Gary's 2010 Adventures - EAST COAST BASH! Page 12!!!!

East Coast Bash, one of the best events around!
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Re: Gary T's 2010 Adventures

Postby carolinacaniac » Fri Mar 26, 2010 1:56 pm

Hey everyone!

Tomorrow is the big day for Carowinds opening day, and the opening of Intimidator! Planning on saying hello to Pufferfish while he is at work, but accoring to his account of media day, it seems that this ride doesn't disappoint, so I can't wait to check it out! If you happen to spot a guy in a black A.G. Cox jacket, or a TPR Texas Trip shirt (Supposed to be cooler tomorrow, so we may have a jacket kind of day), don't be afraid to say hello!

Also, I have made plans with my dad for a day to check out Oregon's two parks when I am out in Washington, so Enchanted Forest and Oak's are set other than the date.

I am also changing up my spring break plans as it looks as though I will not be visiting the Wilmington area that second weekend after all, and I have decided to shift the order of the parks I visit that first weekend. Originally it was going to be something like this:

-April 2: Kings Dominion
-April 3: SF Great Adventure
-April 4: SF America

Due to something that went wrong when I tried to renew my season pass at SFA, I could not do so, which ment I had to get a new pass. What I have decided to do since I have to get the new pass before going to SF Great Adventure on saturday, as that is the day my brother Kellen can go with me, and he is wanting to check out the awesomeness of El Toro and Nitro, as well as the others. So instead of rushing through KD and Intimidator, and trying to beat traffic in DC to get my pass at SFA before they close at 6, I decided to go Monday the 5th as I thought maybe the lines would be shorter then.

Why Monday you may ask? Well, I also found out that Hersheypark would have all of their coasters minus Farhenheit open, so I thought it would be worth it to go on Sunday when the admission is almost half what it normally is. With all of that said, here is the new plan for that weekend:

-April 2: SF America
-April 3: SF Great Adventure
-April 4: Hersheypark
-April 5: Kings Dominion

A bigger change on the schedule, and I am giving up being at KD for Intimidator 305's opening, but maybe I will luck out and have a minimal crowd that day and can do a marathon session. Either way, it should be a good time!

Hope everyone who will be at one of the many parks that are opening tomorrow has a great day, and I look forward to possibly running into some fellow readers at Carowinds tomorrow!!!

-Gary T.
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Re: Gary T's 2010 Adventures

Postby carolinacaniac » Sat Mar 27, 2010 9:23 pm

Hey Everyone!

So today (well, yesterday now), I went to Carowinds for opening day, and for the opening of Intimidator! What I can say about the day was that I had a blast! I was very surprised at how good Intimidator was! It has a lot of floater air to it, and while I did not get a chance to see what the last row was all about, row 3 provided some great airtime for me!

I also had a chance to talk with a lot of different people throughout the day! I talked with a group of people from Ohio that are a part of PKI Central, who names elude me right now, other than an older gentleman named Dave, who was great to talk to! I also had a chance to say hey to Pufferfish, a.k.a. Andrew, while he was working on the Intimidator. I also happend to be in line with BGWFreak at one point, and had a great chat with him and a younger guy at the time. I thought it was funny that he had posted pictures from a month ago for Intimidator, and that I apparently got credit for them. I had missed that one, but it was good for a laugh. In anycase, I want to say thank you to everyone who was cool enough to shoot the breeze with me for a little while, and for the occasional ride together during the day.

Now, I am going to warn you now before you go into the pictures, I took A LOT of Intimidator pictures, but I also took some of Planet Snoopy as well as some other favorites of Carowinds.

It was a great day, and I hope you all enjoy my update, for what is my largest update yet in 2010!!

-Gary T.
So, considering that I am about to make a four-plus hour drive after three hours of sleep, with the intentions of staying at the park for the full day, I believe I am going to find a place to stay for the night.
If anyone was in doubt as to whether it is a good idea to have a NASCAR themed coaster at Carowinds......exhibit A.....
....exhibit B....
...and exhibit C
Gotta love a nice skyline, which Charlotte does have (you can see if you look to the left going up Intimidator's lift)
State Road Sign in 2010 Number 3....South Carolina!
And there it is!
From the parking entrance area
Now, if you would rather not see a ton of Intimidator pictures, you have been warned!
The next many pictures will cover the many angles of Intimidator that can be seen!
The ride that got me to the other ride.
And around 9 or so, they began testing
Got my pass! Ready to go
The two new main features of Carowinds, both of which I have covered for all of you. But before we get to Planet Snoopy.......
It's time for more Intimidator! (okay, so it is the gift shop......but believe me, there is no shortage of Intimidator pictures here in this update)
See! But we will take a quick break from Intimidator, to bring you.....
The presentation of the proceeds from the first rider auction to the Dale Earnhardt Foundation
As well as Kerry Earnhardt, Dale's oldest son and past driver. He was on the ceremonial first ride.
First train of the day going up!
and there is Kerry in the front row coming back to the station
Personally, I really like the stickers and design for the train. It looks really cool as a total package if you ask me.
Kerry gives his thoughts about the ride, which he says he liked it.
One of the cars that I don't believe hase been raced before, but I am not positive
But enough of the ceremonial stuff....let's get back to the boatload of Intimidator pictures I have for you all!
The drop before the MCBR
The inclined-helix
The s-turn, one of the coolest parts of the ride, besides the tons of airtime and cool turnaround
said turnaround
One of my favorite first-drop pictures I have
the turnaround portion
and one final shot to cover the Intimidator portion of this update
Now let us take a look at what has been done for the other new for 2010 item at Carowinds...Planet Snoopy!
most of the changes were simply ride re-names, other required the decor of the ride to be changed, like gr8 sk8
Joe Cool Cafe
A credit I still have not yet gained!
An overview look
And while not directly tied to the Nick-to-Peanuts coversion, Boo Blasters was also changed
How about an addition for the TPR Index? Last I had seen, this ride was listed as having pictures needed, so.....
079.JPG is my contribution!
but if it was already taken care of.....
then these are dedicated to everyone's favorite rapids fan.......therapidsnerd
Here's to you Michael!
Now I think we can give the other rides some love too!
Vortex can actually be fun in the front row.
This Hurler hurts much less than the one at KD.....THANK GOD IT IS GETTING WORK DONE TO IT!!!
Gotta love Identity Crisis: The Ride
A cool shot I thought
evidence that they just painted it
Now, at first glance, this first aid station doesn't seem to imply anything......
....until you see what it is near! :)
I do have to admit though, the new harnesses make a huge difference!
It may just be a boomerang, but they did the area up pretty well for it!
While I didn't ride it this time, I still wanna give Nighthawk some love too.
Last ride shout out goes to one of the best inverts around.....with one of the worst names (Everytime I said Afterburn, it made me think of someone passing gas)
Still Top Gun in my heart
One of my favorite parts of the ride
If it wasn't for Intimidator being so Awesome, this would still be my favorite coaster in the park
Tierd of looking at pictures yet?
GREAT!!!!!! Then here are some aerial pictures from the Carolina Skytower
Nighthawk, upclose
Rip Roarin' Rapids
Richochet......passed because of the line, but I could get it next time
Carolina "Identity Crisis" Cyclone
Carolina Cobra
Top Gun......errrrrr, Afterburn
Overview of Intimidator
Flying Ace
and finally Vortex
While sitting on Intimidator after one of the rides, I noticed the space between backseats was really dusty, and made this, and took the picture after getting back in the station and out of the seat. It turned out to be a great day, and to Carowinds, I say that you have a winner on your hands now! Thanks everyone for checking it out!
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Re: Gary T's 2010 Adventures

Postby larrygator » Sat Mar 27, 2010 9:29 pm

Gary - thanks I'm adding some of your pictures to the index right now.
As usual, my analysis is free of charge!
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Re: Gary's 2010 Adventures - Carowinds Opening Day Update, P

Postby CPmaverick » Sat Mar 27, 2010 9:48 pm

How long was Intimidator's line? It looks to be fairly short in those pictures which is odd for opening day of a new ride.
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Re: Gary's 2010 Adventures - Carowinds Opening Day Update, P

Postby B-RadG » Sat Mar 27, 2010 10:28 pm

Amazing =) Intimidator seems to be pretty epic theming-wise for a Cedar Fair coaster.

Why does Cedar Fair insist on painting coasters orange with yellow inversions?

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Re: Gary's 2010 Adventures - Carowinds Opening Day Update, P

Postby CoasterGuy06 » Sun Mar 28, 2010 12:55 am

CPmaverick wrote:How long was Intimidator's line? It looks to be fairly short in those pictures which is odd for opening day of a new ride.

The longest I waited today (5 rides) was 15 mins or was really short all day and the crew was doing a good job.

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Re: Gary's 2010 Adventures - Carowinds Opening Day Update, P

Postby carolinacaniac » Sun Mar 28, 2010 5:09 am

When they first took people in to line-up, they probably had the Queue filled, but I do believe it was around 15 minutes for the regular line, with the single-riders line being between 5-10 minutes

-Gary T.
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Re: Gary's 2010 Adventures - Carowinds Opening Day Update, P

Postby LJGoBlue » Sun Mar 28, 2010 7:36 am

Great pictures of looks like I need to find a way to Carowinds sometime this summer!

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Re: Gary's 2010 Adventures - Carowinds Opening Day Update, P

Postby PKI Jizzman » Sun Mar 28, 2010 8:08 am

Awesome stuff, Gary! Can't wait to try Intimidator, I know it won't be a dissapointment. Afterburn should never be neglected..that ride is sooo good.

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Re: Gary's 2010 Adventures - Carowinds Opening Day Update, P

Postby bgwfreak777 » Sun Mar 28, 2010 10:55 am

Gary, Good to finally meet you in the flesh.

It's funny you took the pic of Dale Earnhardt Blvd. because (honestly we didn't plan it this way) we ended up eating dinner at Carino's off of that exit last night. Seemed very appropriate after meeting his son on Friday, and riding his ride the past 2 days.

Great report

Edit: LOL I made it in the report.
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