Photo TR: New Orleans Carousel Gardens Amusement Park

Also known as Storyland.
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Photo TR: New Orleans Carousel Gardens Amusement Park

Postby IStillPlayRCT2 » Sun Mar 14, 2010 5:40 pm

This is my first TR and I'm also not the best picture taker, so please forgive me. Anyway, Carousel Gardens is an amusement park located in New Orleans City Park. It's aimed towards younger children with some family rides thrown in. There is also a section of the park called Storyland where there are playsets and scenery that is themed after classic stories. Well, I hope you enjoy seeing pictures (though not the best) of this small park. There were many more rides, but I only took pictures of the more enjoyable ones. The rest were small kiddie rides.
2010-03-14 16.13.48.jpg
One of the entrances. The other goes directly into Carousel Gardens where as this one goes into Storyland.
2010-03-14 16.13.31.jpg
2010-03-14 16.12.49.jpg
I spy the Cheshire Cat from Alice In Wonderland.
2010-03-14 16.12.13.jpg
Snow White.
2010-03-14 16.12.04.jpg
Why does this mermaid not have a top on? This is supposed to be for children.
2010-03-14 16.11.15.jpg
The Coney Tower, a small drop tower.
2010-03-14 16.10.54.jpg
The Scrambler.
2010-03-14 16.10.44.jpg
The Coney Tower again.
2010-03-14 16.10.07.jpg
A 40-foot Fun Slide.
2010-03-14 16.09.39.jpg
This is the building that holds the Carousel, the centerpiece of the park. It is one of only 100 antique carousels in the United States. Unfortunately I did not have time to go in and take pictures.
2010-03-14 16.09.09.jpg
Carousel Cafe and the brand new Ferris Wheel that was installed in 2009. It goes surprisingly fast.
2010-03-14 16.08.52.jpg
The station of the Live Oak Ladybug Coaster. I believe it's a Tivoli. It's actually pretty fun and I have a POV I may upload.
2010-03-14 16.08.42.jpg
2010-03-14 16.08.14.jpg
2010-03-14 16.07.19.jpg
A more modern version of the Tilt-A-Whirl. The seats were different than any other Tilt-A-Whirl I've ever seen.
2010-03-14 14.49.50.jpg
Back to Storyland.
2010-03-14 14.48.04.jpg

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Re: Photo TR: New Orleans Carousel Gardens Amusement Park

Postby DarkStitch626 » Sun Mar 14, 2010 6:31 pm

Great photo's for this report. The tilt-o-whirl cars are the G5 models. They were shown at I believe IAAPA 2006 or 07.

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Re: Photo TR: New Orleans Carousel Gardens Amusement Park

Postby John Peck » Sun Mar 14, 2010 7:28 pm

This Tilt A Whirl Replaced the one heavily damaged from the Flooding and Hurricane

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Re: Photo TR: New Orleans Carousel Gardens Amusement Park

Postby Maximo37 » Mon Mar 15, 2010 6:49 am

Very nice pictures and Great work. I didn't know this park exsisted until now... looks like a nice little place... I love the "Parachute Jump" themed kiddie drop tower. Very fun. If you have a chance to get back there and have time, try and grab some photos of that carousel.. I'm sure its beautiful... so again, job well done. Thanks :)

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