Six Flags Great America (SFGAm) Discussion Thread

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Re: The Six Flags Great America (SFGam) Discussion Thread!

Postby cfc » Sun Aug 29, 2010 8:01 am

ilrider wrote:I'm bored with my home park, GAm, frankly, so to have Chang dangled in front of us in the media then snatched away was disappointing. We just went to King's Island a couple weeks back for the first time. That park has recently gotten Firehawk, the awesome Diamondback, and now Windseeker for 2011. Guess I can't expect much from a SF company trying to emerge from bankruptcy, especially when the park is already popular, but a waterslide? This is why there is little drawing me to GAm anymore.

You may be experiencing the old "another man's grass is always greener" phenomenon here. A park that's "new" to you is always going to appear fresher than your home park.

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Re: The Six Flags Great America (SFGam) Discussion Thread!

Postby thrillrider » Sun Aug 29, 2010 8:57 am

Cameron wrote:^^^ Indiana Beach is appalling this year; operations are terrible, and the whole park has completely lost that amazing atmosphere and engery it had just 3 years ago. Michigan's Adventure? Seriously? The park is a sand-trap. I'm sorry you're bored with SFGAm, but that's really not their problem. One could live next door to a Disney park, or SDC, or even Europa Park for 30 years, and they'd likely get bored too.

^Atem, companies add major rides to parks I order to fill holes, or boost attendance. Not sure if you've been to SFGAm, but it's extremely well rounded - in that regards it absolutely kicks SFMMs butt (and I love SFMM). To be honest, I don't want barf-em-up B&M floor-less coasters built in the parking lot, crap like that doesn't make a park better. In fact I think SFGAm would be better if two of the coasters were removed (Iron Wolf and Demon), obstencivly to make room for some new areas and new flats.

I'm very amused that it's the high-school kids telling the adults to suck it up, and stop whining.


(I'm also laughing about Michiigans Adventure..!)

We had a blast at Michigans adventure the last few times we were there. Apparently we were not the only ones, as the park was packed. What do you mean by "sand trap"? Is that because it's next to a golf course?

While I am far from being a highschool kid, I will say that I think it's time they start thinking about another coaster. While I do agree about iron wolf(horrid ride), I really like demon. The demon was actually my daughters first upside down ride.

I think the new slide is great for the water park though. I am not a water park person, so it does not do much for me.

Not sure how much room the park has, but a coaster like diamondback or even a floorless would work well for the park. I know they made room for chang, so I can see a compact B&M or mega lite coaster fitting into the area somehow.

I really like the park, it's one of my favorite parks. But it's missing a coaster that makes you say "WOW".

Just my opinion.....
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Re: The Six Flags Great America (SFGam) Discussion Thread!

Postby Cavs Fan » Sun Aug 29, 2010 9:54 am

Why would you want another B&M hyper? That's a bit spoiled :roll:

I do agree that a floorless would fit in well.

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Re: The Six Flags Great America (SFGam) Discussion Thread!

Postby netdvn » Sun Aug 29, 2010 10:22 am

ilrider wrote:
FeelTheFORCE wrote:^ You already have Raging Bull, which is an older model hyper, but B&M's are mostly "cookie cutters" and don't change all that much anyway. Not to mention you also have Superman, which is miles better than Firehawk, or any Vekoma Flyer for that matter, in my opinion. And those are only two of an already-stellar coaster collection. I don't know why you're complaining. I would LOVE to have a massive park like that near me.

Call me spoiled, I guess, but you would probably get tired of it after awhile. I live ten minutes away and spent almost every day of my teen years there, so maybe I got burned out. I'm not saying KI has a better collection of rides, just that the recent additions to GAm have been underwhelming. I know it's a good coaster collection, but the only ones that really excite me anymore are Raging Bull, Viper, and Batman: TR, and they have all been there for a long time. I read about all these newer top coasters around the country and wish we had just one. I'm not the only local with the same thoughts. We only went there this summer because we had four free tickets. We never go to the water park because it takes two days to do both, so a slide doesn't excite me after thinking Chang was here.

The year Griffon opened (and the year following) I visited BGW on a regular basis because it was my home park and the perfect place to get my coaster fix (since I don't get to visit parks very often). However, I made the mistake of visiting the park very regularly, so I got bored of riding the same coasters/water rides and seeing the same shows every single day. Since then I never really visited the park (saving up for next year's tower). I don't really miss the park that much even though I love BGW.

I'd HIGHLY recommend just not visiting the park for a long term period (maybe a year or two) and come back to the park. You will enjoy it more than you do now regardless of a new ride or not. Just be glad your homepark is actually getting something new.
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Re: The Six Flags Great America (SFGam) Discussion Thread!

Postby Blind Idiot God » Sun Aug 29, 2010 11:58 am

I suspect that the problem with Iron Wolf is the trains. If Six Flags could take the time to order some B&M trains and scrap the old Intamin ones, I think that it would greatly benefit.

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Re: The Six Flags Great America (SFGam) Discussion Thread!

Postby Jerrykoala2112 » Sun Aug 29, 2010 2:56 pm

atem122 wrote:
To get this thread on track though, my midwest trip got delayed until next year, does anyone have an idea about what the crowds are like somewhere around late June?

Bearable. That's when the crowds really start the pick up.

But about the topic on this page... I've been going to Six Flags Great America since I was a month old and have been getting Six Flags passes since I was too old to go in for free, and I am still not bored of the park. I will admit that I do find some rides to be boring and don't ride the ride for awhile (Raging Bull and Superman) but then I ride it later and enjoy it more than I did before. But I still have yet to get bored of the park as a hole.

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Re: The Six Flags Great America (SFGam) Discussion Thread!

Postby CHILLERLC1 » Sun Aug 29, 2010 3:56 pm

I see the park limited to the size of Batman: The Dark Knight for a floorless coaster. They need to handle more people though.

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Re: The Six Flags Great America (SFGam) Discussion Thread!

Postby mcjaco » Mon Aug 30, 2010 9:38 am

CHILLERLC1 wrote:I see the park limited to the size of Batman: The Dark Knight for a floorless coaster. They need to handle more people though.


Yes, granted everyone is welcome to their opinion, sometimes they just don't make sense.

I live 15 minutes away, ten if traffic is good. I've only gone twice this year, and not because the park is boring...I just don't have time. I made my first trip to SFGAm when I was four. We went as a family once a year (typically my parent's wedding anniversary) as a way for the family to enjoy a day together. And to help overcome our Disney fix between trips. ::lol::

SFGAm (Marriott's way back then) was a family based park. We could do so much together with all the kids areas, the flats, and even ride Willard's Whizzer together. Once Six Flags came in when I was a teen, that was when I stopped going. The park was taking out flats, and adding coasters that just didn't fit the theming in which they were placed, and it was really distressing for me, personally. Don't get me started on taking out Demon's lava pools....

I'm glad to see them getting back to family oriented rides, and attractions, as that's what will build a customer base for years to come. Adding more coasters, will not do that. A slide at a water? Yes.

Do I grow bored with the park? Absolutely, but I still find myself wanting to return (more some years than others), and reminising of some great family memories, and now TPR memories.

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Re: The Six Flags Great America (SFGam) Discussion Thread!

Postby traincrossin » Mon Aug 30, 2010 9:28 pm

Here's the latest from the puzzle. The bit that catches my eye is "near-vertical" and "slide". Another part looks like it says "Featuring". Could we possibly see a whole new section in Hurricane Harbor with multiple new slides?
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Re: The Six Flags Great America (SFGam) Discussion Thread!

Postby jedimaster1227 » Tue Aug 31, 2010 2:02 pm

Although I'm a little late on posting this, Six Flags Great America has sent us information on their new attraction announcement, taking place tomorrow on Facebook first, followed by an announcement for the general public.

Want to find out what’s happening at Six Flags Great America for the 2011 season? You’ll have to check Facebook. The Gurnee-based theme park announced plans today to reveal what's new for 2011 to their Facebook fans first.

Six Flags Great America is using a Facebook application to reveal daily clues leading up to the announcement. The application features a puzzle theme – each day pieces of the puzzle are removed, exposing a section of a hidden image. The entire image will be revealed on September 1.

This is the first time the park has utilized social media to announce a new addition. “With a fan base of more than 130,000, we thought announcing on Facebook first would be a great opportunity to reward our most loyal fans.” said Meredith Kelleher, social media liaison for the park. “Facebook has allowed us to interact with our guests in a whole new way – from releasing new information, to answering real-time questions to providing a behind-the-scenes look into our park.” Six Flags Great America’s Facebook page has grown from 900 fans to over 100,000 in less than a year.

The park’s new addition will be announced to Facebook fans on September 1, and the general public after. For more details or to follow along, visit

Six Flags Great America is located between Chicago and Milwaukee and offers fun for the entire family with 14 heart-pounding roller coasters, a free 15-acre water park, spectacular shows and four children’s themed areas.
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