Photo TR: European Extravanganza: Updated 31/05/10

Crazy French Fun Fair
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Photo TR: European Extravanganza: Updated 31/05/10

Postby exmouse » Fri May 28, 2010 2:55 am

Last week I went on a bit of a crazy long way round mainland Europe tour. The tour would involve visiting, France, Germany, Belgium, UK, Germany, Finland using a minibus, the Channel Tunnel and good old Ryanair.

The first leg was to take our minibus via Channel Tunnel to France to visit Nigloland. But due to an incident in the Tunnel, involving a full evacuation and the fire brigade, our crossing was delayed by 3 hours. This meant there was no way we'd make to Nigloand. So thanks to RCDB and a Motorola Droid we found an alternative park. And so day 1 of the tour started at Dennlys Parc near Calais.

Dennlys is in the process of building an Intamin compact coaster, which was sadly far from ready. But the park did have one small coaster, and more importantly a large playground with lots of rides that adults could enjoy.
P1060477 (Small).JPG
The park map
P1060411 (Small).JPG
Entrance area
P1060413 (Small).JPG
Looking very picturesque
P1060414 (Small).JPG
P1060476 (Small).JPG
The French kids were like slave drivers demanding we spin them faster and faster. All they lacked were the whips.
P1060418 (Small).JPG
New coaster construction pic. There will be an Intamin here soon.
P1060419 (Small).JPG
By the looks of it very soon, the ride is nearly ready.
P1060426 (Small).JPG
We like parks with playgrounds for adults.
P1060433 (Small).JPG
Hope I don't here the cracking sound of a childs leg, like the last time I saw one of these in Denmark.
P1060431 (Small).JPG
P1060432 (Small).JPG
P1060431 (Small).JPG
P1060444 (Small).JPG
P1060457 (Small).JPG
The parks only functioning coaster, Furio
P1060459 (Small).JPG
P1060450 (Small).JPG
P1060460 (Small).JPG
Next stop Walygator Parc
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Re: Photo TR: European Extravanganza

Postby larrygator » Fri May 28, 2010 7:40 am

Too bad you didn't make it to Nigloland as we haven't seen a Photo TR from there in years, but at least you were about to detour to another park, that has not been showcased on TPR in the past.
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Re: Photo TR: European Extravanganza

Postby gisco » Fri May 28, 2010 9:38 am

This looks like a park TPR should visit with those rides. I'm sure at least a few of us would come away with injuries!

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Re: Photo TR: European Extravanganza

Postby exmouse » Fri May 28, 2010 12:55 pm

Two of us did walk away with injuries. A mate fell over on the large swinging thing, he miss timed his body weight, fell over and skidded along the platform as it carried on swinging. Not sure if his face or knee came off worse. Meanwhile on the do it yourself wave swinger I managed to smack my ankle into one of the fence posts as I'd been swung out so far.

Will upload pix from Walygator in the next couple of days.

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Re: Photo TR: European Extravanganza

Postby exmouse » Sun May 30, 2010 6:19 am

Next stop on the tour was Walygator Parc. The reason for going to this park was for their new, 2nd hand, B&M inverter The Monster. The press release I was sent said it was opening end of April, so the trip was planned in mid May to allow for initial bugs to be ironed out. A quick check on the website 2 weeks before confirmed they were on target to open the ride at the end of April. However once we arrived at the park and reached the back end it became blindingly obvious they were months away from opening the new coaster. The track was a long way off being complete, there was zero landscaping done and the stairs from the station didn't reach the ground. I was seriously unimpressed that their website showed it was opening at the end of April when it was never going to happen. Had we known we would have gone to Nigloland instead.

Anyway here are some pix.
P1060478 (Small).JPG
Entrance Plaza
P1060479 (Small).JPG
Has this pic been seen before?
P1060521 (Small).JPG
The reason for our visit
P1060507 (Small).JPG
The reason our visit was a waste of time
P1060501 (Small).JPG
Will this even open in 2010?
P1060502 (Small).JPG
Another construction shot.
P1060503 (Small).JPG
And another
P1060482 (Small).JPG
More Gatorness
P1060483 (Small).JPG
Entrance to the World's longest theme park attraction.
P1060484 (Small).JPG
Little did we know the sign with the number 45 on it, wasn't warning of the queue time, but the ride time.
P1060485 (Small).JPG
Bye, see you in 45 minutes. YAWN!!!!!!!
P1060494 (Small).JPG
The highlight of the 45 minute boat ride.
P1060538 (Small).JPG
No fruit machines here, booooooooo!!!!!!
P1060487 (Small).JPG
Wave Swinger
P1060490 (Small).JPG
Just one of many rides in need of maintenance. The arms of this Polyp didn't lift, it was more like a Scrambler. I didn't photograph the drop tower that was missing all it's seats. Nor the themeing that didn't work on the boat ride, nor the kids play area that appeared to have collapsed into the lake.
P1060497 (Small).JPG
Entrance to Anaconda. It was no where near as bad as I expected, I kinda enjoyed it. The front and rear cars were out of bounds, filled with sand bags. All the other rows had a sand bag in the footwell. I did get concerned at one point. As we were going up the lift hill, smoke started pouring out from under one of the cars. We were expecting flames any minute. But the ride remained in tact.
P1060496 (Small).JPG
So not as bad as Rattler, but not as good as Ravine Flyer II
P1060498 (Small).JPG
Best coaster in the park.
P1060499 (Small).JPG
At least this one didn't derail, unlike the one in Littlehampton last weekend. The RCCGB was enjoying ERT on their Big Apple when the front car partially derailed, leaving the riders stranded.
P1060504 (Small).JPG
Don't you just hate splashback?
P1060508 (Small).JPG
Anyone got any mint sauce?
P1060510 (Small).JPG
Photo taken out of spitting range.
P1060514 (Small).JPG
Now I'm getting really hungry.
P1060518 (Small).JPG
Does this make the park Elissa approved?
P1060525 (Small).JPG
Random themeing.
P1060527 (Small).JPG
Topple Tower broke down a couple of times, but we did get on it.
P1060530 (Small).JPG
Not as well themed as the Dollywood one.
P1060509 (Small).JPG
Final coaster in the park.
P1060523 (Small).JPG
Rather strangely, it was smooth.

Next stop French Fun Fair.

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Re: Photo TR: European Extravanganza

Postby piers » Sun May 30, 2010 6:39 am

Atleast now we know the Topple Tower is still operational! It's usually always closed in people Photo TR's. :|

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Re: Photo TR: European Extravanganza

Postby exmouse » Mon May 31, 2010 12:59 pm

After a day at Walygator Parc we spent the evening at a large travelling fair which had 3 credits on offer. The fair is called Metz Foire Du Mai and is held in May in Metz.

There were a few crazy spin n spews, making it's début was a KMG Move It, the largest size they make, Xenox a home made baby Move It, and of course a Huss Breakdance being run on crazy arse setting. Normally I wouldn't go near a Breakdance as their dull, but the European Showmen know how to run these machines properly.

Coaster Wise there was a powered coaster called Tokaido Express which on full chap was pretty intense, a Big Apple and finally Super Railway a very strange beast where the cars literally straddled the track. It had some serious out of your seat AIRtime and the fact it had no restraints made it even more crazy. There had to be a minimum of 3 people to ride so as to wedge people in a bit more to stop riders from flying out. It was great fun and a must do.
It doesn't get much better than a European Breakdance. Way better than a US Tilt a Whirl or a UK Waltzer. This one was good but it was no Tilburg.
Quicker and more intense than a Fabbri Booster.
If it's on Coaster Counter it's a credit.
Slow to begin with
But it gets faster
And faster
And faster
Till you take the tunnel
Conveyor belts and European fun fairs usually spell disaster.
But alas no one got hurt making this a very unfun house.
Old school
Quite possibly the fastest machine on the green where you can slide to the end and grope a friend.
Big ass machine, but dull.
Oh lala It's Number 1
Either I've got fat or this has very tight fitting restraints. Never normally have issues on KMG machines, but the ride op nearly cracked my ribs getting the sensor to trigger.
As good as it is, it's no Northern Amusements Sueprstar.
Suspended ghost train
A Mondial Jet Force
Thanks to the rubbish £ vs Euro I didn't fancy it as it just looked dull.
This appeared to be a home made Move It. No sign of a manufacturer plate anywhere.
Another crazy spin n spew.
Super Railway. Can't work out if this is another home made ride. Never seen a coaster like it.
Some crazy arse out of your seat airtime. Bet Six Flags and Cedar Point would have panic attacks seeing a coaster like this with no restraints.
We rode this one twice, it was that good.
How hard can it be to make one of these at home?
I love a nice truck.

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Re: Photo TR: European Extravanganza: Updated 31/05/10

Postby the ghost » Mon May 31, 2010 1:49 pm

Europe is awesome! Enough said!

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Re: Photo TR: European Extravanganza: Updated 31/05/10

Postby smithlanger » Mon Oct 11, 2010 4:56 am

sounds good to me :b

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