg [ 4.62 MiB | Viewed 45092 times ]

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Postby Erik Johnson » Mon Feb 25, 2008 12:18 am

No, that video was not sped up in any way....Ok, what is next?

The final set of photos (after these) can be found here: ... 1&start=20
Aquatica 062.jpg
Lets check out the two family raft rides.
Aquatica 102.jpg
The Walhalla Wave family raft ride was really great.
Aquatica 104.jpg
This is where it dumps out in.
Aquatica 103.jpg
HooRoo run is also fun. But its over really quickly.
Aquatica 109.jpg
Here comes a raft.
Aquatica 106.jpg
Here comes another one.
Aquatica 107.jpg
Sploosh! What did you expect, another Splash?
Aquatica 105.jpg
The family rafts only can hold 3 people.
Aquatica 108.jpg
Aquatica 138.jpg
Let us check out the wave pools.
Aquatica 137.jpg
The wave pools are quite small. Cutback Cove has bigger waves than the one right next door.
Aquatica 145.jpg
There are two different wave pools in this picture.
Aquatica 146.jpg
Waves are quite calm here.
Aquatica 140.jpg
Aquatica 141.jpg
There is a huge sand area in front of the wave pools, but if you do not like sand, you can walk around them.
Aquatica 142.jpg
Aquatica 143.jpg
Aquatica 134.jpg
You will be able to rent these very soon.
Aquatica 136.jpg
Your own tent cabana.
Aquatica 135.jpg
We were unable to check them out.
Aquatica 159.jpg
Its kind of lame you do not get your cash back from your fluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and goo deposit. They give you a gift card instead.
Aquatica 160.jpg
Aquatica 161.jpg
Aquatica 166.jpg
I will add more pictures once I get my underwater camera back.
Aquatica 175.jpg
Aquatica from the Sky Tower.
Aquatica 174.jpg
Also some dirt moving photographs for the rumored B&M flyer.
Aquatica 176.jpg
And a newly repainted Kraken.

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Postby ECZenith » Mon Feb 25, 2008 12:52 am

Great photos, Erik. Aquatica looks like it has some great rides.

Also looking forward to your presumed coverage of that dirt pile when things start to go vertical. :)
-Sean C.

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Postby SLUSHIE » Mon Feb 25, 2008 1:36 am

The only thing I notice that I kinda think is neat about the park is the aquariums along the river. I've never seen that before.

The slide through the dolphin tank is pretty lame. I wouldn't expect you to really be able to see the dolphins no matter how long that tank is, but they should have made it 50' at least.

Other than than it looks just like any other brightly colored cement covered water park. It does have a nice amount of plants though it seems.

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Postby Groteslurf » Mon Feb 25, 2008 2:59 am

Great Tr and pics too.

Judging by the pics and type of slides, this will probably become my favourite Orlando waterpark : I'm always afraid that I'll hurt myself one the more extreme waterslides. I see no slides in Aquatica which I would not dare to try out. Although I'm a bit claustrophobic, I even would not hesitate to ride the Dolphin slides.

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Postby thunder001 » Mon Feb 25, 2008 3:06 am

Great pic's and thanks for the report, but I think that the park needs to fire their researchers over one small thing...

Kookaburra's are native to Australia....not New Zealand. ;)
Come to think of it, they seem to have themed the park to both NZ and Oz items. Hmm...
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