Darien Lake Photo TR

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Darien Lake Photo TR

Postby odene497 » Sun Jul 01, 2007 6:50 pm

Last Friday, my friend Mandy and I, along with my brother and his girlfriend went to Darien Lake. We usually go once a year. The weather turned out great and the park was actually pretty empty for a Friday! We left Auburn at around 10 am and arrived a little before noon.

I'll let the pictures do most of the talking but here is my opinion on the coasters.

"Ride of Steel"(Superman): 9/10 Always a great ride, a little shaky, but not bad at all.

Predator: A piece of crap. Painful to ride. It has no redeeming qualities except for it's sentimental value to me. 1/10

Boomerang: Not horribly rough, but headache inducing. 5/10

Viper: A good ride. Not rough, fun. 7/10

Mind Eraser: Not too rough either, actually fun! 6/10

Overall we had a great day, and hopefully Darien Lake going flagless will bring good things. =) Enjoy the pictures.

Darien Lake 001 (Medium).jpg
Mind Eraser from the parking lot. I always thought it looked so huge.
Darien Lake 002 (Medium).jpg
Tornado was added in 2005. It's a great ride, but we didn't get wet today...
Darien Lake 004 (Medium) (2).jpg
Yay for no flags!
Darien Lake 005 (Medium).jpg
Walking in, we see Predator is open! Although it's really nothing to be excited about...
Darien Lake 006 (Medium).jpg
I love this picture, too bad it came out blurry. We thought Superman, I mean "Ride of Steel", would have a huge line with it still being early
Darien Lake 011 (Medium).jpg
But it didn't! The line was about a two ride wait most of the day!
Darien Lake 012 (Medium).jpg
I heart Intamin magnetic brakes.
Darien Lake 013 (Medium).jpg
The last three bunny hops deliver some serious air.
Darien Lake 114 (Medium).jpg
At one point the line looked like this. We got a back seat and front seat ride within 20 minutes!
Darien Lake 021 (Medium).jpg
We gave Superman a break and decided to ride this pile of crap.
Darien Lake 100 (Medium).jpg
Predator was my both mine and Mandy's first "big coaster" and I've always loved it for that reason. It was closed during our visit last year, so I was anxious to see how it was doing.
Darien Lake 102 (Medium).jpg
Not too well.
Darien Lake 022 (Medium).jpg
We rode the front once, which wasn't all bad, but later we sort of dared ourselves to ride the back seat. Twice. I never really thought a coaster could be too rough for me, but at the bottom of every hill the lap bar would slam you in the stomach. It was almost unbearable. Even the ride ops were stunned that we came back to ride a third time.
Darien Lake 101 (Medium).jpg
Is that a Vekoma I see?
Darien Lake 035 (Medium).jpg
I usually like Darien's Boomerang, but we rode the backseat once and got headaches.
Darien Lake 016 (Medium).jpg
We decided to ride the ferris wheel, just to sit for a while. My camera broke for a good portion of the day, but started working on the ferris wheel, so I made sure to get plenty of pictures from up top.
Darien Lake 028 (Medium).jpg
Mind Eraser and the log flume.
Darien Lake 029 (Medium).jpg
Barracuda Bay
Darien Lake 036 (Medium).jpg
Viper is actually my second favorite in the park. It's really not too shaky at all.
Darien Lake 032 (Medium).jpg
Mandy says hi.
Darien Lake 034 (Medium).jpg
I approve this Vekoma ferris wheel!
Darien Lake 039 (Medium).jpg
The swinging ship sucks.
Darien Lake 040 (Medium).jpg
We went over to ride this piece of Arrow sexiness.
Darien Lake 044 (Medium).jpg
Vertical loop goodness.
Darien Lake 046 (Medium).jpg
Curves and camera stuff.
Darien Lake 047 (Medium).jpg
It's in a really nice area, but the walk to the station takes longer than the ride.
Darien Lake 048 (Medium).jpg
One of my favorite pictures.
Darien Lake 050 (Medium).jpg
Finally we made it to the station, this is as busy as it got.
Darien Lake 051 (Medium).jpg
Lift hills are hot.
Darien Lake 090 (Medium).jpg
One last shot of Viper.
Darien Lake 054 (Medium).jpg
Ranger is getting pretty old. The last time I rode it shook a lot sideways.
Darien Lake 060 (Medium).jpg
It is time.
Darien Lake 057 (Medium).jpg
It really isn't too bad. We rode three times in the front and once in the back.
Darien Lake 064 (Medium).jpg
Darien Lake 066 (Medium).jpg
Somebody threw up in the station, so almost everybody left, giving me time to take pictures in the queue which goes right under the ride.
Darien Lake 068 (Medium).jpg
Side loop.
Darien Lake 070 (Medium).jpg
Puke cleaning.
Darien Lake 078 (Medium).jpg
I think B&M should copy this design.
Darien Lake 094 (Medium).jpg
After Mind Eraser we took a ride on the log flume to cool off. It's a nice ride, with two drops and a tunnel, and you don't get too wet!
Darien Lake 058 (Medium).jpg
The first and smaller drop is in the background.
Darien Lake 096 (Medium).jpg
Heading back towards Superman, we pass Shipwreck falls. Definetely not an exceptable amount of wetness!
Darien Lake 097 (Medium).jpg
I had to take a peek.
Darien Lake 098 (Medium).jpg
Uh oh.
Darien Lake 007 (Medium).jpg
Back to Superman and it's shrubbery. I guess I should really start calling it by it's official name. I think if it can't be Superman it should be repainted and given a new theme completely. Mandy thinks it should now be called "The Bomb Pop"
Darien Lake 104 (Medium).jpg
It broke! We noticed a crowd leaving the area and came to find this. After a few minutes, they got the lift going, so we stood at the entrance hoping it wouldnt take to long to reopen...
Darien Lake 110 (Medium).jpg
Test run through the trees!
Darien Lake 112 (Medium).jpg
While waiting I took some more pictures. This is my favorite support on the whole ride. Tehe.
Darien Lake 109 (Medium).jpg
The test seat has seen better days.
Darien Lake 113 (Medium).jpg
They tested much longer than anticipated, but we were first in line, and I refused to leave! A lot of people began sitting around everywhere.
Darien Lake 107 (Medium).jpg
They finally let us in. We were two rides from getting the front seat, and the first train they sent out with people broke down on the lift. We decided not to wait, and left.
Darien Lake 117 (Medium).jpg
Darien Lake really is a great park. A few good coasters, and a really nice setting. Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

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Postby knottslover77 » Sun Jul 01, 2007 7:49 pm

Nice pics, the waterpark looks very nice too.

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Postby Goliath513 » Sun Jul 01, 2007 8:32 pm

Nice pictures and great photo TR. Nice water park photos. I don't know why you got a headache on Boomerang since I just rode SFDK's in the back and it was smoother than normal. :?r The log ride appears to be pretty decent.


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Postby Shavethewhales » Sun Jul 01, 2007 8:56 pm

Did you see any signs of that Intamin stand up that was piled there? I'm still wondering what happened to it. I hope PARC got it and plans to put it up again.

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Postby odene497 » Sun Jul 01, 2007 9:06 pm

Thanks for the compliments. The waterpark is really.nice, but on a hotter day.

^^I'm surprised it wasn't at all rough in the back, I figure it's mostly going backwords, because your the first entering the boomerang, so your still going pretty fast.

^ I forgot to look for it, but I've seen pictures of it sitting there. I too hope they decide to do something with it, A new B&M would be much better, but a very used stand up is better than nothing.


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Postby Darien Laker » Sun Jul 01, 2007 11:58 pm

This is a very nice TR. A lot of unique photos.

Shockwave/Shockwave/Batman: The Escape is still there. You can see it in front of you right as you're about to go down ROS's first drop. You can also see it from the Giant Wheel, if you look in that direction.

I pretty much agree with everything you said, other than the part about Mind Eraser being good. :vekoma: (It's definitely better than Predator still though).

I really love that shot of Viper's train about to take the drop. It really shows how shallow that drop is, despite how big the ride was back in it's day. (Even Canada's Dragon Fire and the Demons have higher drops!)


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Postby odene497 » Mon Jul 02, 2007 8:54 am

^ Thanks, and about Viper, the drop does seem to be getting smaller and smaller. It used to give me the weirdest feeling, but now I feel nothing, it's just rolling down a hill. However, everytime I ride it I like it more and more. It doesn't get as much credit as it deserves.


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Postby Homer » Mon Jul 02, 2007 9:04 am

Great TR, however, that shark needs dentures! It has like, zero teeth!
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Postby Tanks4me05 » Mon Jul 02, 2007 12:30 pm

Nice Photo TR, however, I must say again that Predator is actually pretty good save fore a few spots when in the second car, first row. Everywhere else I agree is pretty bad. But if they get those new single bench PTC's, it might be comparable to Dania Beach Hurricane. (I'm not kidding)

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Postby odene497 » Tue Jul 03, 2007 10:13 am

^ I agree that it could be pretty good with new trains. There was a little bit of air on the first drop, but I also noticed that there's a trim there now. If it was smooth and trimless, I bet it'd be great. They still have the plaque in the station from a long time ago saying it was rated the 9th best wooden in the world. So they claim.



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