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Archived Photo Trip Reports of Theme Parks, Roller Coasters, and Donkeys!
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Re: Photo TR : Port of Antwerp

Postby Groteslurf » Sun Oct 10, 2010 10:59 am

Before spoiling you all with TRs of 8 German parks we went to last week, first a TR of a visit to the port of Antwerp last week Sunday.

All over Flanders (not sure whether it was something held all over belgium), companies opened their doors to the GP last Sunday.

The weather was really awesome that day, so I decided to visit MSC Home Terminal at the Port Of Antwerp.

This terminal is handling more than 50 % of all containers handled in the port of Antwerp. The terminal is one of the most importants hubs of the shipping line MSC.

On to the pictures.
DSC00134 (Medium).JPG
MSC Home Terminal
DSC00135 (Medium).JPG
The boat which would show us arround in the port.
DSC00136 (Medium).JPG
My daugthers and I had an excellent seat in the back on the boat.
DSC00137 (Medium).JPG
My other daughter
DSC00138 (Medium).JPG
The weather was really great for the time of year.
DSC00139 (Medium).JPG
DSC00140 (Medium).JPG
The only pic of myself (in the sunglasses ;-) )
DSC00141 (Medium).JPG
Love this picture
DSC00143 (Medium).JPG
Ok, back to business : MSC Home Terminal
DSC00146 (Medium).JPG
The MSC Palomo was loading during our visit.
DSC00147 (Medium).JPG
It's HUGE ;-) 22 containers wide. One of the biggest container vessels in the world.
DSC00148 (Medium).JPG
Some stats : 366.0 m/1,200.8 ft long, 51.0 m/167.3 ft beam, max 13,200 teu capacity.
DSC00149 (Medium).JPG
Straddle carrier : they have 122 of those. Each costing 750000 euro.
DSC00150 (Medium).JPG
Shore crane. They have 22 of those. Each costing 7.5 million euro.
DSC00155 (Medium).JPG
Can't help it. It makes me think of the Empire Strikes Back.
DSC00157 (Medium).JPG
There were some other MSC vessels in operation. Although they were huge too, they looked very small compared to the first one.
DSC00159 (Medium).JPG
DSC00160 (Medium).JPG
DSC00164 (Medium).JPG
DSC00166 (Medium).JPG
DSC00167 (Medium).JPG
DSC00168 (Medium).JPG
Hope you enjoyed these pics.

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Re: Photo TR : Port of Antwerp

Postby ebl » Sun Oct 10, 2010 2:30 pm

I finally had some time to sit down and look at this entire topic. Two words: absolutely incredible.

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Re: Photo TR : Fort Fun

Postby Groteslurf » Sun Oct 17, 2010 11:09 am

October 5, it was time for what seems to becoming a tradition : our autumn/halloween trip in Europe.

This year we headed to Northern Germany, hitting every park which would be open on weekdays that week.

Together with Hans, EB, Michael & Bart, we left Belgium/Holland quite early on Tuesday, heading to Fort Fun.
The initial plan was arriving at Fort Fun at opening time, leave before 1 pm and visit Serengeti Park still the same day, but lots of construction works on the Autobahn made us arrive at Fort Fun only at 11 am. While we left already again at 130 pm, we passed Serengeti only at about 5 pm, which was too late. Luckily, we could spend some time at the park 2 days later, so eventually we didn't have to miss anything that was planned.
Anyway, continue ranting about the road constructions, it seems the German government is investing a lot in roadconstructions, at least on the highways we drove on the first day. We even ended up in a traffic jam for about 2 hours on the highway very near to our hotel for the first 2 nights in Hamburg city, right next to the sinful mile, the Reperbahn.
I also learned that my car isn't suitable to transport 5 adults. Sorry about that Hans, EB, Bart and especially Michael. Next autumn I may already drive a bigger car, or if not, we have to find another solution because I agree, only 4 people fit into my car.

Ok, having said the above, the rest of the trip, was awesome fun and I managed to finally relax after some stressful times. Thanks Hans, EB, Michael and Bart. I'll already start planning the trip for next fall.

On to the pictures of the first park : Fort Fun.
DSC00176 (Medium).JPG
Arrived at our first park of the trip. Probably it's just me, but their flag reminds me of a western movie village. If other people think the same, I would say : well done Fort Fun !!
DSC00177 (Medium).JPG
Thank you.
DSC00178 (Medium).JPG
Hans' start of the trip :-)
DSC00179 (Medium).JPG
As planned, every park on the trip was dead during our visit.
DSC00180 (Medium).JPG
DSC00181 (Medium).JPG
Every park had Halloween theming.
DSC00182 (Medium).JPG
Crazy Washhouse = crazy attraction
DSC00183 (Medium).JPG
Rent a horse. Yes, you read/see that right, you can rent a horse at the park.
DSC00184 (Medium).JPG
First new credit of the trip.
DSC00185 (Medium).JPG
This coaster probably has the weirdest waiting row I've ever seen.
DSC00186 (Medium).JPG
Ready to ride
DSC00188 (Medium).JPG
Here we go.
DSC00190 (Medium).JPG
It was a nice little ride.
DSC00191 (Medium).JPG
DSC00192 (Medium).JPG
We all know what is inside now, but we all decided not to ride it.
DSC00194 (Medium).JPG
Entance to what turned out to be THE ride of the trip.
DSC00195 (Medium).JPG
DSC00196 (Medium).JPG
On the lifthill, which kept on bringing you higher and higher, you had a good view on parts of the downhill track. This is going to be awesome.
DSC00199 (Medium).JPG
Me. Behind me is Hans, behind Hans is EB, behind EB is ...
DSC00202 (Medium).JPG
OMG !!
DSC00203 (Medium).JPG
DSC00200 (Medium).JPG
W T F was that ???
DSC00201 (Medium).JPG
5 minutes later, daredevil Michael arrived.
DSC00204 (Medium).JPG
DSC00205 (Medium).JPG
It really rocks the hill.
DSC00193 (Medium).JPG
DSC00207 (Medium).JPG
DSC00206 (Medium).JPG
DSC00208 (Medium).JPG
It must have been about 20 years ago, since I last rode 1 of these. On this trip we would ride 2 different ones.
DSC00209 (Medium).JPG
The rideop gave everybody 2 rides in a row. Thank you so much for that Mr Rideop.
DSC00211 (Medium).JPG
To be honest, I expected it worse.
DSC00210 (Medium).JPG
DSC00213 (Medium).JPG
Next credit.
DSC00218 (Medium).JPG
Michael isn't scared on double-8 coasters.
DSC00219 (Medium).JPG
But is holding on tight when we are catching up speed.
DSC00220 (Medium).JPG
See, I'm not scared.
DSC00221 (Medium).JPG
WTF ...
DSC00223 (Medium).JPG
DSC00226 (Medium).JPG
I'm so organised. Forgot a logflume picture. As you can see, for the larger part, it's a terrainflumeride.
DSC00227 (Medium).JPG
As Hans said, he didn't want to ride because he's dutch as there was an upcharge of 1 euro for this ride.
DSC00229 (Medium).JPG
Well, if we would have known we wouldn't make it in time to Serengeti the same day, we would have ridden it. And we would have ridden the alpine slide at least another 5 times.
DSC00230 (Medium).JPG
Rafting ride.
DSC00231 (Medium).JPG
DSC00232 (Medium).JPG
DSC00232 (2) (Medium).jpg
Michael was scared again. Bart too I think.
DSC00233 (Medium).JPG
But again, he survived.
DSC00234 (Medium).JPG
In danger again
DSC00235 (Medium).JPG
But they all survived.
DSC00236 (Medium).JPG
Not sure whether it is intended like it since it looks like needing a paintjob, but I really like this theming.
End of part 1 of our Germany trip. Hope you like it.
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Re: Photo TR : Fort Fun

Postby Tezee » Sun Oct 17, 2010 11:24 am

Thank you for your update. I hope i can visit Fort Fun this year too. Because it´s only a 1 hour drive to Fort Fun.

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Re: Photo TR : Fort Fun

Postby vuurvogel » Sun Oct 17, 2010 1:35 pm

Hi Benny,

I had a great time to that week. And no worries about your car. It was a small uncomfortable price to pay for a great week.

And I agree, trapper slider was the ride of the trip

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Re: Photo TR : Fort Fun

Postby Groteslurf » Sun Oct 24, 2010 3:05 am

After a first great night at the Reperbahn, we drove to Hansapark the second day. No construction works nor traffic jams and the weather was better than we could ever had hoped for. It was almost summer again.
DSC00237 (Medium).JPG
Hooray ! Arrived.
DSC00241 (Medium).JPG
We got our Club TPR discount without a problem
DSC00242 (Medium).JPG
Again and empty park
DSC00243 (Medium).JPG
DSC00239 (Medium).JPG
I was looking forward to this ride.
DSC00238 (Medium).JPG
Except for the fact it is a Eurofighter, I didn't know anything about the ride.
DSC00240 (Medium).JPG
The ride is great with some nice surprises.
DSC00299 (Medium).JPG
DSC00300 (Medium).JPG
DSC00303 (Medium).JPG
DSC00341 (Medium).JPG
DSC00309 (Medium).JPG
DSC00306 (Medium).JPG
DSC00305 (Medium).JPG
DSC00310 (Medium).JPG
The exit is a real maze.
DSC00342 (Medium).JPG
Again Halloween theming
DSC00247 (Medium).JPG
Not sure whether Larry still needs this : entrance of the drop/shoot tower.
DSC00245 (Medium).JPG
Another seacredit for me : the Ostsee.
DSC00249 (Medium).JPG
DSC00248 (Medium).JPG
It is weird.
DSC00246 (Medium).JPG
It doesn't even have a capacity of 100 persons per hour.
DSC00251 (Medium).JPG
Strange, REALLY strange and weird.
DSC00253 (Medium).JPG
Starflyer on steroids
DSC00257 (Medium).JPG
It is insanely fast.
DSC00258 (Medium).JPG
DSC00254 (Medium).JPG
DSC00255 (Medium).JPG
Raftride and IC/DC ;-)
DSC00252 (Medium).JPG
I love these raftrides. No chance of getting soaked but the spinning is awesome.
DSC00259 (Medium).JPG
Next credit.
DSC00260 (Medium).JPG
DSC00262 (Medium).JPG
DSC00263 (Medium).JPG
Going down .....
DSC00264 (Medium).JPG
DSC00265 (Medium).JPG
DSC00266 (Medium).JPG
DSC00267 (Medium).JPG
DSC00274 (Medium).JPG
DSC00268 (Medium).JPG
You can buy cars inside.
DSC00269 (Medium).JPG
DSC00270 (Medium).JPG
DSC00273 (Medium).JPG
And bumpercars
DSC00277 (Medium).JPG
DSC00278 (Medium).JPG
We had a 'Duelling Dragons' experience in the loop. Very weird to see the people on the other train from upside down.
DSC00280 (Medium).JPG
DSC00283 (Medium).JPG
Great ride though.
DSC00284 (Medium).JPG
DSC00290 (Medium).JPG
DSC00289 (Medium).JPG
Rasender Roland
DSC00286 (Medium).JPG
DSC00282 (Medium).JPG
DSC00291 (Medium).JPG
Time for something weird ...
DSC00294 (Medium).JPG
DSC00295 (Medium).JPG
DSC00296 (Medium).JPG
DSC00297 (Medium).JPG
DSC00292 (Medium).JPG
DSC00288 (Medium).JPG
Here you go Larry.
DSC00293 (Medium).JPG
Flying Shark
DSC00298 (Medium).JPG
Random slides
DSC00307 (Medium).JPG
Digging the grave
DSC00301 (Medium).JPG
Splash ride
DSC00302 (Medium).JPG
DSC00304 (Medium).JPG
DSC00311 (Medium).JPG
Pretty curves
DSC00312 (Medium).JPG
DSC00313 (Medium).JPG
EB doing his excersises.
DSC00314 (Medium).JPG
Didn't find the ridesign.
DSC00321 (Medium).JPG
The weather was like in Italy. Oh wait, Italy. Great destination for a next fall trip.
DSC00322 (Medium).JPG
Buenos dias
DSC00320 (Medium).JPG
DSC00319 (Medium).JPG
Great park, great weather, great friends, great beer.
DSC00316 (Medium).JPG
DSC00323 (Medium).JPG
Some more random pics of our second parklap.
DSC00324 (Medium).JPG
DSC00325 (Medium).JPG
Michael wanted to destroy something.
DSC00326 (Medium).JPG
DSC00327 (Medium).JPG
Fly Willy
DSC00328 (Medium).JPG
"Hey Jim, I want you to spell something for me"
DSC00329 (Medium).JPG
DSC00331 (Medium).JPG
The covered lifthill doesn't really add something to the ride but it really make the ride a beauty.
DSC00332 (Medium).JPG
DSC00333 (Medium).JPG
DSC00334 (Medium).JPG
DSC00335 (Medium).JPG
DSC00336 (Medium).JPG
DSC00337 (Medium).JPG
This was a great little attraction
DSC00338 (Medium).JPG
DSC00339 (Medium).JPG
DSC00340 (Medium).JPG
DSC00343 (Medium).JPG
Hans made a new girlfriend. But since I drive a small car, we made him throw her back.
DSC00276 (Medium).JPG
Time to head back to the hotel in Hamburg.
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Re: Photo TR : Hansa Park

Postby hansrubens » Mon Oct 25, 2010 3:45 am

Fun report. I'm still dreaming about the mermaid.


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Photo TR : Heide Park

Postby Groteslurf » Tue Oct 26, 2010 1:09 pm

After an awesome night at Hamburg, where we met up with some colleagues from work, drank a few beers at a very trendy place, had an excellent dinner at a Brauhouse, drank another few beesr in an Irish pub, saw the Hamburg city hall, found the Herbstrasse, drank a few other beers at a pub near the Herbstrasse, attended an amazing beat-party on the Reperbahn with all kind of beat music of the sixties, people dressed like the sixties, there even was a guy having Beatles-hair and we drank a lot of beers again ..... we drove in the morning to Hotel Port Royal @Heidepark where we would stay for the night after having visited Heidepark.
So, after checking in, we were at Heidepark well before 10 am
DSC00408 (Medium).JPG
Let's start with the B&M construction site
DSC00363 (Medium).JPG
It's really huge
DSC00354 (Medium).JPG
A lot of pieces waiting.
DSC00352 (Medium).JPG
DSC00350 (Medium).JPG
DSC00349 (Medium).JPG
DSC00348 (Medium).JPG
DSC00347 (Medium).JPG
My god .... we are real nerds. Because you'll admit, there is in fact nothing to see on this pic excpet for a buldozer paving the place for a B&M. And still I'm posting the pic ;-)
DSC00396 (Medium).JPG
Divemachine station ??
DSC00351 (Medium).JPG
The gyro drop is still awesome.
DSC00353 (Medium).JPG
Baby drop right next to the real stuff.
DSC00355 (Medium).JPG
Amazing bob.
DSC00358 (Medium).JPG
DSC00359 (Medium).JPG
DSC00360 (Medium).JPG
Go Norway Go Norway ...
DSC00400 (Medium).JPG
Go Germany Go Germany ...
DSC00401 (Medium).JPG
DSC00402 (Medium).JPG
Time for some Vekoma fun
DSC00403 (Medium).JPG
Well, this is probably one of the smoothest ones.
DSC00407 (Medium).JPG
All Vekoma
DSC00361 (Medium).JPG
DSC00362 (Medium).JPG
DSC00364 (Medium).JPG
Great job on the extreme make over of the flatride section.
DSC00406 (Medium).JPG
DSC00405 (Medium).JPG
DSC00404 (Medium).JPG
DSC00365 (Medium).JPG
This could have been the best coaster on the trip. By far the best coaster....
DSC00366 (Medium).JPG
if it would have run !!
DSC00367 (Medium).JPG
But it was closed. I wanted to ride it at least 10 times that day :-(( On a positive note : this allowed us to visit the park we skipped 2 days earlier in the afternoon. More about that later.
DSC00369 (Medium).JPG
Dessert race
DSC00368 (Medium).JPG
DSC00370 (Medium).JPG
Heidepark is beautiful
DSC00371 (Medium).JPG
No idea how something like this is called.
DSC00372 (Medium).JPG
Dessert race station
DSC00373 (Medium).JPG
It's very obvious : EB is our leader.
DSC00374 (Medium).JPG
Lego shop. We all love Lego. Especially since we know Renata, the german lady giving the backstage tours at Legoland California.
DSC00375 (Medium).JPG
DSC00376 (Medium).JPG
DSC00377 (Medium).JPG
DSC00378 (Medium).JPG
New credit for me.
DSC00382 (Medium).JPG
We had a list of what Larry was missing for the index. Here you go Larry ;-)
DSC00379 (Medium).JPG
DSC00381 (Medium).JPG
DSC00383 (Medium).JPG
DSC00384 (Medium).JPG
Logflume nr 1
DSC00385 (Medium).JPG
DSC00388 (Medium).JPG
Halloween island
DSC00389 (Medium).JPG
Splash battle
DSC00390 (Medium).JPG
DSC00391 (Medium).JPG
DSC00392 (Medium).JPG
Michael is waiting for riders
DSC00394 (Medium).JPG
She like Michael :-)
DSC00395 (Medium).JPG
DSC00397 (Medium).JPG
DSC00399 (Medium).JPG
Logflume 2
DSC00398 (Medium).JPG
With the insane drop. Next up : Serengeti park.

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Re: Photo TR : Heide Park

Postby larrygator » Tue Oct 26, 2010 2:07 pm

thank Benny I had not seen many photos of the newly themed flats in HussLand
As usual, my analysis is free of charge!
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Photo TR : Serengeti Park part I

Postby Groteslurf » Sat Oct 30, 2010 11:43 am

Because Colossos wasn't operating, we decided to leave Heide Park by 2 pm, and we drove to Serengeti, the park we didn't have time for on day 1. Serengeti is only approx 30 kms from Heidepark so shortly after leaving Heide, we arrived at Serengeti.

I took a lot of pictures at the this park so it will be a 2 parts report.
DSC00411 (Medium).JPG
DSC00412 (Medium).JPG
First part of Serengeti is a safari with your own car. You could take the bus too, but there was a charge up for that, and we only had limited time to discover the complete park, so we raced through the safari part.
DSC00413 (Medium).JPG
In fact the safari was the best one I have ever done.
DSC00414 (Medium).JPG
The safari was also very very long
DSC00415 (Medium).JPG
Lots of animals and with EB in the car, we actually had live on board audio, with all we needed to know about the animals.
DSC00416 (Medium).JPG
I had the great idea to race through that water on the road .... but that one animal didn't want to move.
DSC00417 (Medium).JPG
Hi girls
DSC00418 (Medium).JPG
DSC00419 (Medium).JPG
DSC00420 (Medium).JPG
Walibi Belgium
DSC00422 (Medium).JPG
DSC00421 (Medium).JPG
DSC00423 (Medium).JPG
EB sits the all-weather seat.
DSC00424 (Medium).JPG
DSC00425 (Medium).JPG
Serengeti is a very green park.
DSC00426 (Medium).JPG
DSC00427 (Medium).JPG
DSC00428 (Medium).JPG
DSC00429 (Medium).JPG
Swamp duckies
DSC00430 (Medium).JPG
Flume ride
DSC00431 (Medium).JPG
DSC00432 (Medium).JPG
DSC00433 (Medium).JPG
People mover
DSC00434 (Medium).JPG
Although Serengeti is divided in different parts, the actual parts weren't really clear to me. Here we were heading to Freizeitland and Affenland
DSC00435 (Medium).JPG
Ghetto arcade. But I love places like this
DSC00436 (Medium).JPG
DSC00437 (Medium).JPG
Swamp bridge
DSC00439 (Medium).JPG
DSC00438 (Medium).JPG
Credit time
DSC00440 (Medium).JPG
DSC00442 (Medium).JPG
Die !
DSC00443 (Medium).JPG
Can't believe they actually want to kill this mousie.
DSC00444 (Medium).JPG
The ride itself was awesome. Some hops at crazy speed.
DSC00445 (Medium).JPG
DSC00446 (Medium).JPG
2 of us
DSC00441 (Medium).JPG
Kiddie rides
DSC00447 (Medium).JPG
DSC00448 (Medium).JPG
DSC00449 (Medium).JPG
DSC00450 (Medium).JPG
Biker Hans
DSC00452 (Medium).JPG
There are actually quite some rides at Serengeti. And the owners are doing their best to safari-theme the rides
DSC00453 (Medium).JPG
DSC00454 (Medium).JPG
There weren't too many other visitors in the park
DSC00461 (Medium).JPG
DSC00463 (Medium).JPG
The insect animatronics were totally awesome. Very well done. Almost the real stuff.
DSC00465 (Medium).JPG
Park overview
DSC00466 (Medium).JPG
DSC00467 (Medium).JPG
DSC00469 (Medium).JPG
DSC00470 (Medium).JPG
DSC00473 (Medium).JPG
Random theming.
DSC00474 (Medium).JPG
This was more or less the only attraction with a ridesign
DSC00475 (Medium).JPG
DSC00478 (Medium).JPG
Hey, other people !!
DSC00479 (Medium).JPG
DSC00499 (Medium).JPG
More rides
DSC00500 (Medium).JPG
DSC00501 (Medium).JPG
Rammen verboten : so these are just cars, no bumpercars
DSC00502 (Medium).JPG
DSC00503 (Medium).JPG
DSC00504 (Medium).JPG
High adventure
DSC00505 (Medium).JPG
DSC00506 (Medium).JPG
DSC00508 (Medium).JPG
More kiddie rides
DSC00509 (Medium).JPG
DSC00510 (Medium).JPG
DSC00511 (Medium).JPG
End of part I.
Much more to come in part II
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