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Postby Airtime&Gravity » Tue Nov 03, 2009 6:58 pm

Interesting back-story, and the theme does sound interesting. Hopefully the back-story is incorporated into the theming, instead of being just a story. The version at Dollywood looks great, and hopefully Silver Dollar City's version is as good as, if not better than Dollywood's.

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Tom & Huck's RiverBlast, @ Silver Dollar City in 2010

Postby coastered » Thu Nov 05, 2009 9:09 am


Take Aim At The Aqua-Armed Adversaries That Surround Your River Raft - It's Waterlogged Chaos at America's Biggest Water Battle! The $7 million ride opens March 18, 2010 for Silver Dollar City's Family Spring Break Days

River Blast Stats
8 River Rafts Take You On A REAL River Adventure!
8 Passengers Per Boat Will Help Wage The Battle!
150 Targets Are Filled With Surprises!
63 Super Soakers Are Afloat On The Boats!
17 Super Soakers Line The Shore With Their Sights On You!
567' River Channel Filled With Great Geysers And More!
5:08 Ride Duration, Just Enough Time To Get Absolutely Soaked!

The River Blast Saga

It's still a mystery just how those riverfront rascals, Tom Sawyer and his sidekick Huckleberry Finn, got lost on the mighty Mississippi. But this past summer, that's exactly what happened. And much to their astonishment, their unexpected detour up the White River landed them at Silver Dollar City!

The pair was desperate to repair their raft and get back home to Hannibal, when they stumbled upon an abandoned paddle wheel operation. In no time, Tom had hatched a plan to make a little money and a whole lot of mischief.

Drawn by fantastic stories of majestic steamship tours, folks have come from far and wide to take the trip of a lifetime. There's just one hitch - there's not a grand sailing vessel in sight! Instead, Tom and Huck will take you on a REAL river adventure!

Passengers and spectators alike are armed with super soaker water guns, waging an all-out water war! Take aim against aqua-armed adversaries and targets all along the action-packed waterway. But watch out, they may shoot back! It's America's Biggest Water Battle - only at Silver Dollar City!

More info @

Source: Silver Dollar City


Preview video:

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Postby Jerrykoala2112 » Thu Nov 05, 2009 9:21 am

Oh WOW!!

This looks very sweet. Buccaneer Battle was very good when I rode it, and you get drenched!! The theming on this looks top notch and I hope to ride it next year! Very excited right now even though that isn't a roller coaster.

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Postby Moose » Thu Nov 05, 2009 9:38 am

Does anyone know of a reason for there only to be 7 "Super Soakers" per raft when they carry 8 passengers? Does one person just sit there?

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Postby Shavethewhales » Thu Nov 05, 2009 9:47 am

^ 7*8 would be 56 - there's 63 soaker's aboard the boats, so one boat is missing one? Or it's a misprint ;)

The thing I'm most excited about is simply the fact that they're reviving an awesome theme and bringing life to an area of the park that really needs it. I really hate to lose Tom Sawyer's landing, but I understand why they had to get rid of it with all those damn ADA requirements and today's kids (for whom a ropes area is FAR too dangerous :roll: ).

I just hope I'm still able to get to the ribhouse without getting soaked!

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Postby Swimace » Thu Nov 05, 2009 10:16 am

Perhaps one boat has a wheelchair spot or something that may not have a water cannon. It might also be a typo...

The splash battle ride at Dollywood fits into the park really well and I think this one will look really nice at Silver Dollar City.

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Postby Moose » Thu Nov 05, 2009 10:45 am

Blimey. Not sure how I f@#$ed the math that badly. If that is the wheel chair spot (and not a typo) it still is sort of odd that they wouldnt provide a "super soaker" for that spot as well.

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Postby Holtskee » Thu Nov 05, 2009 11:02 am

I'm glad they took the themeing in this direction instead of the way Dollywood's is. Looks like it will be a good ride for the park, plus it brings back the Tom Sawyer storyline they use to have in that section.

I read that since this ride is opening, they are going to close/remove Splash Harbor, so it will be pretty interesting to see what happens in that area of the park over the next few years.

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Postby Meteornotes » Mon Nov 09, 2009 10:38 am

Here's a press release from the park discussing the new ride, and some events being held at the park for the 2010 season:

Silver Dollar City launches its 50th year in 2010, celebrating with a year-long party, a new $ 7 million ride, special birthday events, top names in entertainment, new shows for each of its six world-class festivals, and a $50,000 prize give-away. Themed Take Time to Celebrate, 2010 marks the park’s biggest event year ever.

More than 65 million guests have visited Silver Dollar City in the past 5 decades, so focus is also on appreciating golden memories of the past, such as a new park opening show reminiscent of early years, an on-line memorabilia search and showcase, change to be given in coin dollars, craftsmen reunions and the presentation of the top country hits of 50 years for the evening show.

When the Herschend family opened Silver Dollar City May 1, 1960 atop the famed Marvel Cave, the park featured a town square, a demonstrating blacksmith, a general store and ice cream parlor, and a crew of 17 “citizens” who ran the shops and performed street shows. Guests numbered about 125,000 that first year. The park now entertains 2 million guests annually, covering more than 100 acres and featuring100 craftsmen, 30 rides and attractions, six world-class festivals, and dozens of theaters and restaurants, claiming the title The Home of American Craftsmanship.

New Ride, Festivals & Event Highlights from March through December 2010

Debuting in early Spring is the new $7 million ride Tom & Huck’s RiverBlast -- America’s Biggest Water Battle, a super-soaking water raft ride themed around the adventures of fun-loving, mischief-makers Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. Raft riders, armed with water soakers, navigate the Mighty White River, battling raft-to-raft and raft-to-shore, dodging even more streams of water from sharp shooters ashore. A friendly warning -- you will get wet!

The 50th Celebration goes global with World-Fest opening in April, presenting the all-new production Fiery Fiddles, featuring the world’s only soaring strings aerialist, plus the return of the Zhejiang Balancing Monks of China, and new dance troupes from Mexico and Trinidad.

The 1st of May is a Birthday Celebration Weekend, filled with events including a parkwide birthday party, special concerts with the Ozark Mountain Daredevils, fireworks, the official debut of the new Great American Country Nights evening show and a special Night of Praise concluding the events. A national recipe contest, now underway through Taste of Home magazine, will discover and name the Official Silver Dollar City Birthday Cake!

The celebration heats up in summer during America’s largest kids’ festival, KidsFest, June through August, where the new ride adventure Tom & Huck’s RiverBlast takes top billing, along with a major new stunt dog show and appearances by kid-favorite costumed characters including SpongeBob & Patrick, Shaggy & Scooby Doo, The Jetsons, The Flintstones and the Backyardigans.

For the National Harvest Festival, in recognition as the Home of American Craftsmanship, Silver Dollar City will host the Craft in America Exhibit, created exclusively for SDC. The exhibit is from the creators of the highly-awarded PBS documentary series featuring unique American artists, such as the 50 who will choose their finest works for the exhibit. Additionally, renowned artisans previously featured at SDC will return in a special craftsmen’s reunion showcase.

Also in fall, the season-long Take Time To Celebrate Sweepstakes will culminate in the give-away of $50,000 in prizes.

An Old Time Christmas, the heralded holiday lighting event with more than 4 million lights, a 5-story special effects Christmas tree, a light parade and the Broadway-caliber show A Dickens’ Christmas Carol, will end the season with a glorious celebration and special events to mark the park’s brightest season and the birthday year finale.

“The Herschend family built Silver Dollar City's business and reputation based upon providing guests fun, memorable experiences as well as taking care of our employees. That’s as true today as it was 50 years ago,” said Brad Thomas, Silver Dollar City General Manager. 

Silver Dollar City is open March 18 – December 30, 2010. For information, call 800-831-4FUN or visit

The internationally-awarded Branson, Missouri theme park is the original property of what is now the largest family-owned theme park corporation in the America, Herschend Family Entertainment, with 21 properties in 9 states.
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Postby ernierocker » Mon Nov 09, 2009 4:47 pm

I really enjoyed Splash Battle at Dollywood, so this looks like it will be a great addition for SDC.


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