BAY AREA BASH 2010 Live Updates!

Official Bay Area Bash Update! Page 9!
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Re: BAY AREA BASH 2010 Live Updates!

Postby Wes » Sun May 16, 2010 4:54 pm

New for 2010...Planet Snoopy! KidTums is gonna love it!
ERT on Survivor! Who will get voted off the Party Bus?
Team 38 for the win?
"Jerri, the tribe has spoken." --Greatest line in TV history!
Uh oh. Looks like someone found the immunity idol!
Votes for Tyler will not count against him.
"Survivors, in this reward challenge you are playing for two extra hours of Grizzly ERT!"
Uh oh...there is only room for three on the Survivor Pole...someone has to be voted out! Will it be Jon, Chris, Allison, or Renee? To vote someone out... EMAIL DAN!!!
Yup. Theme Park Review members also got ERT on Drop Tower.
You guys are brave!!!
Too soon!!!
Psycho mouse...psycho men.
Not so psycho.
"Thats right! I am getting my centrifuge credit!"
No! Don't shoot us!

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Re: BAY AREA BASH 2010 Live Updates!

Postby Pirouettes907 » Sun May 16, 2010 4:58 pm

Whoever (whomever? whatever) came up with the idea for the Tony Hawk water challenge deserves a prize. The same goes for elephant tug of war. I appreciate that you're taking the time to upload these updates as you go for the lame-os like me who weren't able to attend :)

Glad you're all having fun and hope to be a part of it some year!

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Re: BAY AREA BASH 2010 Live Updates!

Postby Wes » Sun May 16, 2010 6:07 pm

Let's show the Arrow ride a little bit of love.
Is this the only Bayern Curve left on the west coast?
I gotta say, Great America has a lot of rides that little kids can ride!
Grizzly may have been ranked worst coaster in the world for the last 15 years, but to us it's #1.
Seriously though, Grizzly may not be the best woodie in the world, but it's certainly not the worst!
Hooray for Grizzly!!!
This bizarre creature line jumped us then rode with us. The world is a messed up place!
We rented KidTums so people could get thier kiddie coaster credit...
She's going to pay for college from kiddie coasters!
She ended up riding 12 times!
Its time for our event activities to start!
Food and Coaster Expedition videos!
We had some celebrities visit.
Ryan gave us a presentation about what is happening with the park this year.
Ryan took us out in the park for a very in depth backstage tour.
We started out behind Vortex.
Backstage tours allow us to get great coaster photos!
Not much left of the old Tidal Wave station.
You used to exit the attraction through this door.
This is where the old trolley used to be parked.
"Can someone tell Dan what used to be here?".
There used to be a giant Schwarzkopf loop here.
29252_397415623565_194340658565_4128377_6512414_n.jpg very soon!

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Re: BAY AREA BASH 2010 Live Updates!

Postby cfc » Sun May 16, 2010 7:48 pm

"Zee Tidal Va-a-a-a-ave!" Yeah, I really miss that old shuttle loop. Pretty intense going through the loop and nice air coming back down the spike.

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Re: BAY AREA BASH 2010 Live Updates!

Postby Patman » Sun May 16, 2010 8:31 pm

I actually saw most of everyone at survivor this morning. (I was one of the red shirts walking around) Hope everyone had a good time today!

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Re: BAY AREA BASH 2010 Live Updates!

Postby Mechanic » Sun May 16, 2010 8:52 pm

Everything about Bay Area Bash was pure awesomeness! My kids will be working on a TR to post up soon. Thanks to everyone that made this weekend great. :)

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Re: BAY AREA BASH 2010 Live Updates!

Postby Angry_Gumball » Sun May 16, 2010 9:10 pm

I've been watching these live updates all day yesterday at work (I know, I probably should have been working, not on Facebook!) and today....Totally wish I had done this event this year. Unfortunately, my cousin's (who I usually go to CGA with) work schedule was uncertain as they screwed with her hours, making this weekend uncertain whether if we could or not...and by the time I got my pass, it was probably too late to request a day off as one of my jobs likes having requests put in a month in advance (kinda extreme imo).

Maybe next year, watching these live updates made me jealous, and seeing that TPR was just *that* close to home when you guys hit up Oakland Zoo...I'm about 10 minutes or so from there. By the way, what was the "TPR Quest Game" that was done at CGA?

"Zee Tidal Va-a-a-a-ave!" Yeah, I really miss that old shuttle loop. Pretty intense going through the loop and nice air coming back down the spike.

Yea, I miss that ride too. Only rode it once, always marveled it as a kid...I always wondered how it made it through the loop with no traditional lift, and I never saw the train get pulled up the rear spike (like a Boomerang). As a young one, I was completely aware that coasters freely rolled through it's course yet wondered if TW had some kind of engine on it. Yea, I miss that ride, was freaked out going reverse through the loop with just a lapbar...felt like I was getting pulled out of the train somehow.
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Re: BAY AREA BASH 2010 Live Updates!

Postby thrillgeek » Sun May 16, 2010 9:32 pm

Glad you all had a good time at CGA! Wish I could of made it to the 2nd day of Bay Area Bash.

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Re: BAY AREA BASH 2010 Live Updates!

Postby Wes » Sun May 16, 2010 10:20 pm

Employee motivational signs help keep a positive attitude!
So THATs area 51?
They brought us back to the welding shop.
Lots of welding and stuff goes on here!
The welders have a lot of gas.
This is the "wall of paper work." A daily status is kept and updated on every ride in the park! And you thought you had a lot of paperwork in your job!
More departments that make up the parks maintenance division.
Wow! You need an "escort" to go in the tool crib??? I want to go in!!! ;)
Random camel!
Lots of props and signs all over the maintenance shops.
At the moment it's the "not-so-action" theater.
Hearse > Limo!!!
The park showed us some new Carousel animals that have recently been refurbished.
Mr. Stratosphere approves of the cock!
I spy some Flight Deck wheel covers!
More of the backstage maintenance areas.
Do you remember when the Looney Tunes used to roam around Great America?

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Re: BAY AREA BASH 2010 Live Updates!

Postby Wes » Sun May 16, 2010 10:30 pm

This go kart has traveled a long way!
Next stop on the backstage tour...the coaster shop!
Damn, that must belong to one giant bicycle!
Giant bucket of wheels!
Would anyone like a coaster brake pad?
Damn, I wonder if triple aaa can fix that flat?
The coaster shop had some train cars in for rehab for us to check out!
The old Whizzer sign lives!
An old air gate from Tidal Wave.
Parts to the Berzerker
A few Flight Deck wheels.
Sadly, the Stealth area is empty.
There was also a Psycho Mouse car on display!
Coaster Porn!!!
Don't break the coaster, Robb!!!
It's cool to see the maintenance guys displaying logos from their favorite movies!
The final stop on our backstage tour... Flight Deck! (ska Top gun!)
We had an opprotunity to get some "money shots" of Flight Deck.
Very cool!
You can't get these shots during normal park visits!
Next stop...under the loop!
First drop!
It was very cool to get so up close with a ride like this.
Thank you Great America for an AWESOME day and a fantastic backstage tour!
And thank you to everyone for attending Bay Area Bash! If you are interested us continuing to hold this event, please let us know! Your feedback is always appreciated!
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