Photo TR : Copenhagen, Bakken, Tivoli Gardens, Bon Bon Land

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Photo TR : Copenhagen, Bakken, Tivoli Gardens, Bon Bon Land

Postby Groteslurf » Sun Jun 06, 2010 7:53 am

It's been about 3 years now since I last bought Plopsa funcard for me & my kids. But with the new Plopsa park opening in the Netherlands and the included Phantasialand entry, I bought again Plopsa annual passes. Good thing is these passes remain valid for (more than) 1 calendaryear. On my funcard which I bought yesterday, the mentioned expiry date is June 23, 2011, meaning that I will be able to visit the Plopsaparks again beginning of next season with the same annual pass. Besides the free entry & parking to all 4 Plopsaparks and the free entry to Phantasialand, you get 50 % off on the regular entrance price to Moviepark Germany, and a dozen other zoo parks. And when you buy the funcards online, you get another 16 euro discount (59 euro iso the regular 75 euro). So it is quite a good deal.

I intend to put all the parks we'll visit in the next year with the funcard in this same photo TR (+ some other random cool stuff)

Update : that was the initial plan. I decided to keep on posting my TR's in this thread. Links to every TR can be found here below.

Let's start with Plopsa Coo
page 1 : Plopsa Coo (part 1this post) part 2 part 3
page 2 : WTCC Zolder
page 2 : Ed Kowalczyk
page 2 : Plopsa Indoor Hasselt
page 3 : Club TPR at De Efteling
page 3 : Tour de France passing by in front of my door
page 4 : Hotel Matamba & Ling Bao (Phantasialand)
page 4 : Phantasialand
page 4 : Black Mamba birdeye view videos
page 5 : Hotel Santa Isabel (Europapark)
page 5 : Europapark
page 5 : Domaine des Trois Forêts (Centerparcs)
page 5 : Tall Ships Race
page 5 : Dodentocht/March of death
page 6 : Singing in the rain
page 6 : Aquatopia
page 6 : Plopsaland part 1 part 2
page 6 : Earth Explorer
page 6 : Boudewijn Seapark
page 6 : Bobbejaanland
page 7 : Giants video
page 7 : Gulliver's travels
page 7/8 : Disneyland Paris part 1 part 2 part 3
page 8 : U2 360° Brussels videos pictures more videos
page 10 : Port of Antwerp
page 10 : Fort Fun
page 10 : Hansa Park
page 10 : Heide Park
page 10/11 : Serengeti Park part 1 part 2
page 11 : Serengeti Aqua Safari videos
page 11 : Heide Park's Hotel Port Royal
page 11 : Zoo Safari & Hollywoodpark Stukenbrock
page 12 : Video of the insane waterride at Stukenbrock
page 12 : Alpine Center Bottrop
page 12 : CentrO (last operating days)
page 12 : Movie Park Germany
page 13 : Horror Fest @ MPG
page 14 : Acerta Ekiden Marathon
page 14 : Sinner's Day 2010 pictures
page 14 : Sinner's Day 2010 videos
page 14 : Halloween @ Walibi Belgium
page 14 : X-mas snow run
page 14 : Captain's dinner
page 15 : Zim Antwerp
page 15 : Billybird park Hemelrijk
page 16 : Dippie Doe Park
page 16 : Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg
page 16 : Toverland
page 17 : Lunapark
page 17 : Kings Dominion
page 18 : Busch Gardens Williamsburg
page 19 : Bowcraft / NYC
page 19 : Coney Island
page 19 : Quassy
page 19 : Lake Compounce
page 20 : Six Flags New England
page 20 : Palace Playland
page 20 : Funtown Splashtown
page 21 : Canobie Lake Park
page 21 : Montreal alchohol exchange
page 22 : La Ronde
page 22 : Great Escape
page 22 : Magic Forest
page 23 : Jenkinson's Boardwalk
page 23 : Casino Pier boardwalk
page 23 : Fun Town Amusement Pier
page 23 : Blackbeard's Cave
page 23 : Six Flags Great Adventure
page 23 : Port Aventura
page 24 : Port Aventura part II
page 24 : Linkerwoofer & Laundry Day
page 24 : Rainbow Magicland
page 24 : Cavallino Matto
page 25 : Fiabilandia
page 26 : Mirabilandia
page 27 : Gardaland
page 28 : Gardaland Sealife Center
page 28 : Medieval Times
page 29 : Movieland Park
page 30 : Europark Idroscalo
page 31 : Leolandia Minitalia
page 31 : Walibi Holland
page 32 : Toverland events
page 32 : 1 year in 1 TR
page 32 : Toverland events
page 33 : Antwerp fairground + Parque Warner
page 33 : Benidorm
page 33 : Port Aventura and Salou
page 33 : Sunrise, Mini Europe, Breendonk, Oberhausen & XO
page 33 : Disneyland Paris
page 33 : Vilnius
page 34 : Technopolis, Toverland, Dippiedoe, Megaspeelstad
page 34 : Tomorrowland and other festivals
page 35 : Bobbejaanland
page 35 : Waterworld Lloret de Mar
page 36 : PPS Park, Platja d'Aro
page 36 : Phantasialand
page 36 : Parc Asterix, Plopsacoo and Snowworld
page 37 : Europapark
page 38 : Random year in pictures
page 38 : Phantasialand & Tomorrowland
page 39 : Island of Adventure & HHN
page 39 : Universal Studios Orlando
page 39 : Seaworld
page 39 : Animal Kingdom & Disney Quest
page 40 : Legoland & HHN
page 40 : EPCOT
page 40 : Busch Gardens Tampa & Howl O Scream
page 40 : Fun Spot USA & Old Town
page 41 : Disney's Hollywood Studios
page 41 : Epcot & Teppan Edo
page 41 : Magic Kingdom
page 42 : Plopsaland opening day 2014
page 42 : Copenhagen, Bakken, Tivoli Gardens, Bon Bon Land
DSC08490 (Medium).JPG
DSC08504 (Medium).JPG
For all you not living in the Benelux, this is Mega Mindy ;-)
DSC08503 (Medium).JPG
Mega Mindy Flyer
DSC08502 (Medium).JPG
DSC08505 (Medium).JPG
My daughter and her friend didn't consider themselves too cool to pose with Mega Mindy.
DSC08506 (Medium).JPG
DSC08510 (Medium).JPG
DSC08509 (Medium).JPG
Play area
DSC08507 (Medium).JPG
DSC08501 (Medium).JPG
DSC08500 (Medium).JPG
DSC08493 (Medium).JPG
DSC08492 (Medium).JPG
Meet and greet hours
DSC08491 (Medium).JPG
Since the park obviously isn't in the park index yet, I took pictures of the ridesigns. First ride (we skipped), the carrousel.
DSC08494 (Medium).JPG
DSC08495 (Medium).JPG
DSC08499 (Medium).JPG
Vliegende fietsen
DSC08498 (Medium).JPG
My daughter and her friend enjoyed it.
DSC08497 (Medium).JPG
DSC08496 (Medium).JPG
Nice central plaza with water fountains
DSC08511 (Medium).JPG
DSC08512 (Medium).JPG
Some weird ones.
DSC08565 (Medium).JPG
DSC08563 (Medium).JPG
DSC08561 (Medium).JPG
DSC08568 (Medium).JPG
You can buy points to pay per ride or get an unlimited whristband. With our annual pass we of course got the whristbands.
DSC08576 (Medium).JPG
DSC08663 (Medium).JPG
DSC08659 (Medium).JPG
Park entrance
DSC08653 (Medium).JPG
It's a weird ride, meant for parents with small children.
DSC08595 (Medium).JPG
Parking lot
DSC08559 (Medium).JPG
DSC08536 (Medium).JPG
The area in which Plopsacoo is, is really nice. I would compare the atmosphere with the one in Knoebels. Very laidback.
End of part 1. Part 2 coming up within short.
DSC08516 (Medium).JPG
DSC08514 (Medium).JPG
DSC08513 (Medium).JPG
Giant octopussy ...
DSC08517 (Medium).JPG
Attraction overview. There aren't a lot of attractions, but the park is really nice to be at. Our initial plan was to stay at Plopsacoo till early afternoon and then visit Plopsa indoor Hasselt on the way back to home in the afternoon. We stayed till late afternoon though at Plopsacoo. Plopsa indoor Hassels will be for one of the next weekends.
DSC08518 (Medium).JPG
Labyrinthe (maze)
DSC08524 (Medium).JPG
DSC08521 (Medium).JPG
DSC08520 (Medium).JPG
DSC08519 (Medium).JPG
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Re: Photo TR : Plopsa

Postby tiger01 » Sun Jun 06, 2010 8:30 am

Awesome TR! Can't wait for Part 2. A nice little park. I must say all parks in Europe are Amazing! =)
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Re: Photo TR : Plopsa

Postby Groteslurf » Sun Jun 06, 2010 11:18 am

Part II
DSC08515 (Medium).JPG
DSC08525 (Medium).JPG
It's a logflume.
DSC08526 (Medium).JPG
First lifthill
DSC08527 (Medium).JPG
The logflume is nothing special except for the fact that it's a 'terrain-flume'.
DSC08530 (Medium).JPG
It's really nice.
DSC08531 (Medium).JPG
Second and 'big' lifthill
DSC08532 (Medium).JPG
View from the lifthill on the park's only coaster.
DSC08529 (Medium).JPG
DSC08538 (Medium).JPG
We're used to the quality of the water they use for waterrides, but some of you might be shocked : Sewer-the-ride.
DSC08535 (Medium).JPG
The mega flyer is operating in the meanwhile.
DSC08534 (Medium).JPG
But first time for Coaster.
DSC08537 (Medium).JPG
DSC08539 (Medium).JPG
DSC08540 (Medium).JPG
DSC08541 (Medium).JPG
DSC08542 (Medium).JPG
DSC08543 (Medium).JPG
The great thing about this coaster is that it's another 'terrain-ride'.
DSC08544 (Medium).JPG
DSC08545 (Medium).JPG
DSC08546 (Medium).JPG
DSC08548 (Medium).JPG
DSC08549 (Medium).JPG
DSC08550 (Medium).JPG
DSC08551 (Medium).JPG
DSC08552 (Medium).JPG
Reriding on third row.
DSC08553 (Medium).JPG
Hi Beeja ;-)
DSC08554 (Medium).JPG
DSC08555 (Medium).JPG
DSC08557 (Medium).JPG
Airtimehill coming up.
DSC08556 (Medium).JPG
Wwwwwhhhhhiiiiiiiieeeeee !
DSC08558 (Medium).JPG
DSC08562 (Medium).JPG
It's really a great ride.
DSC08564 (Medium).JPG
Mini pedalo's
DSC08662 (Medium).JPG
Didn't ride it ;-)
DSC08566 (Medium).JPG
The atmosphere at the park is really relaxed because of the awesome surroundings.
DSC08567 (Medium).JPG
My daughters (= short for my daughter and friend) rerode the logflume.
DSC08664 (Medium).JPG
And I joined them the ride after.
DSC08666 (Medium).JPG
DSC08665 (Medium).JPG
It was a hot day, so the ride was really refreshing ..... NOT !! I immediately went to the restrooms to wash my hands and face immediately after riding Splash.
DSC08570 (Medium).JPG
Time to go back to the other side of the park.
DSC08571 (Medium).JPG
DSC08572 (Medium).JPG
DSC08573 (Medium).JPG
DSC08574 (Medium).JPG
DSC08579 (Medium).JPG
Plopsa merchandise.
DSC08582 (Medium).JPG
The world famous Coo cascade. It's the Belgian version of the Niagara Falls.
DSC08583 (Medium).JPG
Plopsa character.
DSC08584 (Medium).JPG
DSC08585 (Medium).JPG
DSC08629 (Medium).JPG
DSC08591 (Medium).JPG
The Wildpark is a trainride through the forest. Didn't ride it this time.
DSC08588 (Medium).JPG
Time to get the picnic out of the car. On our way to the parking, we notice the publicity for their other parks.
DSC08589 (Medium).JPG
DSC08575 (Medium).JPG
We always have lunch on top of the hill.
DSC08592 (Medium).JPG
And we're going up that hill in style : Zetellift.
DSC08593 (Medium).JPG
DSC08594 (Medium).JPG
DSC08597 (Medium).JPG
DSC08599 (Medium).JPG
Every spot outside of the park (where you don't have to pay) is taken...
DSC08598 (Medium).JPG
... by cars from the Netherlands ??? (it's a joke my dear Dutch friends ;-) )
DSC08602 (Medium).JPG
I made some new friends while up in the air.
DSC08601 (Medium).JPG
DSC08603 (Medium).JPG
DSC08604 (Medium).JPG
We arrived safely at our picnic spot.
DSC08606 (Medium).JPG
Not that I dislike the rest of the park, but for sure this is my favorite spot in the park.
DSC08607 (Medium).JPG
Great views
DSC08608 (Medium).JPG
Going down again.
DSC08609 (Medium).JPG
Great views again.
DSC08610 (Medium).JPG
Overview of the park.
DSC08611 (Medium).JPG
Next attraction we are going to ride is on that hill.
DSC08612 (Medium).JPG
DSC08613 (Medium).JPG
Almost there.
DSC08586 (Medium).JPG
DSC08590 (Medium).JPG
2 long bobsled rides.
DSC08587 (Medium).JPG
But first we have to go up that hill.
DSC08614 (Medium).JPG
You're towed backwards to the top.
DSC08615 (Medium).JPG
DSC08616 (Medium).JPG
Mmmmhhhh ... wonder what would happen if the towing thingie disconnects from me all of a sudden.....
DSC08617 (Medium).JPG
DSC08625 (Medium).JPG
My daughter arriving at the top.
DSC08619 (Medium).JPG
And we're off.
DSC08620 (Medium).JPG
As you can see it's another 'terrain-ride'.
DSC08621 (Medium).JPG
DSC08622 (Medium).JPG
DSC08623 (Medium).JPG
My daughters were ovviously braking a little bit more than me.
DSC08626 (Medium).JPG
Same on the next ride.
DSC08627 (Medium).JPG
DSC08628 (Medium).JPG
DSC08631 (Medium).JPG
Mini-golf (picture : see a little bit further)
DSC08637 (Medium).JPG
DSC08638 (Medium).JPG
DSC08639 (Medium).JPG
DSC08640 (Medium).JPG
DSC08651 (Medium).JPG
DSC08650 (Medium).JPG
DSC08635 (Medium).JPG
DSC08634 (Medium).JPG
DSC08660 (Medium).JPG
I liked the carrot-pottery.
DSC08652 (Medium).JPG
Part III to follow.
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Re: Photo TR : Plopsa

Postby Groteslurf » Sun Jun 06, 2010 11:36 am

Part III.
DSC08654 (Medium).JPG
This water in any case looks cleaner.
DSC08661 (Medium).JPG
DSC08630 (Medium).JPG
One ride to go : Mega Mindy Flyer.
DSC08632 (Medium).JPG
DSC08633 (Medium).JPG
DSC08641 (Medium).JPG
DSC08642 (Medium).JPG
DSC08643 (Medium).JPG
DSC08644 (Medium).JPG
Central plaza
DSC08645 (Medium).JPG
DSC08646 (Medium).JPG
Karting track
DSC08647 (Medium).JPG
"What are you going to eat tonight ?"
DSC08648 (Medium).JPG
I believe I can fly.
DSC08649 (Medium).JPG
"Let's eat fish !"
DSC08655 (Medium).JPG
Ok, let's catch some.
DSC08656 (Medium).JPG
DSC08657 (Medium).JPG
I really enjoy places like this at themeparks.
DSC08658 (Medium).JPG
DSC08667 (Medium).JPG
Thanks for reading this TR. Hope you enjoyed.

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Re: Photo TR : Plopsa

Postby sspaz1000 » Sun Jun 06, 2010 12:54 pm

Great trip report :) Thanks for sharing! That park looks really lovely, and yes it does remind me of Knoebels.


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Re: Photo TR : Plopsa

Postby Flexo83 » Sun Jun 06, 2010 1:06 pm

The park really does look like it has a certain Knoebels vibe to you, which of course is a good thing!

Great pics!

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Re: Photo TR : Plopsa

Postby Dailey Enterprizes » Sun Jun 06, 2010 3:30 pm

They probably pump the water out of the creek or lake for Splash. Parks in the U.S. used to do that quite a bit.

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Re: Photo TR : Plopsa

Postby hobbit » Mon Jun 07, 2010 2:42 am

That looks like a great happy familie with children park!
great and lots pictures !!

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Re: Photo TR : Plopsa

Postby hansrubens » Mon Jun 07, 2010 5:58 am

Great report maybe it's time for a visit...

And yes the dutch are cheap!! :lol:


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Re: Photo TR : Plopsa

Postby RoCo » Mon Jun 07, 2010 12:51 pm

Definitely one of the prettier parks I've ever seen; really nice. Yet another park to put on the Wish List... but sheesh, those Starflyers just freak me right the hell out. :lol:
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