PHOTO TR: G-Dog's Past Trip Photos

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PHOTO TR: G-Dog's Past Trip Photos

Postby Geauga Dog » Mon Aug 09, 2010 5:05 pm

Taking the cue from some of the members on TPR I decided to take a look through some of my old photos from past park trips and scan them to post here. I figured this would be a good way to start my first ever topic.

I was not into taking a lot of photos at parks at first, just get enough to have some memories of my visits. Nowadays I try to document as much as possible in between rides.

To start this thread off I'm posting a few random pics I took at BGW back in 1992. This was the first time I was ever at the park and I instantly fell in love with the place. The infamous Drachen Fire was brand new and became my favorite Arrow looper at the time due to the uniqueness of it compared to their other coasters. I still rank it rather high due to Arrow trying to do something "out of the box". Unfortunately it didn't work out for them.

It took me eleven years to finally get back and the park sits solidly at number one of my all-time favorites. With my last visit being 2003 I really need to get back down there again. I just wish it wasn't so far away.
Big Bad Wolf Sign.jpg
Well start with the legend that has now been laid to rest. Wish I could have had one last ride.
BBW River Turn.jpg
Even though everyone seems to have this shot you still can't get enough of it.
Big Bad Wolf Final Turn.jpg
Racing up from the river below.
BBW View.jpg
Festhaus. One of the most beautiful bulidngs I've seen in a park anywhere. But, IMO, BGW is beautiful in every aspect of the park.
Gladiators Gauntlet.jpg
Gladiator's Gauntlet. From what I remember it was a unique ride that was also not very thrilling.
Nessie from Sky Ride.jpg
Loch Ness from the Sky Ride. Drachen Fire towers in the horizon.
Nessie Interlocked Loops.jpg
The iconic shot of LNM's interlocked loops.
Overlooking Hastings.jpg
Hastings from the Sky Ride. Now Killarney, Ireland. I always liked the arched entry into this area from the stables.
Rhine River View.jpg
The Rhine River view from the San Marco bridge. Looks odd without Alpie and Griffon.
Roman Rapids.jpg
Roman Rapids (for Rapids Nerd).
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Re: PHOTO TR: G-Dog's Past Trip Photos

Postby Geauga Dog » Mon Aug 09, 2010 5:26 pm

Continuing on, I saved the best for last. I didn't realize I had this many photos of Drachen Fire.
Drachen Fire Sign.jpg
Hmmm, I wonder what lies ahead.
Drachen Fire Train.jpg
Entering the batwing (Arrow's name for the cobra roll).
Drachen Fire Batwing.jpg
The lighting was not that great in this view of the batwing/cobra roll.
Drachen Fire Corkscrew.jpg
Don't know what I was thinking when I took this photo.
Drachen Fire Cutback Element.jpg
My favorite photo.
Drachen Fire Cutback Element 1.jpg
Another view of the cutback element.
Drachen Fire Car Front.jpg
I was in ACE at the time and we had a catered lunch behind the Festhaus. They had a display car.
Drachen Fire Car Side.jpg
Drachen Fire from Picnic Area.jpg
View from the picnic area. I'd like to see B&M re-do this ride.
DF Souvenir Bottle.jpg
I dug out my old DF souvenir bottle. It's never been used.

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Re: PHOTO TR: G-Dog's Past Trip Photos

Postby braztaz » Mon Aug 09, 2010 7:08 pm

Great photos. Drachen Fire always gives me the chills for some reason, it had such a short life.
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Re: PHOTO TR: G-Dog's Past Trip Photos

Postby Geauga Dog » Wed Aug 11, 2010 3:26 pm

This next set is from my first ever visit to Kings Dominion in 1992. While there were some aspects of the park that I liked I had thought, and still think, Kings Island is the better park. I didn't get to return to KD until 2003 and Paramount had made some drastic changes to the park by then.
Entrance Area.jpg
The entrance area.
Berserker, my very first Looping Starship.
Looking Up Eiffel Tower.jpg
I have to admit I'm a park observation tower geek. The KI and KD Eiffel's are my favorites.
International Street Aerial.jpg
I always thought KD had the nicer I-Street and the better fountains compared to KI.
Aerial from Eiffel.jpg
Compare this particular view with the KD of today.
KD Overview.jpg
Looong before the skyline became "intimidating".
Now for a few shots of Anaconda. I believe this was the most recent addition to the park before Hurricane Reef was built.
Anaconda Corkscrew.jpg
Anaconda Train in Butterfly.jpg
Rebel Yell from Sky Ride.jpg
Rebel Yell
Backwards Rebel Yell.jpg
I miss going backwards on these racers.
View from Rebel Yell Lift.jpg
The view while going up Rebel Yell's lift.
Sky Pilot.jpg
I'm probably one of the very few who actually liked the Intamin Flight Trainers.
Shockwave Lift.jpg
A few photos of Shockwave. I wonder how much longer this one will stick around.
Shockwave Loop.jpg
Shockwave Helix.jpg
Shenandoah Log Flume.jpg
Shenandoah Log Flume
Grizzly Statue.jpg
The entrance to Grizzly. IIRC you had to cross railroad tracks to get to this point.
Grizzly Lift Hill.jpg
I loved how secluded the Grizzly was. When I returned in 2003 was I quite disappointed that Paramount removed a lot of the trees by the fan turn for Hurler.
Singing Mushrooms.jpg
This one's for Montezooma.
Haunted River.jpg
The ending of the Haunted River. To the left you can see a small part of the Smurf Mine ride.
Avalanche Lift.jpg
Now for some Avalanche, a far superior ride compared to the Intamin version. It baffles me as to why this particular model never took off in America.
Avalanche Train.jpg
Avalanche Train on Lift.jpg
Ghoster Coaster.jpg
Final photo, Ghoster Coaster as taken from the platform of the dry water slide complex, whose name escapes me right now. Thanks for viewing.

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Re: PHOTO TR: G-Dog's Past Trip Photos

Postby angryemobeaver » Wed Aug 11, 2010 4:10 pm

Wow, thank you so much for posting these amazing photos! I especially loved the 92' KD ones! Those Drachen Fire ones are extremely rare too! Do you have more photos?
I have a hard time ranking coasters so here are just some of my favorites
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Re: PHOTO TR: G-Dog's Past Trip Photos

Postby larrygator » Wed Aug 11, 2010 4:27 pm

These are great! I just linked them to the Park Index
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Re: PHOTO TR: G-Dog's Past Trip Photos

Postby Geauga Dog » Wed Aug 11, 2010 4:36 pm

As for more photos these are pretty much all I have from these two parks. I just scanned a few old CP photos from around 1991 (a still relatively new Magnum before the Soak City expansion and a brand new and decent Mean Streak as well as a couple of Avalanche Run before the Disaster Transport makeover). I'll post those in a few days.

I didn't really start travelling much and take lots of photos until after 2000 . I'll be posting a few of those later on including more CP and some KI pics.

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Re: PHOTO TR: G-Dog's Past Trip Photos

Postby ajc47 » Wed Aug 11, 2010 5:03 pm

Great pics Geauga Dog. Keep 'em coming.

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Re: PHOTO TR: G-Dog's Past Trip Photos

Postby Dailey Enterprizes » Wed Aug 11, 2010 9:46 pm

Those are awesome pictures. Sometimes I wish I was born earlier so I could have experienced these parks when they were charming and traditional. I love that shot of BGE's Lochness Monster with no Griffon or Alpengeist because I feel the atmosphere is more important than having some "Rollercoaster Tycoon" type skyline. As for the King's Dominion pictures they make me want to watch the movie "Rollercoaster." :)

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Re: PHOTO TR: G-Dog's Past Trip Photos

Postby Solid Gold » Wed Aug 11, 2010 10:06 pm

How much for the Drachen Fire cup?



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