Photo TR:HHN16 & DVD avaliable!

DVD now Avaliable!! see first post.
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Photo TR:HHN16 & DVD avaliable!

Postby jarmor » Sat Oct 07, 2006 8:01 pm

Finally after what seemed like all of 8 years the DVD is finally AVALIABLE to the public! This DVD is what I consider one of my most anticipated DVD by me being that its jam packed with halloween horror nights goodness from start to finish. The main feature if the DVD is the actual event itself. The event is covered from the prospective of a regular park guest and is covered from the front gate to the exit! I have to let it be known that there isn't any house footage at all on the DVD. I'd rather reserve that to be experienced first hand because there is no video out there that can do the houses justice and besides, im far too busy inside the houses getting the crap scared outta me :lolr: . However the DVD does cover the infamous Bill & Ted show from start to finish! If you have seen my HHN 15 production then you pretty much have a stern idea of what to expect but this year I raised the bar and added some "extra" stuff to the DVD that I wont speak on, just let you be taken by surpised (heck, or dissapointed :lmao: ) but I will say this, it may bring back some memories for a few of you and maybe what alot of you wanted to see.

The one thing that I hate to say is that after last year I am afraid that in order to help cover the shipping cost and hardware cost (ie: the actual DVD, ink, DVD cases and covers) the dvd's are going to be $5.00 USD for national request and $8.00 for international orders. If you can afford that and willing to help cover the cost of the dvd then please do so. But I feel its well worth it being that its over 2 hours of footage and great quality. There are two ways to get the DVD. You can paypal me at with your mailing information or you can send an email to the address with your mailing information.

Also as mention below check out the preview videos to give you an idea of what you can expect and also check out other videos of mines here! Any questions please ask, pm me or send an email!

I decided to grace HHN with my presence this weekend :lolr: and I had a blast! Im not gonna be much on words go here goes the first set of pics...

ADMIN EDIT: Be sure to download jarmor's HHN video here: ... hp?t=29981
First its time to get checked in. I decided to stay at the portifino bay which is an awesome place to stay!
This hotel was just jaw dropping and very large.
The view from the water taxi's landing...
I couldn't go 5 pics w/o including me, jarvis the great!
Leaving the hotel heading to the parks...
The hotel is very secluded and it feels like you are in another country!
Ahhh...this bring new meaning to horror comes home...instead its jarvis!
Yeah...its big, and here is a picture of the largest hard rock cafe...
What day in orlando isn't complete w/o rain clouds.
My attempt at a scream face but looking at the pic more and more looks like something was about to fly in my mouth lol...
cousin "it" decided to show...
Short but damn...(more on that later ;) )
Made some new friends...
The cinespheres
The very cool stage...
The scariest scarezone this year...
Sting alley...I dare you go to down it...i dare ya!
Wow...thats hot!
I wonder how tall their kid would be if they had one together...
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Postby jarmor » Sat Oct 07, 2006 8:55 pm

^Thats what I use and its a pretty darn good camera!

Once I went around the park for a little bit I had to go to my unmasking the horror tour that started at 2pm. I was very estatic to find out I was gonna be the only one on the tour and I had the pleasure of having 2 tour guides and one who was actually shown in one of the earlier HHN videos portraying the chick from the exorcist. I was able to go thru all of the 3 soundstage houses but wasn't allowed to film or take pics in the house which isn't a big deal. It was even scarier going thru them then than at night because when your virtually alone in the house you dont know what to expect. I had soo much fun in the museum and we even got off topic and start talking about other stuff at the park like...say...back to the future (which they didnt share anything with me ;) ) But I did ask why doesn't universal make a "forgotten universal" style book showing all of the concepts that never came to life but the reply was "because you just may see some of the concepts in the years to come! I would definetly reccomend this to ANYONE point blank! Now on to the pictures...
I was led into room where I watched rugrats until 2!
and overview of the area...
Even has a bar, which looks like its to die for!!
Looking over the balcony...
Space blasters...thru the hanging plant...ON the balcony! HA! top that...
Where are the people...
Ahhh everything has its beginning...
Random floats that scare the crap outta ya...well not really.
Insert caption...
Words cant decribe these houses...
I asked a very dumb questions that I dont want to even repeat here about something in the house...but hey I was alone so only they heard me!
Hummm...what is over the hedge...err I mean brick wall?
The **new** screamhouse!
Jarvis wuz here 10-06-2006
Leading into the museum...
I soo didnt want to get close to that thing. Oh yeah, there maybe some spoiler pics heh heh...
This place is jam packed!
They even had the whole conceptual information for EVERYTHING this year in there!
I was amazed that everything is done by hand and then photographed and put on the website.
Guess how much that bike cost...
That was before I put that suit in my back pocket. It wasn't like anyone else was on the tour to tell on me...
Another view...
They even let me crank it up and take it for a spin in the really!
The posters from the previous years.
...then out of nowhere jack attacked me! Stay tuned for more pics of I ever get out of jacks grasp!!
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Postby jarmor » Sat Oct 07, 2006 9:59 pm

Once the tour was over I decided to walk back to the room since I had just missed the water taxi and by the time another came I could have very well walked back to the room so I did just that. I basically went back to the room to get a few minutes of rest before I head to tchoup chop over at royal pacific to have dinner and I was blown away. This place was reccomended to me and im glad I followed what I was told. The place is a sight itself and the food, well right now im craving some of it!
Walking back to the hotel...
That is one hell of a view.
The lobby of the hotel.
The view from my room. They upgraded me because of who I was. Seriously...
The room
Although it was only me I demanded 2 beds...I like to throw my stuff on the other bed!
Looking out the window you can see the italian countryside.
As if you didnt see the bed enough.
The bathroom.
Thats one huge bathroom!
Another view.
One of the elevators.
Ahhh im comming to see you tomorrow babe...
The park was still open I was soo tempted to go get a ride or two in before eating.
I liked the style of this hotel also but it was entirely too close to the interstate for me!
Your beautiful...your beautiful its true.
another elevator
The view from my room at night.
I forgot to mention after giving them my ideas for the park spielburg called me up to get some advice and made me sr. creative consultant!
In other words...DONT TOUCH!
The soap set up in the bathroom...time to shower and get to bed!
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Postby Reality15 » Sat Oct 07, 2006 10:21 pm

$7.00 for a bottle of Fiji water at Universal? Wow, I can buy a box of 24 for $4.50 up here in Michigan...

Great Trip Report so far, can't wait to see the rest.
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Postby live2tell75 » Sat Oct 07, 2006 10:32 pm

Great TR Jarvis! I might have to check out this tour, it looks very cool!

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Postby Electerik » Sat Oct 07, 2006 10:32 pm

Wow, way to end on a cliffhanger.... I can't wait for the "Jarmor takes a shower" photos! :omg:

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Postby tacoking » Sat Oct 07, 2006 10:33 pm

That hotel is amazing.
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Postby jarmor » Sat Oct 07, 2006 10:52 pm

The next day had came and it was time to head back to the parks. I peeped my head in the studios for a little bit before heading to IOA. The parks were not crowded at all and everything was basically a walk on! I didnt take the tip erik mention about the flyers since I didnt wake up until like 10 lol lol but im gonna get it one day...One thing I would suggest is doing the meal deal thing. Its heaven sent because I was ordering the most expensive entree so I can get my moneys worth and I also got the sipper cup which is good forever!
The ricky ricardo band. Didnt stick around for this.
One of my meals. The food was even good, like always at universal. Im still amazed at the food offerings even for the meal plan.
Time to get some "real" rides in!
But first...a picture of me!
For you loop lovers out there.
I couldnt decide between this picture...
74.JPG I posted both of them!
Something looks different...
I still have yet to ride this...
Its back in all of it's glory.
X-treme close up.
Just to show you how close you get to that wall.
The coaster looks great in it's new coat of paint. I still think the coaster would look cool w/ some fog on the water.
The islands is complete...or is it?
Hulk, thanks to "the ride w/ the longest name"
Which is also the "get great pics from up here" ride.
That island is soo bright!
I headed back over to watch Beetlejuice before HHN actually started
The show is pretty good if you ask me.
Its showtime...
Beetlejuice is a manwhore...
The show is pretty funny.
HHN pics up next, I promise but I think I found what im gonna send to the PETA president for christmas!
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Postby ECZenith » Sun Oct 08, 2006 11:06 am

Awesome HHN TR as expected, it was cool to see just what it is you can do on the tour. I also really like those facade photos, good work.
-Sean C.

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Postby jarmor » Sun Oct 08, 2006 11:13 am

Once upoooooon a time when the mood was right. An afro-american male went to halloween horror nights. The scares where great and plentiful. But outside the scarezones were preeeeetty dull. Horror came home thats what they say. I hope it returns back to IOA soon some day. The event was fun and such a blast. They just need to stop pushing soo many people thru the house so fast. Everything was brought back but it was was made a new. Lets just get to the halloween horror night review...
[/storyteller voice over]

Finally the "official" HHN pics!

But first in true fashion im gonna give my take on the houses in no particular order.

This was a fairly good house the house was big on technology with the "guest room" peep holes and the tunnel and things like that If I had not knwon that you would be entering the mind of norman bates before going to the event I would have been trying to figure out how does spinning tunnels and neon nipple covers on maniquins (however you spell it) tied in to psycho. The tent really did kill the house but I guess universal wanted a balance thru the whole park and didnt want to place the houses in one spot.

People Under the Stars:
Didnt really care much for this house. I think they featured the house too early on in construction because it was soo plain. The house was very light in the daytime so I decided to head back thru it (this time w/ a friend from at night to see if anything was different which it wasnt kinda lol.

Dugeons of Terror:
Didn't really get this house and wondered why people had pig mask on. The story tellor voice over was pretty cool but this isn't a memorable house to me.

They should name this house WET lol. it was a fun house and it had some good scares but I dont get the name "run" for this house because thats the last thing you can do in it. I was hoping to see eddie or someone w/ a chainsaw in it but I was dissapointed.

This house was great and I have to say the only house that I really would have to think about going thru twice. Im a little uneasy w/ deaths and funeral homes so that plays a part in it. The craftsmanship in this house is beyond belief but it was just too realistic for me lol lol. And for some of you who think thats is Cindy in that casket, think again. She had a life size doll who looked exactly like her (thats the doll in the picture beside her). The smells in that house where pretty darn creepy. This is one of the showcase houses for the event.

All Night DrIvE-in:
I really wanted to enter thru the movie screen like it was done in the past but going thur the directors room was still pretty fun. The movies at first I didnt think were going to work but it was pretty well done. I still think drew should haev been gutted or grabbed in the kitchen scene.

Very fun house w/ the occasional scare here and there. JACK IS IN THE HOUSE SEVERAL TIMES! And he isnt just sitting there leaning in a corner either! I liked this house especially during the black out. one room I actually got lost in.

Bill&Ted's show was pretty good and they make it so no one can complain about it because well, they bash themselves lol. The scarezone of the night was Harvest of the Souls! That place was swarming w/ scaractors even midget scaractors. And you know what, despite the size of blood masquerade it was very good and the scares where there. they had roaming male vamps and the sound effects where amazing. They even had the bungee vamps out there!

one of my only real gripes is that I feel they should have had some props w/ the scaractors on "horror comes home" area like for alice and the pumpkin head person they could have had an oversize book or something like that and for the ice queen some oceblocks or the thing she stood on during her year.
Well on to the pictures...
Exiting RUN is that eddie...nah universal knew that would make people happy to see eddie so they didn't include him!
This house could have been soo much more if it wasnt placed inside of that tent.
Time to go check out bill and ted!
I was interrupted to find it was kenney and mike wanting to know what changes needed to be made to B&T. After my suggestions and giving them my autograph they wanted to take a picture w/ me ;)
Man all the buildings had projections on them but why was pychoscareapy shown on the buildings by MIB lol.
jack is back...jack is back...JACK IS BAAAAACK!
Your gonna see alot of her...
Didn't believe me huh.
I think thats the best shot.
does anyone know who she is?
Last one
Funny story. Me and a fellow "Vaulter" went in to get a cup of water and the chick was about to give us a bottle water but I stopped her!
The arrival stage.
Nightmare/Darkness Hell I dont know anymore!
My time had come...
I dont knwo what they were suppose to be but they were down right speaking their minds lol.
Like for instance, these idiots had their stroller baby there and they were like "we aren't paying for the therapy later in life".
One more shot
the stage from a distance.
The past...
"Can we get some props or something..."
Very ugly...
where is your ice stick...tisk tisk...
I wonder how muc more work it would have taken to male elmuth, or however you spell it, an actual face instead of a mask.
I remember you...
I wanna get to know you...heh heh heh.
I thought it was cool how this picture came out!
"Hush" thats the end of the HHN pics stay tune for some random stuff...
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