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Archived Photo Trip Reports of Theme Parks, Roller Coasters, and Donkeys!
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Postby Homey G. » Fri Jun 17, 2005 7:22 am

^ Loved you in Blade Runner, and you did a pretty good job in Batman Begins too! 8)

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Postby CoasterFanatic » Fri Jun 17, 2005 8:09 am

PhishyBrewer wrote:^Ted, you don't get Chimay in WV? We have it all over in Nor-Cal. Let me know, and I'll send you out a nice corked bottle of it.

Actually, I can get my hands on it but I have to buy it in Pennsylvania (approx $100 case). WV has some kind of weird law regarding beer. I can't get any of the great PA Microbrews in WV. Thank god I work by one of the best distributors in PA.

The best beer (my favorites at least) that I can get in WV are:
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Pretty standard stuff, but hop across the state line and BAM. Anything you ever wanted.

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Postby PhishyBrewer » Fri Jun 17, 2005 10:12 am

CoasterFanatic wrote:
PhishyBrewer wrote:
The best beer (my favorites at least) that I can get in WV are:
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

I visit the Sierra Nevada brewery like once a month. They have the best french fries and probably about 14 different brews on tap. Alot that you can't buy in the stores, just at the brewery. Hmmm.... Harvest Ale! :)

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Postby Ghost » Fri Jun 17, 2005 10:37 am

Just back from the Bobbejaanland day where I Met up with Robb & Elissa and the scooby gang... Wish them all the best of luck getting over it seeing me in the flesh as they might be marked for life... However they will be able to confirm that it was a very dry experience... :twisted: (Don't ask.... they'll tell you for sure...)

Great meeting you all and (with some luck if our dates cross) see you in Florida

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Postby tinhead » Fri Jun 17, 2005 11:28 am

Same here just got back from Bobbejaan too and it was really cool to meet Robb Elissa and the rest of the euro trip gang.
Got to say that Typhoon was the ride of the day as it has one of the best first drops i have been on.
I will post some pics as soon as i can....

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This was such a great day!

Postby multimueller » Fri Jun 17, 2005 12:25 pm

Hi Elissa,
Hi Robb,
Hi everyone else on the trip,

I really enjoyed meeting you all in Booby... no... Bob & Jane ... no ... Bobbejaanland! I am so glad I did not get wet at all. Looking forward to see you all tomorrow in Walibi World.
Bobbejaanland small.jpg
Here we are at Bobbejaanland "Das lustige Land"

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Postby Amanda15 » Fri Jun 17, 2005 12:27 pm

Glad to see yall made it. Hope yall have fun.
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Postby robbalvey » Fri Jun 17, 2005 12:50 pm

Hello everyone! This is day two of our big Europe trip and today we were at “Bobbajaanland.” Of course, we had been pronouncing this park “Bob-a-jan-land” all week, and finally we were told today by both Ghost and Tom, two TPR readers that met up with us, that the correct pronunciation was actually “boba-yawn-land.”

This place certainly was NOT a “yawn” in fact this park was AWESOME! We really didn’t know what to expect coming here, and at one point we considered trying to do this park and Walibi Belgium in one day because they only had a few coasters. I’m glad we decided against that because Bobbajaanland is a LOT more than just the coasters.

This is one of those parks that is so much more than their collection of coasters. They had great flat rides, great water rides, fantastic landscaping, and un-forgettable dark ride (more on that later!) and everything we did turned out to be more than we had expected. We came away from this park thinking “Why did the ACE trip NOT come here in 2002, but spend a full day at Efteling instead???”

We started our day at “Typhoon.” This is a Gerstlauer “95 degree drop” coaster. The layout of it is very unique and very compact. The cars look very much like a ‘larger sized’ wild mouse car, but with over the shoulder restraints. We weren’t too sure what to make out of this ride, and we feared that it was going to be VERY rough. As it turned out, 2 of our 3 rides were VERY comfortable and really bizarre…but in a good way.

The ride begins with a 90 degree vertical lift, so if you’ve been on a Toboggan or a Japanese Ultra Twister, you’ll know the weird experience that I’m talking about. Up and over the lift you go straight DOWN, but further than straight down because the drop curves inward to 95 degree! The first inversions is a loop and then you go through 3 heartline spins which closely resemble those on Volcano. This is one insane, MESSED up ride!!! =) Overall, we really liked it. We had one ride which was significantly rougher than the other two, but I’m hoping that was due to a train that needed some rehab. But overall, it was really a lot of fun!

Next up was the Wild Mouse. Walking up to this mouse, things are very deceiving…looks like a fairly normal Mack mouse, a mirror image one with two tracks like a Nagashima Spaland, but boarding this ride things are very different…this ride was hardly braked at ALL until the very end! I think we hit one minor mid-course, and what we got out of it was one of the most crazy wild mouse rides ever!

After the mouse we took a walk over to the Air Race. This is a coaster that we have been seeing in photos and TV shows for YEARS! It’s that Vekoma suspended coaster, that looks a lot like an Arrow coaster, but with cute little airplane cars. It was just ‘ok’, and felt a lot like a Vekoma ride, but it was really cute! =)

Our tour of random water rides was next! Starting with the wet/dry slides that we were told “were mostly dry” but actually ended up mostly “wet!” Thanks Ghost! ;) Then we took on the indoor log flume ride, which, while it didn’t many ANY sense at all was totally awesome!!! Imagine a totally indoor log flume, with insanely cool theming and effects, that gets to TOTALLY drenched. I mean, it felt like I had just taken a shower! Of course, the disclaimer from Ghost was “You don’t get than wet on this ride.” We began to think that this was his way of getting back at all of us Americans! =)

Believe it or not, we actually found food that Elissa would eat, and it wasn’t McDonalds and it wasn’t just plain pasta! (Ok, there was some plain pasta involved, but she did eat other stuff too!)

We then hit up the rapids ride with the ‘whirlpool ending.’ The only other place I’ve seen one of these is at Wild Adventures, and this one was very cool. Of course, we got wet! =)

Now for the 2nd most bizarre and cool ride of the day…”Revolution.” All we were told is that this was an indoor Vekoma coaster, similar to Mayan Mindbender or Opryland’s old Chaos. No one told us that there is a huge spiral lifthill with a movie playing on the roof and laser effects on the ground, and then the ride goes through just about every lighting effect you can think of! We all came off stunned! WTF was that??!?! So far, this is the X:\No Way Out or Bullfight Coaster of the trip! We immediately rode again! =)

We did another lap around the park taking in some of the flat rides like the Giant Frisbee (why is it that these rides at Cedar Point and PKI seem to have hour long lines, but all the international ones we’ve seen you walk right on them???), Dan and Joey did the “George Forman Grill” Huss Fly-away, the ‘happy European fun slides of death that you’ve never see allowed in America because of greedy lawyers and insurance companies’, and found the “BB gun shooting gallery” where you get to shoot REAL guns with REAL bullets!!! :o European parks rule! =)

And finally, the most awesome, most politically incorrect, the most racially offensive, most AWESOME dark ride any of us have ever been on! The “El Paso Special.” Words cannot describe how awesome, yet how totally NEVER ALLOWED IN AMERICA this ride is, so I’m going to post a bunch of photos below.

Anyway, overall, this park is fantastic! This park looks NOTHING like any park you'd ever seen in America, and IMO, we appreciate the non-PC, non-insurance heavy warning spiels, and the overall relaxed feeling of the park. I wish we had someplace like this in the US, the closest thing I can think of is Knoebel's, but this park is WAY different than Knoebel's.

I’m so glad we decided to spend a full day here and we enjoyed just hanging out and taking in the place. And thanks to Ghost for being a great tour guide in one of his home parks, and to Tom from who met up with us today and well see you again tomorrow!

Tomorrow we’re off to Walibi World (ex Six Flags Holland) and there is a chance that we may not have an update until Monday since we’re not sure of the hotel we’re at tomorrow will have wi-fi, and then we’re on an overnight ferry the next night.

Here are today’s photos….

NOTE: If you want to go right to the page of the latest trip report and photos without reading through the responses, check the "what's new" page:
"Bobby-Jean-Land" - glad we decided to spend a full day here! This place was soooo cool! =)
Typhoon - 95 Degree drop??? Yessir!
As you can see the drop curves beyond 90 degrees!
Very smooth heartline spins, much like the ones on Volcano.
The wet/dry slides.
Ghost: "You don't get very wet!"
Joey: "Damn you Ghost!!!"
The Air Race...cute ride...but kinda rough. It's Vekoma!
Dan and Joey in the George Forman Grill.
All we could hear was screams of agony from Dan and Joey!
Ahh, park food for everyone.
We ran into a number of Theme Park Review readers...starting with "Tinhead"
The Happy Fun Slide Of Death Ride Op is also a TPR reader!
Here is "Vekoma Hat Guy"
Fun whirlpool rapids ride.
Us: "Do we get wet on this Ghost?"
Ghost: "Not really"
Tom: "Damn you Ghost!!!!"
Ahhh, the "El Paso Special." The totally non-politically correct shooting dark ride where you....
...get to shoot mexicans...
...then get to shoot indians...
...then get to shoot confederate soldiers!!!!
And if you score high enough you even get to see spousal abuse!!!
Joey caps those mexicans, indians, and confederates two-fisted Jon Woo style!
And the best part about El Paso Special is that it turns out to be the legenday "Bench: The Ride!!!!' :o

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Postby Sir Clinksalot » Fri Jun 17, 2005 1:12 pm

Dude ... the shoot the mexicans ride look freakin' amazing!!! Love it!!

Looks like you guys are having an awesome time so for. bobby jean land looks like it was a pretty cool park.

Enjoy Your next few days if your not on.

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How to pronounce "Bobbejaanland"

Postby multimueller » Fri Jun 17, 2005 1:47 pm

Hi everybody,

here is some fun with Robb and Elissa. How to pronounce "Bobbejaanland". Enjoy this videoclip!

Video-Clip: Robb and Elissa's "How to pronounce 'Bobbejaanland'!"

bbjl.mpg [ 3.54 MiB | Viewed 24705 times ]


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