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Photo TR : Efteling (+ hotel) & Moviepark Germany

Postby Groteslurf » Sun Oct 11, 2009 5:05 am

First we planned a dayvisit to De Efteling, then we wanted to make it a 4 day trip to De Efteling, MPG, CentrO and Phantasialand. But as for some reason all hotels near MPG & CentrO were full, the trip was shortened again to a 2 day trip.
But I took lots of pictures during those 2 days so that this TR will consist out of 4 parts :
1. De Efteling
2. De Efteling hotel
3. Moviepark Germany
4. Horror Fest
DSC07380 (Medium).JPG
We entered the park through the special hotel entrance. My daughters started cleaning up the park immediately.
DSC07381 (Medium).JPG
There are about 10 of those things spread over the park and kids really like it and they pick up every piece of paper from the ground to throw it in those things. Cedar Fair, are you reading this ??
DSC07382 (Medium).JPG
De Efteling is really one of the most beautiful parks I've ever been to.
DSC07383 (Medium).JPG
As we entered the park at the other side of the park, it looked like we were the only ones in the park.
DSC07384 (Medium).JPG
Did I mention the park is beautiful ?
DSC07385 (Medium).JPG
First ride of the day.
DSC07386 (Medium).JPG
DSC07387 (Medium).JPG
De Vliegende Hollander
DSC07388 (Medium).JPG
The new duelling woodies will rise over there.
DSC07389 (Medium).JPG
DSC07390 (Medium).JPG
The waiting row is in fact the best part of the ride.
DSC07391 (Medium).JPG
As they were only loading at one side of the station, there was a 10 minutes waiting row. Together with the 10 minutes row at Droomvlucht, those were the only lines we had to conquer during our visit.
DSC07392 (Medium).JPG
DSC07398 (Medium).JPG
Front of the boats.
DSC07399 (Medium).JPG
While we were already in the station, they started loading the other side of the station aswell.
DSC07400 (Medium).JPG
My oldest daughter and I.
DSC07401 (Medium).JPG
DSC07403 (Medium).JPG
It's been already a while since I rode De Vliegende Hollander. Actually it has been since the press opening that I rode it.
DSC07404 (Medium).JPG
I remembered it to be a nice ride.
DSC07405 (Medium).JPG
But now it was already shaking a bit. Not painful yet though.
DSC07408 (Medium).JPG
DSC07409 (Medium).JPG
DSC07410 (Medium).JPG
My wife and youngest daughter waiting for us.
DSC07412 (Medium).JPG
DSC07413 (Medium).JPG
It doesn't look like it, but you actually don't get wet at all.
DSC07414 (Medium).JPG
DSC07415 (Medium).JPG
Take the tunnel !
DSC07416 (Medium).JPG
DSC07417 (Medium).JPG
DSC07418 (Medium).JPG
DSC07419 (Medium).JPG
DSC07420 (Medium).JPG
DSC07421 (Medium).JPG
No, I don't want to ride you ... ;-)
DSC07422 (Medium).JPG
DSC07425 (Medium).JPG
DSC07423 (Medium).JPG
DSC07427 (Medium).JPG
My daughters were allowed to do a walk-back.
DSC07429 (Medium).JPG
DSC07428 (Medium).JPG
Honey, I'm leaving you.
DSC07431 (Medium).JPG
Vogel Rok
DSC07432 (Medium).JPG
DSC07448 (Medium).JPG
Inside what probably is the smoothest Vekoma I know.
DSC07447 (Medium).JPG
DSC07433 (Medium).JPG
Carnaval Festival
DSC07436 (Medium).JPG
My youngest daughter really like it.
DSC07437 (Medium).JPG
DSC07438 (Medium).JPG
DSC07439 (Medium).JPG
DSC07440 (Medium).JPG
DSC07441 (Medium).JPG
DSC07443 (Medium).JPG
DSC07450 (Medium).JPG
DSC07451 (Medium).JPG
DSC07452 (Medium).JPG
Land van Laaf
DSC07453 (Medium).JPG
Burping and farting stair
DSC07455 (Medium).JPG
DSC07456 (Medium).JPG
DSC07457 (Medium).JPG
Yummy !
DSC07458 (Medium).JPG
DSC07461 (Medium).JPG
DSC07462 (Medium).JPG
DSC07464 (Medium).JPG
DSC07468 (Medium).JPG
See ? They love it.
DSC07474 (Medium).JPG
Deforming mirrors
DSC07475 (Medium).JPG
DSC07477 (Medium).JPG
Pov again
DSC07478 (Medium).JPG
DSC07479 (Medium).JPG
DSC07480 (Medium).JPG
DSC07481 (Medium).JPG
Traffic jam
DSC07482 (Medium).JPG
DSC07483 (Medium).JPG

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Postby Groteslurf » Sun Oct 11, 2009 5:40 am

Continuation of De Efteling
DSC07486 (Medium).JPG
Villa Volta
DSC07487 (Medium).JPG
Droomvlucht. My favorite attraction at De Efteling.
DSC07488 (Medium).JPG
The new showarena scheduled to open in 2011 will be built here.
DSC07491 (Medium).JPG
DSC07493 (Medium).JPG
DSC07496 (Medium).JPG
DSC07498 (Medium).JPG
DSC07499 (Medium).JPG
DSC07501 (Medium).JPG
Another one. This chap is the oldest one in the park and is celebrating his 50th aniversary this year.
DSC07502 (Medium).JPG
Themed book
DSC07503 (Medium).JPG
White horse.
DSC07504 (Medium).JPG
DSC07505 (Medium).JPG
And we're in the fairy tail forrest.
DSC07506 (Medium).JPG
When I was a kid, I loved to sit on those things too.
DSC07507 (Medium).JPG
Knock, knock ...
DSC07509 (Medium).JPG
Hey you in the back .... get out of my picture !
DSC07510 (Medium).JPG
DSC07511 (Medium).JPG
This story is written by our previous queen. God, I'm so proud !!!
DSC07512 (Medium).JPG
DSC07513 (Medium).JPG
DSC07514 (Medium).JPG
Sitting duck ... euh, I mean, shitting donkey.
DSC07515 (Medium).JPG
DSC07516 (Medium).JPG
DSC07518 (Medium).JPG
DSC07519 (Medium).JPG
DSC07520 (Medium).JPG
Boob credit
DSC07522 (Medium).JPG
DSC07523 (Medium).JPG
Something new is being built here aswell.
DSC07524 (Medium).JPG
Main entrance building
DSC07525 (Medium).JPG
Fata Morgana
DSC07526 (Medium).JPG
But first, let's finish the fairy tail forrest
DSC07527 (Medium).JPG
DSC07529 (Medium).JPG
DSC07530 (Medium).JPG
DSC07531 (Medium).JPG
DSC07532 (Medium).JPG
DSC07533 (Medium).JPG
DSC07536 (Medium).JPG
Carrousel building
DSC07539 (Medium).JPG
DSC07540 (Medium).JPG
DSC07541 (Medium).JPG
DSC07542 (Medium).JPG
DSC07544 (Medium).JPG
Pandadroom building
DSC07545 (Medium).JPG
DSC07548 (Medium).JPG
DSC07549 (Medium).JPG
DSC07550 (Medium).JPG
DSC07552 (Medium).JPG
DSC07553 (Medium).JPG
Time for Fata Morgana
DSC07554 (Medium).JPG
Small rant : there was a short wait because the ride-ops decided to load the boats like this.
DSC07557 (Medium).JPG
DSC07558 (Medium).JPG
DSC07559 (Medium).JPG
DSC07560 (Medium).JPG
DSC07561 (Medium).JPG
Yeah baby !
DSC07562 (Medium).JPG
DSC07563 (Medium).JPG
DSC07564 (Medium).JPG
10 minutes wait. This is the shortest wait I've ever seen for Bobbaan. Unfortunately, the ride broke when we wanted to enter the row so we skipped it.
DSC07565 (Medium).JPG
Radja River
DSC07566 (Medium).JPG
DSC07569 (Medium).JPG
On our way to the hotel, my daughters rerode this.
DSC07570 (Medium).JPG
DSC07571 (Medium).JPG
Next update : Efteling Hotel

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Postby hobbit » Sun Oct 11, 2009 12:06 pm

LOTS of pictures!
but nice pictures... When do you come to WalibiWorld?

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Postby Groteslurf » Mon Oct 12, 2009 3:54 am

hobbit wrote:LOTS of pictures!
but nice pictures... When do you come to WalibiWorld?

This Saturday. Are you working ? We will only arrive at the earliest at 3 pm.

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Postby the ghost » Mon Oct 12, 2009 9:07 pm

awesome tr! Eifling looks beautiful!

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Postby Groteslurf » Sun Oct 18, 2009 5:31 am

Efteling Hotel.

As I only live about 40 minutes driving from De Efteling, we actually never stayed for the night at the Efteling Hotel, although I'm a huge addict to themeparkhotels.
My daughters didn't have school on Thursday and Friday, weather forecast was great, so we decided to make it a more day trip and stay for the night at De Efteling Hotel.
DSC07371 (Medium).JPG
I knew how it looks from the outside. Like this.
DSC07372 (Medium).JPG
But never have been inside.
DSC07373 (Medium).JPG
DSC07374 (Medium).JPG
I made an online reservation but the themed suites couldn't be booked online. So I was glad there were still themed suites available when checking in.
DSC07375 (Medium).JPG
But before we go to the room, some more lobby theming.
DSC07376 (Medium).JPG
DSC07377 (Medium).JPG
DSC07378 (Medium).JPG
DSC07379 (Medium).JPG
Hotel entrance to the park.
DSC07581 (Medium).JPG
Ok, on to the room. The Coca-Cola suite was still available so we decided to take that one.
DSC07572 (Medium).JPG
My wife was happy with the Senseo coffiemaking machine in the room.
DSC07573 (Medium).JPG
When entering the room, we felt like entering a Coca Cola museum.
DSC07574 (Medium).JPG
DSC07575 (Medium).JPG
DSC07604 (Medium).JPG
DSC07576 (Medium).JPG
DSC07577 (Medium).JPG
DSC07578 (Medium).JPG
DSC07579 (Medium).JPG
Damn, only 4 free Cola bottles.
DSC07580 (Medium).JPG
DSC07584 (Medium).JPG
DSC07586 (Medium).JPG
The company story
DSC07587 (Medium).JPG
DSC07588 (Medium).JPG
DSC07589 (Medium).JPG
DSC07592 (Medium).JPG
Museum stuff
DSC07593 (Medium).JPG
DSC07594 (Medium).JPG
DSC07595 (Medium).JPG
DSC07596 (Medium).JPG
DSC07597 (Medium).JPG
DSC07598 (Medium).JPG
Ok, there is more to drink.
DSC07599 (Medium).JPG
My daughters really enjoyed the room.
DSC07600 (Medium).JPG
DSC07601 (Medium).JPG
Venus in furs.
DSC07603 (Medium).JPG
DSC07613 (Medium).JPG
I was able to keep an eye on my car while being at our room.
DSC07614 (Medium).JPG
Beatles drinking coke.
DSC07615 (Medium).JPG
DSC07616 (Medium).JPG
DSC07617 (Medium).JPG
DSC07605 (Medium).JPG
Almost time for dinner. But first some more hotel exploring.
DSC07606 (Medium).JPG
Kids area
DSC07607 (Medium).JPG
DSC07608 (Medium).JPG
DSC07609 (Medium).JPG
DSC07610 (Medium).JPG
DSC07611 (Medium).JPG
Some other themed suites.
DSC07612 (Medium).JPG
I want something like that in my garden.
DSC07618 (Medium).JPG
DSC07620 (Medium).JPG
Time for dinner. While waiting for food, my daughters got something to do.
DSC07623 (Medium).JPG
DSC07624 (Medium).JPG
Wassup ?
DSC07625 (Medium).JPG
Pardoes joining the table.
DSC07626 (Medium).JPG
DSC07628 (Medium).JPG
DSC07631 (Medium).JPG
DSC07632 (Medium).JPG
DSC07633 (Medium).JPG
Time to eat.
DSC07635 (Medium).JPG
DSC07636 (Medium).JPG
DSC07638 (Medium).JPG
DSC07639 (Medium).JPG
DSC07643 (Medium).JPG
DSC07642 (Medium).JPG

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Postby Groteslurf » Sun Oct 25, 2009 8:16 am

Part 3 : Moviepark Germany
DSC07646 (Medium).JPG
I hate the roadconstructions in Germany !!!
DSC07647 (Medium).JPG
But we arrived soon and safe at MPG
DSC07648 (Medium).JPG
More about that later.
DSC07649 (Medium).JPG
DSC07650 (Medium).JPG
First attraction of the daY : Alien Encounter
DSC07651 (Medium).JPG
DSC07652 (Medium).JPG
DSC07655 (Medium).JPG
DSC07656 (Medium).JPG
Nearly Halloween ?
DSC07657 (Medium).JPG
MPG mainstreet
DSC07658 (Medium).JPG
Shrek shop
DSC07660 (Medium).JPG
Glad there was police to take control of all those bloody german teenagers ;-)
DSC07667 (Medium).JPG
Teacups in the dark
DSC07669 (Medium).JPG
Air Glider
DSC07670 (Medium).JPG
Mission to Mars
DSC07671 (Medium).JPG
Dora waterride
DSC07672 (Medium).JPG
Nick shop
DSC07673 (Medium).JPG
DSC07674 (Medium).JPG
Didn't anybody stepped out the train at the wrong side so far ?
DSC07676 (Medium).JPG
Photo time
DSC07677 (Medium).JPG
We love pink !
DSC07678 (Medium).JPG
DSC07679 (Medium).JPG
Ice Adventure
DSC07681 (Medium).JPG
Splash Battle
DSC07683 (Medium).JPG
Credit I didn't have yet.
DSC07682 (Medium).JPG
It was quite enjoyable
DSC07685 (Medium).JPG
Random flatride
DSC07688 (Medium).JPG
And another one.
DSC07692 (Medium).JPG
DSC07693 (Medium).JPG
DSC07695 (Medium).JPG
DSC07696 (Medium).JPG
'Hollywurst' : the 50 cm 'wurst' is great !
DSC07702 (Medium).JPG
Time Riders
DSC07703 (Medium).JPG
Long time ago, this was the Gremlins. Now it's just a Halloween darkride.
DSC07705 (Medium).JPG
Santa Monica
DSC07704 (Medium).JPG
Hollywood Museum
DSC07706 (Medium).JPG
The very first time I went inside.
DSC07709 (Medium).JPG
Noted !
DSC07711 (Medium).JPG
Yeaaaah ! Girl fight !
DSC07713 (Medium).JPG
Kill Bill
DSC07714 (Medium).JPG
DSC07715 (Medium).JPG
Santa Monica Pier entrance.
DSC07716 (Medium).JPG
DSC07720 (Medium).JPG
DSC07725 (Medium).JPG
But not the usual one.
DSC07722 (Medium).JPG
DSC07724 (Medium).JPG
DSC07719 (Medium).JPG
TU !
DSC07726 (Medium).JPG
Fireman attraction
DSC07730 (Medium).JPG
DSC07731 (Medium).JPG
It wasn't too crowdy during our visit
DSC07732 (Medium).JPG
SLC goodness ;-)
DSC07733 (Medium).JPG
I was glad this one was closed.
DSC07734 (Medium).JPG
Tilting was working.
DSC07736 (Medium).JPG
Let's play a game.
DSC07737 (Medium).JPG
She won.
DSC07738 (Medium).JPG
DSC07741 (Medium).JPG
Having been on the WCT, Jelly Bellys mean something special to me now.
DSC07742 (Medium).JPG
Shrek photo time.
DSC07743 (Medium).JPG
DSC07744 (Medium).JPG
Another Ice Age moment
DSC07745 (Medium).JPG
Hey you !
DSC07750 (Medium).JPG
I'm in the Usa :-)
DSC07752 (Medium).JPG
More Shrek
DSC07753 (Medium).JPG
More mouse
DSC07755 (Medium).JPG
Fly girl, fly !
DSC07756 (Medium).JPG
DSC07762 (Medium).JPG
Waiting for the ....
DSC07766 (Medium).JPG
Bumper cars.
DSC07774 (Medium).JPG
DSC07777 (Medium).JPG
Mistery river
DSC07782 (Medium).JPG
DSC07788 (Medium).JPG
DSC07789 (Medium).JPG
DSC07792 (Medium).JPG
DSC07836 (Medium).JPG
Take the tunnel
DSC07837 (Medium).JPG

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Postby larrygator » Sun Oct 25, 2009 9:57 am

Thanks Benny, I used a couple of flat ride photos for the Park Index. The park looks so different without Divv hungover in the background of every picture.

The Efteling hotel (themed to a floating castle) is certainly one of the most unique theme park hotels.
As usual, my analysis is free of charge!
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Postby the ghost » Sun Oct 25, 2009 11:10 am

For how nice of a park moviepark Germany looks they seem to have a terruble ride collection. I mean SLC, RCCA woodie, and various kiddie coasters does not make it seem very appealing in a coaster sense. Anyway, it looks like you had a good time, which is what really matters.

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Postby Groteslurf » Thu Oct 29, 2009 11:43 am

Final update : Horror Fest @ Moviepark Germany
DSC07661 (Medium).JPG
Since we had the kids with us, we didn't plan to stay too late at the park, but still we wanted to enjoy the event as much as possible.
DSC07662 (Medium).JPG
For the first time ever, I was allowed into the kids maze.
DSC07663 (Medium).JPG
Oow, a spider room !!
DSC07664 (Medium).JPG
My kids didn't dare to go inside.
DSC07665 (Medium).JPG
Posing for a picture near a skeleton was still okay. Although the youngest one was too sure about that.
DSC07666 (Medium).JPG
Posing safely next to her sister.
DSC07697 (Medium).JPG
Oh look. An 'adult' maze which is already open.
DSC07698 (Medium).JPG
DSC07699 (Medium).JPG
Hey weirdo !
DSC07700 (Medium).JPG
'Papa, do you think that's scary ?'
DSC07703 (Medium).JPG
The old Gremlins building now functioning as Halloween darkride.
DSC07739 (Medium).JPG
'Whatever happens, STAY SEATED till we're back'.
DSC07740 (Medium).JPG
'Mama & papa are going to do the 'adult' halloween maze.' Can you imagine I once waited 75 minutes to enter this maze ?
DSC07754 (Medium).JPG
Getting darker.
DSC07795 (Medium).JPG
Horror Fest has begun.
DSC07796 (Medium).JPG
Nice horsie
DSC07798 (Medium).JPG
My oldest daughter is probably ready to join me on my Halloween trips next year.
DSC07799 (Medium).JPG
A lot of scare actors at Horror Fest.
DSC07800 (Medium).JPG
I love chainsaw guys.
DSC07801 (Medium).JPG
The butcher
DSC07802 (Medium).JPG
DSC07803 (Medium).JPG
Hot chicks.
DSC07804 (Medium).JPG
I liked this one too.
DSC07805 (Medium).JPG
'I'm happy, I'm happy, I'm happy, ...'
DSC07807 (Medium).JPG
Really a lot of scare actors.
DSC07808 (Medium).JPG
Still looking very happy.
DSC07809 (Medium).JPG
DSC07810 (Medium).JPG
My personal favorites : halloween clowns.
DSC07811 (Medium).JPG
'Don't mention the war'
DSC07812 (Medium).JPG
Another chainsaw guy.
DSC07813 (Medium).JPG
DSC07814 (Medium).JPG
DSC07815 (Medium).JPG
DSC07816 (Medium).JPG
Hooray !
DSC07817 (Medium).JPG
Not sure that the little guys in the background liked it.
DSC07818 (Medium).JPG
Should have take a pic of their butt ;-)
DSC07820 (Medium).JPG
See ? She's ready !
DSC07821 (Medium).JPG
DSC07822 (Medium).JPG
DSC07823 (Medium).JPG
DSC07825 (Medium).JPG
This guy was awesome too.
DSC07826 (Medium).JPG
DSC07827 (Medium).JPG
DSC07828 (Medium).JPG
Yeah baby !
DSC07829 (Medium).JPG
DSC07830 (Medium).JPG
DSC07831 (Medium).JPG
I want to be a make up artist at MPG ;-)
DSC07832 (Medium).JPG
DSC07833 (Medium).JPG
DSC07834 (Medium).JPG
DSC07835 (Medium).JPG
DSC07840 (Medium).JPG
We left before it got dark. Next year I HAVE to visit Horror Fest again.


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