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Archived Photo Trip Reports of Theme Parks, Roller Coasters, and Donkeys!
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Postby Thuur » Sat Jul 02, 2005 12:29 am

robbalvey wrote:Every Boomerang I've ever been on (At least 30 of them) has gone a *little* bit out of the station on the return, maybe 10 feet or so at the most,

To bad you didn't go the Tivoli Aalborg two weeks ago. The Boomerang there just brakes, stops and opens the restraints! It's not coming out of the station for an inch! Oke, the Boomerang hadn't run for a few hours and it was quit cold. But anyway, that was cool!

Didn't you ride the cool kniak-knack-Mack powered at Nigloland? Also very cool! :D
Nice tripreport again! Enjoy France!

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Postby deathmole » Sat Jul 02, 2005 1:44 am

Hav'nt seen a Boomerang do that before, kind of cool - lil funky extra, yey!

But it does sound like it's falling apart when it passes through the station, you know the kind of sound, when two cars collide, or someone throws half a ton of scrap metal of a high rise building.

Scraaaaaaape! :?



Postby Celli » Sat Jul 02, 2005 5:56 am

I think that Gardaland is one of the best Europen theme parks. I´ve been there three years ago and it was great!!! This park is not only about rollercoasters but about great water rides, flat rides, shows, theming... What about Atlantida, Tunga, Rapid River, Colorado Boat, Mad House and other great rides? But in three hours you can´t see it.
I´m sorry for my English, but I have to write it.

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Postby Token Yankee Guy » Sat Jul 02, 2005 6:22 am

And on top of it, the park itself was pretty sad. Most of the rides looked like they were built out in a field with little thought put into path ways, landscaping, or anything. The lake that runs through the park looked more like a malaria infested swamp. Overall, we spent less than an hour, got our credits, and continued the drive.

It's Europe's William's Grove Park!

Oh yeah, the video was hilarious
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Postby moinab » Sat Jul 02, 2005 10:33 am

Thank you for sharing your trip with us. I'm thoroughly enjoying the trip reports and photos. (I should probably be studying, but this is so much more fun! :wink: )


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Cowboys sign

Postby ChrisZer0 » Sat Jul 02, 2005 10:37 am

Guys, that sign at nigoland has gotta be one of the funniest damn things ive seen in awhile :) Too bad american theme parks lack a sense of humor...Im headed to europe next year myself and looking to hit some of these parks while im there....I also had a question about where your much/night (euro) is it setting you back and what class of hotel/motel do ya stay in??

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Postby Synkope » Sat Jul 02, 2005 1:43 pm

Firstly, excuse me of my English.

Then... and Spain?

In Spain there are four theme parks (Port Aventura, Isla Mágica, Terra Mítica and Warner Bros. Park) and one of the funfair most bigger of Europa, Parque de Atracciones de Madrid.

In Spanish Theme Parks there are great rides, great shows and great themes:

Port Aventura has the unique 8th inversions B&M roller coaster in the world, Dragon Khan; the exciting wooden racer Stampida, for a lot of people is one of the most spectacular wooden coaster of Europe; Templo del Fuego (Temple of the Fire), an amazing walk-through as Poseidon's Fury in IoA unique in Europe; the newest Hurakan Condor, a multi free fall of 86 metres height.

Isla Mágica is small, it has only one big roller coaster, an SLC named El Jaguar, but it has the one of the simulators most bigger of the world, Cinemoción..

Terra Mítica has a great interactive dark ride, el Laberinto del Minotauro (Minotaur's Labyrinth) with 76 animatronics of Sally Corporation, it's the jewel of the park. Then there is the Magnus Colossus, a wooden roller coaster of 37 metres height and 92 km/h. The peculiarity is that Magnus Colossus is incrusted in a stone pit. The newest Synkope, a revolution of Mondial Rides. Terra Mítica is themed really, really good, it shows the ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean sea, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Iberia (Spain) and the Lost Islands.

Warner Bros. Park Madrid has the best rides of Spain: 4 amazing roller coasters. Superman, a floorless B&M roller coaster with 7 inversions and 60 metres height; the 4th Giant Inverted Boomerang in the world, Stunt Fall; Batman, as the others copies in the world, but its trains has seven wagons each one; Coaster Express, a wooden coaster of 40 metres height and 1300 metres lenght. Then there is La Venganza del Enigma (Riddler's Revenge), three towers of S&S and 100 metres height. The newest La Aventura de Scooby Doo (Scooby Doo's Adventure) is another interactive dark ride of Sally Corporation very amazing.

Parque de Atracciones de Madrid has one of the few inverted Intamin roller coasters in the world, Tornado, with 3 inversions; the newest Tarántula, an amazing Maurer Söhne roller coasters with 2 immelans and a tunnel; 7 picos, a Schwarzkopf roller coaster operating since 1969.

Of course all this parks have more rides, but these are the rides most important of each park. I don't understand why you didn't visit Spain (if you visited Parque Espana in Japan!!!), but if is your decision... To me is a dissappointment, but i hope you will visit our theme parks in the future.

See you!

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Re: Cowboys sign

Postby robbalvey » Sat Jul 02, 2005 3:00 pm

ChrisZer0 wrote:Im headed to europe next year myself and looking to hit some of these parks while im there....I also had a question about where your much/night (euro) is it setting you back and what class of hotel/motel do ya stay in??

We are staying at all classes of hotels!

We have been in everything from "Etap" which is the Motel 6 of Europe to Scandic, which is the Hilton equivalent. From Hotel Ibis, which is like staying at a Ramada in, to a Deluxe Disney resort!

The Etaps and Ibis' have been about 35 - 60 Euros a night, whereas the more expensive hotels have been 100 - 150. Keep in mind that on some nights we are also sharing, so for example the Gardaland Hotel, which was 200 Euros per night, was split between four people in one room and two in the other.

Accor hotels, the group that runs Motel 6 and Red Roof Inn have a TON of cheap hotels here in Europe. All of them have been nice and most of them have had Wifi. Keep in mind, though, that Air Conditioning is NOT a 'norm' of most European hotels, so if you are here during a heat wave, that could suck. I reccomend a 'travel fan' of some sort as something you should pack when you visit Europe.

--Robb "Hope this info helps!" Alvey

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Postby Matthieu - News Parcs - » Sat Jul 02, 2005 3:09 pm

Here are some pics from Walibi Lorraine. Some stuff you didn't see by leaving the park early ;)
Baby Donkey
Another fine pet
A fun ghost
Country Dance...
More Alcohol
Even More Alcohol ...
And the best souvenir from the park ...
We decided to call it "la poupée salope". Try to translate ;)

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Postby robbalvey » Sat Jul 02, 2005 3:27 pm

Day Seventeen: Walibi Lorraine and Disneyland Paris

Today continued our "Credit Whoring Journey To Paris" with Walibi Lorraine. This was our last stop until getting to
Disney and after visiting Walibi Rhone-Alpes, we were afriad we would fine another dissapointing park.

And we were right.

Walibi Lorraine wasn't as bad as Rhone-Alpes in that the park had nicer landscaping and decoration, but it was
almost as bad with it's selection of rides.

We had met up with Matthew who gave us some insight to the park, and it seems that ever since they got rid
of the Smurf theming, the park has gone downhill. There were several empty or boarded up buildings and play areas
that used to house rides and attractions that are now gone. It was kind of sad.

As for the ride lineup, they had a wooden coaster that was basically the "PGA Grizzy of Europe", a Vekoma Loop-screw,
A log flume, rapids ride, a couple of flats, a few kiddie rides, and the new Huss Topple Tower.

The Topple Tower was the main reason we were here. At first we didn't know if we would get to ride it since it didn't
open with the park, and we weren't going to be here very long. About an hour later, the ride opened up.

I have to say it was kind of dissapointing. From the photos I had seen (and from the photos we took too) the ride
looks REALLY bad ass! I mean, it's one of those rides that looks much better in pictures and watching it as a
spectator than it does to ride.

The ride is very tame, and I really thought that when it 'toppled' it would do more of a 'drop', but it doesn't at all.
The main ride vehicle spins, slowly, and while spinning the tower leans over, slowly. It was a nice ride, but it
was very gentle, and very tame.

While it was a weird experience, it's not one that I would consider 'thrilling.'

We left shortly after that and made our trip to the Disneyland Paris resort.

After meeting up with Frederic and Louis, we took a ride on the newly revamped Space Mountain: Mission 2.
What can I say? I like Mission 1 a LOT better. *sigh*

At least the ride wasn't quite as rough as when we rode it in 2002. It was still bumpy and you can tell it was
a Vekoma, but it was very rideable, and we will certainly ride again tomorrow.

As for the show scenes, quite honestly, not much has changed. There's a nice new paint job in the queue, and they
have also closed up the areas in the queue where you used to be able to see into the ride. That was a dissapointment
as it used to be very cool standing in the queue watching the trains go through the course.

The new soundtrack is 'ok', but it's a fairly generic techo soundtrack, and I really felt that the old soundtrack felt
more 'classic.' There were a couple of new effects in the mountain, but to be honest, nothing that was too
memorable. Mission 1 used to have 'story elements' that tied the ride into the Jules Verne theme, while Mission 2
just seems to have random effects and a techno soundtrack. The one effect going into "hyperspace" with the red
swirlly lights sounds a lot like one of the effects they have added to the Disneyland ride. I'll let you know once
I ride the DL version! =)

So overall, while Space Mountain seemed more rideable this time than in 2002, I miss the old show. =(

We took a lap around both parks, but since we got here late we didn't have too much time. We rode Rock N Roller Coaster
a couple of times and I still like this version a lot more than the WDW version. It's smoother and I really like the
"light show" during the ride.

The tram tour is still just 'ok', but the Reign of Fire effect at the end is very good!

Indy had returned to being a forwards coaster again. Some of us got a lot of head bashing, some of us didn't. Weird.

Then we had dinner at the Hunter's Grill in our hotel (Sequoia Lodge) which is like the "French Ohana's" as you are
servered random meats on a big skewer and by the time dinner is done, you feel like you've had way too much to
eat! =)

It was a great time hanging out with Frederic and Louis, thanks for showing us around the park!

Now onto some photos!!!
Welcome to Walibi Lorraine, ex-Walibi Smurf. The Smurfs are gone, and so it seems are lots of attractions in the park! At least this place had an entrance unlike Rhone-Alpes yesterday.
What is it with us getting to a Walibi park early in the morning and it rains on us for the first 45 minutes???
They had some rather wacky theming on their Vekoma Loop-Screw.
Joey was all "Since there is no Wok, the highly offensive, non-pollitically correct chinese dragon, to be found at this park, I guess I'll hang out with Walibi!"
Walibi Lorraine has "Anaconda." A Bill Cobb woodie with Morgan trains. Basically, it was the "PGA Grizzly" of Europe!
Coincidentally enough, it was "American" day at Walibi Lorraine, where they had an event going on with cowboys and "American" music (country! Gag!!!) They also stuck little American flags to every coaster in the park....
Also on display for the event was a collection of the "worst early to mid-80s" cars. It was very strange!
Robb has finally found a chair that makes him feel thin!
The new Huss Topple Tower was the main reason for our visit (well, that and the two coaster credits!) =)
To be honest, it was a little dissapointing. While it was fun and all, it didn't spin very fast, and the 'topple' was VERY slow. Overall, the ride was very tame.
"Hello, I am angry bird-creature ride thing! Gimme some candy!"
We met up with Matthew and I hope we can spend more time with you if we see you in Florida in October!
Yay! We finally made it to Disneyland Paris!
While Space Mountain was a little smoother since the last time we rode, we all agreed that we liked the theming and story elements of Mission 1 much better.
Hey look! Indiana Jones is running forward again!
Brace's going to get a little bumpy up ahead!
While the movie Reign of Fire didn't wow anyone, this awesome fire effect based on the movie during the tram tour sure does!!!
So this is where all the props from Horizons came to die. =(
The balloon ride over the resort looks awesome! We will ride this on Monday.
For dinner we ate at the "French Ohana's" at our hotel in the Sequoia Lodge. (The photo is not blurry, that is how Dan really looks!) =)
Hey look! This Disneyland has a castle you can actually see!


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