Photo TR: CentrO Park - Oberhausen (Germany)

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Photo TR: CentrO Park - Oberhausen (Germany)

Postby Ledgy » Sun May 23, 2010 7:05 pm

Hi there!

The CentrO Park is located next to the shopping mall CentrO in Oberhausen. Next to it are Sealife, the STAGE METRONOM Theater (actually with the Musica WICKED), the König Pilsener ARENA, and the AQUApark Oberhausen and there is an entertainment, bar and restaurant promedade, too.

The park is more designated to families with small childs, but it has a small coaster credit, too. I think it´s interesting for people who will make a full family entertainment in this area, not only in this park. Many netherlands came here with a bus trip for a shopping tour and you can have a really nice evening here!
EDIT: Something important, I forgot to mention is, that the whole parking area is FOR FREE all the time!

I spent my afternoon (1 hour before park closing) and evening at CentrO on the 30th april - that is a special evening in Germany, which is called "Tanz in den Mai" (Dance into the may). So I´ll post a few pics of the evening show at CentrO after the Park.

- EDIT: Watch now the pyro-/fireworkshow on page 2 -

NEWS 2011: The new Owner of the Park is MERLIN ENTERTAINMENT; watch here for more information!

Let´s begin:
The whole area (sat-picture by

00 - 1.JPG
That´s the sign of the whole area.

00 - CentrO Panorama.jpg
... a view of the promenade with many restaurants, bars and so on... (feels a bit like holidays)

00 - CentrO Panorama2.jpg
another picture of the promenade

00 - CentrO Panorama3.jpg
the bridge to the park behind. You can see a part of the mall entrance in front of you. There is the "Coca Cola Oase" - a large food hall ;).
On the left you can see the cinema complex and behind it one of the huge parking areas (which are for FREE).

01 - Eingang.JPG
Park entrance
02 - Grosses Karussel.JPG
03 - Kleines Karussel.JPG
... and one for the small ones...
04 - Indoor Bereich.jpg
a small indoor play area
05 - Piraten Flotte.JPG
entrance of the "Piraten Flotte"
05 - Piraten Flotte2.JPG
theming??? :)
05 - Piraten Flotte3.JPG
... "What are you looking at me, eh?!"
06 - Piraten Flotte.JPG
It´s an oldie of the newer splash battles
06 - Piraten Flotte2.JPG
... but there are hungry aligators...
07 - Piraten Flotte.JPG
08 - BeeBee.JPG
The next attraction is "BEE BEE"
09 - BeeBee.JPG
10 - Wilde Maus.JPG
Yeah! The one and only coaster credit...
11 - Wilde Maus.JPG
12 - Lernpfad.JPG
There are some education path also...
14 Lernpfad.JPG
15 - Lernpfad.JPG
... with informations about the plants
17 - Lernpfad.JPG
16 - Lernpfad.JPG
... and explanations about technical enviroments...
18 - Lernpfad.JPG
21 - Labyrynth.jpg
a small maze
22 - Goose.JPG
Oops! What are you doing here, GERTRUDE!?! Didn´t know that you make a journey to us before you will go to the party bus in may!
25 - Traktorbahn.JPG
The next attraction they called "Traktor Bahn"...
23 - Traktor.JPG
... this is the entrance building with a shop of the...
24 - Benjamin Blümchen Shop.JPG
... in germany well known "Benjamin Blümchen" - they take him as mascot
26 - Traktorbahn.jpg
that´s the "Traktor Bahn"
28 - Traktorbahn.jpg
29 - Rodeo.JPG
30 - Rodeo.JPG
31 - Goldwash.JPG
32 - Goldwash.jpg
a place with goldnuggets which you can press to coins.
33 - Spielplatz.jpg
there are 4 playgrounds, too. This is a smaller one located next to a fast food station.
34 - Power Paddler.JPG
"Power Paddler"
35 - Power Paddler.JPG
36 - Bagger.jpg
36 - Trampolin.jpg
37 - Trampolin.JPG
38 - Riesenrad.JPG
Beg Wheel...
39 - Riesenrad.JPG
40 - Panorama2.jpg
Panorama with a view on the CentrO Mall and the park...
41 - Panorama1.jpg
Oh, there is something interesting...
42 - Rutschbahnen.JPG
Huge slides...
44 - Rutschbahnen.JPG
45 - Rutschbahnen.jpg
46 - Rutschbahnen.JPG
I have to try one!
47 - Shanghai Express.jpg
The "Shanghai Express" drives only around the slide hill area, but it´s cute and fun for small kids.
48 - JPGarten.jpg
The theming often looks like you´re in a botanic garden...
52 - Oldtimerfahrt.jpg
"Oldtimerfahrt" (classic car drive)
a water playground
... here are the other playgrounds...
oops, sorry! Don´t want to disturb your romance.
57 - Pirat.JPG
There is "Benjamin Blümchen" again. This time as a pirate captain of the...
58 - Pirat.JPG Attraction "Pirate"...
59 - Pirat.jpg
... the pirate ship you will ride on.
Now it´s time to say goodbye to the park...
... one more ride!
... and now take some "Elissa friendly food" ;)
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Re: Photo TR: CentrO Park - Oberhausen (Germany)

Postby larrygator » Sun May 23, 2010 8:07 pm

Holger - thank you, I just added this park to the Park Index.
As usual, my analysis is free of charge!
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Re: Photo TR: CentrO Park - Oberhausen (Germany)

Postby mightbeawannabe » Sun May 23, 2010 8:21 pm


Interesting name for a ride, but I won't ride it! :lmao:

Diese Fahrt deutschen Namen sind ganz lustig für mich!*

*If you know what this says and under the age of 18 in a country where German isn't in the curriculum for your high school (stands up), you *might* need to get a life
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Re: Photo TR: CentrO Park - Oberhausen (Germany)

Postby piers » Mon May 24, 2010 4:44 am

Those slides are insane and look very painful!

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Re: Photo TR: CentrO Park - Oberhausen (Germany)

Postby 1pizza14 » Mon May 24, 2010 9:02 am

Those slides look epic!

Have I mentioned how awesome donkeys are?
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Re: Photo TR: CentrO Park - Oberhausen (Germany)

Postby exmouse » Mon May 24, 2010 10:50 am

I think this is the park that's operated by a travelling showman under a lease. The 10 year lease runs out this year and he's not looking to renew and will take most of the rides with him. The site owners are confident they can find someone else to take over the park, if not they will try and run it themselves.

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Re: Photo TR: CentrO Park - Oberhausen (Germany)

Postby Ledgy » Mon May 24, 2010 10:59 am

You´re right! Oscar Bruch Jr. is the leader of the park since 10 years. This will defenitively the last year under his management. We´ll see what will happen to the park next year and what attractions will stay there. Until now, they say the park will open in the next years - either under a new management or by themselves.

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Re: Photo TR: CentrO Park - Oberhausen (Germany)

Postby PCW_Nut » Mon May 24, 2010 11:46 am

Are you using a Sony TX series cam for photos? I ask cause of the Panorama shots...they look great.

A donkey is a domesticated member of the Equidae or horse family.
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Re: Photo TR: CentrO Park - Oberhausen (Germany)

Postby Ledgy » Mon May 24, 2010 12:02 pm

Thanks for the compliment; I´m glad to here that.

I took all photos with my Sony HD Handycam (HDR-CX6EK) in a resolution of 6 Megapixel, since I don´t have a photocamera anymore. It doesn´t have a panorama function, so I have to take the shots by my own sense.

It´s not that difficult, pick a marked point for you and turn the camera in the direction you want (like you do if it´s fixed on a tripod), so that this point at the end is on the different fringe and can be found on both pictures - don´t use the fokus while you doing that.

For stitching those images I use tools like MAGIX PanoramaStudio or Canon Photo Stitch - a tool of my old Canon IXUS 330 ;) and there are many other options - open source, too.

Sometimes you won´t have success, but in the most cases, those shots are usable, too.

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Re: Photo TR: CentrO Park - Oberhausen (Germany)

Postby finkster » Mon May 24, 2010 8:43 pm


Is there a name for Canadian geese in Germany?


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