Photo TR: De Efteling 05/27/05

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Photo TR: De Efteling 05/27/05

Postby roeterich » Tue May 31, 2005 11:54 am

So last Friday I visited De Efteling for the first time ever (No! Actually I've been there once 15 years ago but I can't remember^^) and I had a lot of fun in a not-so-crowded De Efteling.
First we wanted to visit Phantasialand but it was a German holiday and the weather was beautiful (nearly 90°) so we decided to visit De Efteling.
As we entered the parking lot at 10am there were only about 70 cars but there were lots of school classes. But the most attraction were walk-ons except the Bobsled (45mins) and Python (30mins). I liked all of the attractions even Python, which was smoother than I expected. I didn't took many photos because my batteries were nearly empty. I took all my photos with my cell-phone and I remembered to put it on the charger the day before but I didn't remember to plug the charger in the socket^^
So first a few ride reviews of rides, which I didn't take photos from.

Pegasus: Pegasus was a very small woodie. It was a small let down because it's really a family coaster and it was right next to the construction site for the new water coaster.

Carnaval Festival: Carnaval Festival is very similar to Disney's "It's a small world" (IMO) The soundtrack is really annoying after a few times you heard it^^

Droomvlucht: Droomvlucht was the biggest surprise for me. I liked the whole ride especially the end because that is something I've never seen before.

PandaDroom: At first I thought that I wouldn't like PandaDroom because I don't understand Dutch but later as I recognized that there wasn't anything in Dutch in the movie I really liked it. The last effect was really surprising because I didn't realized what was really happening and what was in the movie^^

Hm okay here are the photos I took:
The amazing entrance area. I liked it^^
The bobsled is crawling between the trees;) I really liked this ride because the trees that are directly around this coaster make it seem faster than it actually is.
Pyrana was very wet on this day because of some "nice" refreshing effects.
Fata morgana. A really nice dark ride.
Everywhere in the park were nice flowers. Here is the Gondoletta and in the background you can see Pagode.
The "Halve Maen" which we didn't ride.
"Python" which was more fun than I expected. Better than Big Loop in Heide Park Soltau
The construction site of the new water coaster for 2006. The new restaurant seemed to be almost ready.
"Vogel Rok" was in my opinion the best coaster of the park. The effects and the soundtrack are really cool.
La Villa Volta. A really cool mad house even if I didn't understand anything of the story^^
Another shot of the "Bobbaan".
The last pic of the day: Fata Morgana from the other side of the lake.

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Postby Hattuchili » Tue May 31, 2005 12:36 pm

Hey Sebastian,
it looks like a great day at Efteling. That friday was so warm, and I had to go to work, the whole day! :( However, I think it was best weather for visiting a park. All in all, great TR, and nice pictures! :wink:

--> from good old Germany and back in Orlando!

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Postby PhishyBrewer » Tue May 31, 2005 3:40 pm

Wow! Nice TR. That park kind of reminded me of BGW.

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