Carowinds Photo TR (5/11-5/13)

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Carowinds Photo TR (5/11-5/13)

Postby tngdiablo » Tue May 15, 2007 6:43 pm

So I finished up my spring semester last Monday and had a week off before I started my summer session (today). I was really bored the whole week because there was only so much Guitar Hero that could be played, so I decided, what the heck, I'll drive to Charlotte and go to Carowinds. Stayed in Pineville at the Hampton Inn which I got through my cousin so it was only $30/night. Got to the park around 11 on Friday, stayed until almost closing. Did some stuff around Charlotte on Saturday and then went back to the park on Sunday for a few hours.
CIMG6385 (Medium).JPG
Entrance sign
CIMG6386 (Medium).JPG
CIMG6387 (Medium).JPG
Carolina Cyclone, not a terrible ride, but nothing special
CIMG6388 (Medium).JPG
CIMG6390 (Medium).JPG
Not as good as the one at KD
CIMG6468 (Medium).JPG
CIMG6393 (Medium).JPG
The top section was not braked, quite surprising, like the one at Hershey
CIMG6394 (Medium).JPG
CIMG6476 (Medium).JPG
CIMG6477 (Medium).JPG
Definitely didn't ride because I didn't have a change of clothes, or a towel, nor am I stupid
CIMG6397 (Medium).JPG
One year ejection from park for standing on ride? Sure, why not...
CIMG6399 (Medium).JPG
I was expecting this one to be like Chang, aka rough and tumble.
CIMG6402 (Medium).JPG
For you lift hill enthusiasts
CIMG6404 (Medium).JPG
Vortex...through Vortex. The ride turned out to be smooth and very decent.
CIMG6406 (Medium).JPG
Yay for Confederate flags!
CIMG6409 (Medium).JPG
The only other inversion on Vortex
CIMG6407 (Medium).JPG
3 Point Challenge, I burned $15 on this and all I got was a basketball... :(
CIMG6408 (Medium).JPG
BORG. The BORG. Zorg? Someone actually called it Zorg.
CIMG6410 (Medium).JPG
Had a bit of a rattle, but it's a Vekoma so it was expected. Very forceful through the loop. Me like.
CIMG6412 (Medium).JPG
Vortex in the water.
CIMG6413 (Medium).JPG
You've seen it before.
CIMG6414 (Medium).JPG
Forwards side, no airtime but fairly smooth. Backwards side, painful ejector airtime and much spinal adjustment.
CIMG6415 (Medium).JPG
Pretty theming.
CIMG6417 (Medium).JPG
Left the park to drop something off in the car and grabbed this picture while in two different states! Zomg!!!1
CIMG6420 (Medium).JPG
See this Six Flags? Lost KIDS, not lost PARENTS.
CIMG6421 (Medium).JPG
Fairly Odd Coaster was fairly not bad for what it is.
CIMG6426 (Medium).JPG
For you Derek.
CIMG6427 (Medium).JPG
Some airtime through the Immelmann.
CIMG6487 (Medium).JPG
Made sure that this was credit number 150. And it was well worth it. Sick ride.
CIMG6429 (Medium).JPG
Cedar Fair's doing. End of my day at the park.
CIMG6430 (Medium).JPG
The end result of my parking receipt sitting on the dashboard on a hot sunny day.
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Postby PKI Jizzman » Tue May 15, 2007 6:47 pm

Good to see you had an awesome time! I soooo can't wait to get back on Top Gun in June! :b T-Road forewards no airtime? Hmm not how I remembered, but I sure remember the ejector air and spinal readjustment on backwards T-Road! Great pics!


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Postby tngdiablo » Tue May 15, 2007 6:59 pm

CIMG6432 (Medium).JPG
On my way to see Spider-Man 3 with a friend, I hit 80000 miles on my 11 year old Saturn. Proof.
CIMG6438 (Medium).JPG
Heading back into South Carolina from Pineville.
CIMG6440 (Medium).JPG
Hello South Carolina. I like your gas prices, they rock.
CIMG6442 (Medium).JPG
CIMG6445 (Medium).JPG
Not much of a skyline at this park. It is in need of a hyper.
CIMG6447 (Medium).JPG
The park was empty on Mother's Day. No more oompa loompas (school groups), only families with small children.
CIMG6448 (Medium).JPG
Top Gun....through the TREES. I rode 6 times without getting off.
CIMG6455 (Medium).JPG
SLC in training. I had a longer wait for this than for Top Gun.
CIMG6456 (Medium).JPG
No Smoking ftw! For the most part, there were no problems with smoking.
CIMG6458 (Medium).JPG
Loop da loop.
CIMG6460 (Medium).JPG
Hello, I am crazy support. How do you do?
CIMG6461 (Medium).JPG
Yay for fountain?
CIMG6462 (Medium).JPG
The Big Dowg. *giggles*
CIMG6465 (Medium).JPG
Make it go away!
CIMG6466 (Medium).JPG
No seriously, make it stop.
CIMG6474 (Medium).JPG
The Boardwalk.
CIMG6475 (Medium).JPG
CIMG6480 (Medium).JPG
Top Gun go fast.
CIMG6481 (Medium).JPG
Remnants of the Paramount merchandise.
CIMG6483 (Medium).JPG
No lines.
CIMG6484 (Medium).JPG
CIMG6488 (Medium).JPG
Who are these things?
CIMG6489 (Medium).JPG
With only a few good rides at the park and being worn out by Top Gun, I left around 2 and went to Jack in the Box.
CIMG6490 (Medium).JPG
Chicken sangwich combo for me with a HUGE soda.
CIMG6491 (Medium).JPG
Jack in the Box was in NC, I had to cross back into SC to get to cheap gas and the 77. Thunder Road from the back.
CIMG6492 (Medium).JPG
Hello South Carolina again.
CIMG6493 (Medium).JPG
This gas station had racing gas. I was very tempted to put it in my Saturn but at 5.99/gallon. No thanks.
CIMG6494 (Medium).JPG
Back into North Carolina on the 77.
CIMG6497 (Medium).JPG
Hi really nice Corvette.
CIMG6498 (Medium).JPG
CIMG6499 (Medium).JPG
Pink 3000GT, hawt!
CIMG6500 (Medium).JPG
Stopped off at JR and saw a blimp flying rather low.
CIMG6501 (Medium).JPG
It is the ULTIMATE shopping zone, except not really.
CIMG6502 (Medium).JPG
They had a very nice cigar collection and I bought some Romeo y Julietas. End of TR. Hope you enjoyed it.
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Postby ECZenith » Wed May 16, 2007 8:37 am

One question: what's up with the fish on the Ricochet sign? :lmao:
-Sean C.

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Postby tngdiablo » Wed May 16, 2007 11:08 am

I'm guessing its in keeping with the Carolina Boardwalk theme of that section of the park.
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