Photo TR: Gold Reef City, Johannesburg, SA

What happens when you don't want to sit by the pool!
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Photo TR: Gold Reef City, Johannesburg, SA

Postby coasterrich » Tue Mar 13, 2007 2:04 pm

What happens when you got to Cape Town on Holiday but you wife wants to spend the day tanning by the pool? Well, I decided to head over to Johannesburg to visit Gold Reef City. Actually, it was slightly pre-planned, but I was right and my wife did spend the day by the pool!

As you may know, Tower of Terror (the in house built vertical drop coaster) has been closed for a refurb for over a year. I was hoping it would be open, but the dates slipped back and back. Well, during my visit last month it was clear they are nearly there. Gone is the normal lift hill, replaced by a lift shaft up the centre of the tower and the old trains are no more. Replaced with some very B&M looking cars!

Hope you enjoy the pics!

London?? No Cape Town International
We head off to Johannesburg over table bay, courtesy of the world coolest airline - Kulula!
Entrance Plaza - as you can see, its a busy day!
In we go!
First Step - check the park map
First glimpse into the park and its nice landscaping
Is that a Top Spin i see?
Ah, what I flew from one side of SA to the other for. Anaconda, possibly the most intense inverter in the world. Yes, its more intense than Nemesis and Batman
Why did Giovanola only build one Inverter?
and another for good measure
Heading back to the centre of the park, I found the Log Flume
Signature Shot?
Did I mention the park was a bit quiet?
Golden Loop, the Schwartzkopf Shuttle was closed, but sported a nice new coat of paint!
from the giant wheel
yes, very golden now (it was light blue when it opened)
Over the other side of the park I decided to get an aerial view
Looking out towards the city
and the other way, looking out towards Anaconda
and next to the wheel - Tower of Terror
with its nice new central lift shaft
another mine shaft tower - this one just for themeing
exciting tower from ground shot - still awake??
January? Its 25th Jan and its not ready to open!
One last shot of the station as we leave ToT for now
so, lets have a wonder around "The Village" section of the park, full of lively restaurants and bars....
lively? not today
maybe they should rename it Ghost Town?
even with approx 100 people on park you can help but appreciate the themeing.
100 people on park? I think they are all in the new Panda 4D theatre, first seen at Efteling
Over to the far corner of the park I go, for a ride on Jozi Express, the parks Zierer coaster
the park obviously didn't feel the need for a second train! Seriously, there were more staff than guests! Every ride had approx 4 people manning it
and heres a quarter of the guests - all riding Jozi together. Very odd, 100 in the park and a group of 20+ going round together
can you tell I'm getting bored of this caption writing now?
Ohh - whats that I see, could it be the remains of the old ToT cars?
Random ride shot
and another
the park used to be a working gold mine, and I guess this all thats left of the railway that ran through the area
of course, the park had its own railway, closed on my visit
apparently the park is heaving during school holidays - one does have to ask why the stay open during term time
see, so empty than the ride staff jump on the rapid to make the park look busy
Hmm, lets take another ride on Ananconda
hmm, only another 8 more people required. They won't run with less than 10 people
Finally get the front seat, allowing people to stay on is great - unless you want the front!
No trip report is complete without that signature shot - here it is folks
dum de dum, ahh after a 15 min wait I get one go at this shot - good job i was quick on the shutter
Helix of death! What is it with Giovanola and their helices - this was just as intense as Goliaths
and to finish a couple more shots of Tower of Terror
you can just make out the new open style trains
base of the new lift shaft
Gold Reef City is made up of the Theme Park and this Vegas style Casino next door
The End

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and the side trip

Postby coasterrich » Tue Mar 13, 2007 2:11 pm

Well, I had 3 hours to kill before my flight back, and with a Casino next to the airport with a small Vekoma, I couldn't resist! Its actually a nice smooth ride, although by the looks of it ridership is scarce! The woman even let me ride twice for my single token - first passenger of the day apparently.

Chariots Entertainment World - part of a Caesars casino resort
The indoor parks Vekoma coaster - imaginatively named "Roller Coaster"
the rides station is high - followed by a short lift hill
and finally, my plane back to Cape Town awaits!

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Ratanaga Jn

Postby coasterrich » Tue Mar 13, 2007 2:15 pm

Back in Cape Town this is as close as I got to the other theme park in South Africa. Although it was the middle of the summer, schools were back and Ratanga Junction is closed, even at weekends. Does this park have the shortest opening schedule of any park worldwide? It must be open for approx 10 weeks a year.

Ratanga Junction is part of a large entertainment and shopping complex North of the main town. The Mall car park is as close as I got
So near, yet so far.......

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Postby kennywood!007 » Tue Mar 13, 2007 2:18 pm

Wow! Cool Photo TR! I really like that log ride photo, the signiture one. Anaconda looks like it would be really forceful, I can only imagine. Tower of Terror looks awesome, sorry you missed two credits. :(

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Postby Shavethewhales » Tue Mar 13, 2007 2:30 pm

Dude, wow... Gold Reef City looks so much better than I had ever imagined, it looks like the DW of Africa.

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Postby nemesis-storm » Tue Mar 13, 2007 3:12 pm

Beautiful & awesome pictures, ToT looks insane.
Shame the shuttle loop was closed too.

I think ToT has been closed more like 2 years or even longer.
The parks website, now says it reopens in April, we will have to wait & see. I'm not going to book my flight just yet :b

Once again, great pictures.

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Postby Thrillrider15 » Tue Mar 13, 2007 3:49 pm

Sweetness. I never knew about the indoor Vekoma coaster. Looks neat.
I'm guessing the Tower of Terror will open soon. I have a good feeling about it.
I currently have 16 coaster credits.

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Postby ghost007jas » Tue Mar 13, 2007 5:08 pm

Giovanola invert.... *drools* Great pictures! I have cousins in South Africa... hmm... time to pay them a visit eh?

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Postby the sound » Tue Mar 13, 2007 10:01 pm

South African Parks have a very surprising amount of good themeing! Especially Chariots entertainment world, that place looked nuts, theming wise.

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Postby jarmor » Tue Mar 13, 2007 10:17 pm

Whoa...they are modifying the coaster...I didnt know that!
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