Tearing down the Myrtle Beach Hurricane - Photos & Video

Hurricane Turns into a Drepressing Moment
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Tearing down the Myrtle Beach Hurricane - Photos & Video

Postby carolinacaniac » Sun Mar 04, 2007 11:56 am

I saw this from a link on Screamscape, and this made me bummed, especially the two videos at the bottom. I now this sounds pathetic, but i wish they would have done something more "humaine" for demolish it instead of ripping it apart :cry:

here is the site:

http://www.discovermyrtlebeach.com/phot ... lition.cfm

And to think, I had just ridden that for the first time only about 7 months ago.
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Postby Ryan King » Sun Mar 04, 2007 11:58 am

Sounds like I have another letter to write! :)


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Postby SpartanTS » Sun Mar 04, 2007 12:03 pm

We knew it was coming eventually.

It wasn't exactly anything special, that's for sure.

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Postby easytoremember » Sun Mar 04, 2007 12:15 pm

Ya, it wasn't fun to ride, but it sure looked nice. Mabey if they had retracked it and gotten rid of the G-trains it could have been a good ride.

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Postby BarryH » Sun Mar 04, 2007 12:46 pm

Good riddance to a rough coaster. The helixes were really bad.

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Postby no_brain_er » Sun Mar 04, 2007 12:46 pm

Same here. I'm going to miss driving up and seeing it, having the rest of my night ruined 'cuz of the hurting. Well, I'll miss seeing it.

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Postby verticalzero » Mon Mar 05, 2007 1:31 pm

Another coaster dies :(
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Postby ParkTrips » Mon Mar 05, 2007 1:42 pm

on some days, this thing was pretty fun. But on most days, the fun part was trying to rearrange one's internal organs upon disembarkment

goodbye... you POS.

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Postby bgwfreak » Mon Mar 05, 2007 2:06 pm

I find it somehow appropriate that a coaster that was rough on the rider is also being rough on the decontrucion crew. :lolr:

Apparantly the piece of junk is giving them a hard time.

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Postby CK Media » Mon Mar 05, 2007 2:42 pm

Is it similar to the one in Dania beach?


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