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CP Halloweekends (Big-N-Long) Day 2 - Pg. 4
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Postby Philrad71 » Wed Jul 01, 2009 12:46 pm

^ Thanks for the comments!

Yeah, I thought it crazy myself for thinking it was rough but it certainly seemed to be that way in the back! Not Son of Beast rough mind you, so I would definitely try another re-ride if I get back to the park.

Even crazier, I thought that Thunderhawk was great with the nutty air in the front seat where-as most people think it sucks!

Definitely strange how we all accept coaster rides differently. Of course, being 37 years old one tends to notice a rough ride more than a teenager would.

Why do I still have a donkey title???
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Postby Philrad71 » Sat Jul 04, 2009 8:39 am

After leaving the warmth of Virginia, we decided to head North through the Chesapeake Bay Tunnel and then into Delaware and Maryland.

Unfortunately, the temps plummeted and being that there was also rain and cold temps forecasted, we skipped the campground and ended up on the boardwalk in Ocean City.

This was our first visit and overall, it was a fun place brimming with nostalgia. Being on a beach, I would have rather had temperatures about twenty degrees warmer, but we managed to have a good time despite the fact.

Now...on the photos.
Picture 369 [800x600].jpg
This place was right across the street from our hotel. We opted to not enter the bearded clam.
Picture 370 [800x600].jpg
Is SharkTums no longer swimming in the ocean? Has land wrath been unleashed upon all mankind?
Picture 373 [800x600].jpg
I have definitely seen my share of creepy old school clowns this year!
Picture 376 [800x600].jpg
I heard that this HH is pretty good, but I did not ride.
Picture 390 [800x600].jpg
Trimper's Rides has both an indoor amusement center and outdoor park.
Picture 393 [800x600].jpg
Indoor bumper action. Only a few wanted to bump today.
Picture 389 [800x600].jpg
I have heard that this is called the Fairy Whip - nice.
Picture 379 [800x600].jpg
The outdoor section featured rides that you could just jump from one to another - almost like swinging from tree to tree!
Picture 374 [800x600].jpg
Yay Claw!
Picture 381 [800x600].jpg
Zipper - still one of the most disorienting flats out there.
Picture 399 [800x600].jpg
I REALLY wish that I would have done this one. How could you not love 'Aladin - Ali Baba and the 40 Thiefs'!
Picture 383 [800x600].jpg
We took a quick walk through the boardwalks historical museum where they featured some of the local oceanic creatures.
Picture 384 [800x600].jpg
I heart fish.
Picture 403 [800x600].jpg
That's me owning the shooting gallery.
Picture 411 [800x600].jpg
Of course, no stop would be complete without a Maryland crab cake sandwich and some fries w/vinegar which were simply awesome!
Picture 415 [800x600].jpg
It was firemans week and they had a very nice memorial, including this steel girder section from the WTC towers - very moving.
Picture 404 [800x600].jpg
Jolly Roger's Pier was right outside our hotel.
Picture 422 [800x600].jpg
Complete with a slightly different (and larger) version of Aladin - Ali Baba and the 40 Thiefs'.
Picture 423 [800x600].jpg
Great views from the balcony!
Picture 433 [800x600].jpg
I see you Looping Death Star!
Picture 434 [800x600].jpg
Epic pain.
Picture 440 [800x600].jpg
Nightfall has arrived at the OC.
Picture 442 [800x600].jpg
Balcony shot - if you look closely you can see a credit.
Picture 452 [800x600].jpg
Next day - our hotel from the beach.
Picture 459 [800x600].jpg
Crazy Dance - one of the flats on the Jolly Roger Pier.
Picture 464 [800x600].jpg
Bear Affair. Who comes up with these names? Bear Affair and Fairy Whip? Too awesome! Why can't they work for Cedar Fair and name some of their rides? Drop Tower could be called Air Spank or something like that...
Picture 462 [800x600].jpg
Contrary to the other HH, I hear this one isn't quite so loaded with awesomeness.
Picture 461 [800x600].jpg
Come ride me and my stoned 40 thiefs NOW!
Picture 465 [800x600].jpg
This one's for the Pinfari lovers - all three of you!
Picture 468 [800x600].jpg
Cuz it can't always be about just "the loop".
Picture 475 [800x600].jpg
Did I mention it was frickin' cold? Thanks for reading...

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Postby Philrad71 » Wed Jul 08, 2009 3:49 pm

On the last leg of our journey, we visited SFGA. This was more of a last minute way to spend a couple more days camping, hit up Philadelphia, and then drive through New Hope on the way home.

The plan was to hit SFGA for an evening pass and then maybe return in two days. Being that the park closed at 8:00 and it was 5:30 when we got there, we opted for the six day pass that cost the same as a regular one day admission (appx: $60). We'll probably go back one more time this season so I can get my Dad on El Toro for the 1st time.

Loved the park for El Toro/Nitro and a couple other good coasters, but my feelings about the fluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and goo policy adopted by the SF chain in '09 are not warm and fuzzy. My camera is too large to put in my cargo shorts and I am not thrilled about paying the $1 per ride for a fluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and goo to store it in. Thus, the second day we visited, I opted to leave the camera in the car.

But...rather than just come in here and whine about it, I wrote SF and told them what I thought of this new fluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and goo policy. While I can certainly understand not bringing loose articles on a ride (a woman at Busch Gardens was kicked off Loch Ness Monster for trying to ride with a FULL souvenir cup of cola!), I am not impressed by this Six Sigma approach at maximizing the chance at emptying the paying customers pockets. I think that CF has a great free system with the bins and sliding doors, but hey...that's just my opinion. I will now get off my soapbox!

Now...onto my (meager) selection of photos...
Picture 493 [800x600].jpg
Scream Machine made me do just that...scream (in pain). Why does this seem so much rougher than Viper? I did like Superman, even though I have been spoiled by Tatsu.
Picture 494 [800x600].jpg
#1 woodie till I die unless I get on T- Express or Balder.
Picture 496 [800x600].jpg
Kingda Fail - I am now 0-3 with this coaster. I just kinda expect it will be broke down every time I visit. But the theming with the tigers is great, so who cares if the coaster is down?
Picture 511 [800x600].jpg
#1 - that is all from SFGA.

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Postby Philrad71 » Fri Aug 14, 2009 7:22 am

First off, let me apologize if this shows up on Page three and causes endless picture downloads. need to leave more comments so the reports end up on different pages!! ;)

All kidding aside, I was going to do a TR of Six Flags New England (which we visited on August 4th), but my selection of pictures is meager at best.

Reason being that as you may know, I am not a big fan of their lock'rrr policy and our camera is too large to fit into cargo pockets - thus until I either get a smaller camera or SF changes this policy, I will leave the SF reports to other TPR members. I will say that SFNE is a nice little park and my only wishes are that we would have gotten a Flash Pass and had more than a half hour at the water park.

And yes, I have sent Six Flags a gentle E-mail (over six weeks ago) voicing my displeasure of this new policy and also one to Cedar Fair for their excellent system of item storeage. I never received a response from Six Flags, but did receive an immediate response from Cedar Fair. Go figure...

Anywho, I have opted to do a TR of Martin's Fantasy Island. Being that the summer in Western New York has completely sucked, it was too wet to do any yard work. So why not take a little journey North to this magical place on Grand Island?
Picture 002.jpg
You know you're in Western New York when...
Picture 009.jpg
Screw it, let's go to Fantasy Island!
Picture 093.jpg
"Fun...WOW!!!!" I remember the commercials from the 80's where different kids would yell this at the camera....good stuff!
Picture 014.jpg
Merry-Go-Round? Check!
Picture 016.jpg
The Liberty Bell now resides here in Western New Martin's Fantasy Island.
Picture 021.jpg
Good ole' Western themed town. Every amusement park should have these. Oh wait, don't they?
Picture 041.jpg
But does your Western town have a hobo that makes cracks about OJ's prison term? Didn't think so...
Picture 027.jpg
Park map...courtesy of Wal-Mart.
Picture 026.jpg
Canoe rentals - free with admission.
Picture 033.jpg
Purdy fountain.
Picture 037.jpg
Let us check out the water park, shall we? Here is a tiny wave pool that was quite crowded. When you only get three 80 degree days a year in Western New York, this is bound to happen!
Picture 036.jpg
Raging Rapids, Roaring Rapids...something like that. It is one of the old school water slides where you use the mat.
Picture 035.jpg
Obligatory Lazy River shot.
Picture 034.jpg
Cannonbowl - I love these things!
Picture 031.jpg
That was it for the water park, now back to your regularly scheduled amusement park review. Here we have the new ride for '09: Disk-O. These are great flats and I now have two of these within 80 miles of where I live...woo-hoo!
Picture 025.jpg
These Seneca Indians are hoping to build a new casino in Buffalo, but for now they'll hang out at Fantasy Island till that becomes a reality.
Picture 064.jpg
Yay, the Silver Comet!
Picture 029.jpg
Two great tastes that go great together - Silver Comet & I Got It!
Picture 084.jpg
Seriously, this is one awesome coaster! I can't figure out why some old woodies are so great while others are not? Wait, did that sound a little perverted? Sure did!
Picture 116.jpg
What you all have been waiting for...the technical data! Oooohhh....ahhhhhh!
Picture 112.jpg
After our most kick-ass ride on Silver Comet, we notice this place...what? Fantasy Island sells beer? Okay, maybe I do like you more than Waldameer now! Yeah, sure, I'll have the jumbo!
Picture 073.jpg
Now I know this is a kid friendly site and I shouldn't do this but...holy frickin' crap! THIS is the jumbo? 32 ounces of Labatts for $6.50? Yes, folks that's right one whole quart of beer to get intimate with!
Picture 072.jpg
Hooray for jumbo beer! I mean, minors - please scroll down a couple of pictures. Do not try this at home...drinking veddy, veddy bad for you!
Picture 078.jpg
Seriously...the only reason we are doing this is to prep for Oktoberfest in Munich next month. Otherwise, we would have opted for Slush Puppies! PROST!!!!
Picture 063.jpg
I will admit that after drinking a quart of beer, Phil was indeed...feeling quite fat!
Picture 086.jpg
Okay, now that I'm buzzed...I might be able to ride this very evil contraption. While it isn't anywhere near the heighth of the one's in Europe, it was puuuhlenty high enough for me. No way I am getting on one of these at Oktoberfest - these things just ain't right! If you have never ridden one, hop on someone's kiddy swing-set and dream that you are 200 feet in the air. Same chains - same seat!
Picture 079.jpg
They had this awesome show that was half Mister Roger's from Idlewild and half Geico commercial.
Picture 082.jpg
See? Any caveman can do it.
Picture 083.jpg
Mr. Full Tilt wanted me to tell everyone at TPR that he is single and available, but only for a serious relationship.
Picture 098.jpg
Okay, so I remember from Behemoth Bash that people were saying you get really wet on this lil' log flume. Is it really true? Michael and I decided to investigate!
Picture 092.jpg
Holy crap - it's true! I am a firm believer now and will never doubt any TPR members again! My shorts were still wet when we got home at 11:00 PM!
Picture 091.jpg
Michael thought he might not get as wet in the front!
Picture 088.jpg
Yep, they have a ferris wheel.
Picture 096.jpg
This would be the mist from Niagara Falls and the Canadian skyline.
Picture 095.jpg
I see you Marineland SkyScreamer!
Picture 103.jpg
Michael wanted to drive the antique cars - here, our chariot awaits.
Picture 104.jpg
Sssshhh! Don't you dare tell the attendant that I am driving after drinking a quart of beer!
Picture 110.jpg
I think I may have rattled Michael a bit when I hollered in his ear, "take the frickin' tunnel!!!!"
Picture 102.jpg
Ahhh...remember when times were this good and gas was this cheap? No? Neither do I!
Picture 109.jpg
We rode Crazy Mouse with two little girls who told us where all the scary parts were - they were precious!
Picture 114.jpg
One last ride on Silver Comet before the park closes. Follow the yellow septic tubes to true orgasmic bliss!
Picture 070.jpg
I leave you with one last shot of our special Pepsi. Thanks Fantasy Island for an awesome are indeed one great little park!

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Postby Team Thriller » Fri Aug 14, 2009 7:35 am

Great Pictures!

You will be flat ride spoiled at the Oktoberfest! They have the craziest rides on Earth without a doubt.


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Postby Philrad71 » Fri Aug 14, 2009 9:35 am

^ Thanks for the comments, James!

Yes, in looking at other trip reports and online, they seem to have some really crazy looking flat rides at Oktoberfest. It still seems funny that they would have so many spinning one's with all of that beer! Is it true they have vomitoriums set up?

While I might hit up a coaster and ride some of the tamer flats, I know I won't be doing the insane looking stuff like Flying Circus and (of course) the Star Flyer!!!

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Postby Philrad71 » Sun Sep 13, 2009 8:52 pm

Well, here I am again...the guy that has never been on a TPR field trip but posts wacky trip reports that make people scratch their heads and go, "WTF"?

I am hoping that I can get 1,000 pictures on one page one day just to boggggggg down your 'puters when you try to download! :devil:

This time is yet another Labor Day weekend outing at HersheyPark. What can one say about Hershey? We are 3 for 3 on Labor Day weekends as far as weather and the park kicks major ass...that is all.
Picture 002 [].jpg
Our campsite at the High Meadows Campground. We lucked out enough to be about 90 yards from the railroad track. We learned this in Williamsburg at the Anvil - if you're close enough to the tracks, you can't get in trouble for making too much noise!
Picture 005 [].jpg
Tudor style houses and chocolate - two great tastes that go great together! Mmmmmmm!
Picture 007 [].jpg
This contraption is designed to cage in little brats and dump water on their heads almost continually so they will behave the rest of the day at Hershey.
Picture 008 [].jpg
Lightning Racer - what can you say about this other than it is almost always a walk-on and kicks tons-o-buttock!
Picture 012 [].jpg
So Hershey added a Tornado a couple of years ago when they launched the Boardwalk...
Picture 028 [].jpg
Only trouble is that they made it a two person raft instead of a four person...and only put in a total of four waterslides - FAIL!
Picture 013 [].jpg
Fahrenheit appears to be sinnnnking to the left. Must be one o' those darn Obama supporters. But wait, if you look at it from the other direction it is leaning towards the right. Damn those Conservative right-wing bastards! AAAARGGGHHH...which way am I supposed to be looking???
Picture 016 [].jpg
Oh wait, it's straightened up it's act now....sorta. Guess it's middle of the road and doesn't know what the hell to support - kinda like me.
Picture 017 [].jpg
Wildcat - love the awesome cat logo, but the coaster is about the most "mehhh" coaster I have ever ridden. Although, I do like the strange farting noises it makes at the end of the circuit though - almost like it had too much fried food & cheese.
Picture 019 [].jpg
This was my "cram the entire park into one picture" picture.
Picture 020 [].jpg
Track, treck, trick, trock, truck.
Picture 021 [].jpg
Roller Soaker - don't worry, I only waited 45 minutes for it this year... Yesssss!
Picture 024 [].jpg
Hey there StormRunner...what's goin' on? Say 'Hi' to your mutha for me, kay?
Picture 026 [].jpg
If anyone ever cared to see the backside of East Coast Water Works...enjoy!
Picture 029 [].jpg
TPR tip #1 - ask for the cup of ice water! It will save you $3.50 and it really, really tastes like water, I swear it!
Picture 030 [].jpg
This coaster is really neat and fun and is one my favorite Intamin coasters that would not be named: Millenium Force, El Toro, Bizarro or Expedition GeForce. Along with those European/Asian Mega-Lite coasters normal people won't ever be able to ride in their lifetime cuz they won't build them in the U.S....ummmm, StormRunner, Top Thrill Dragster and ummmmm....maybe Dale Earnhardt's new Nascar thingies?
Picture 034 [].jpg
Under the Boardwalk - we were not out of the sun, there were no people walking above...and believe it or not, we fell in love a long time before this pic! HA!
Picture 035 [].jpg
Picture 036 [].jpg
Picture 038 [].jpg
I have never been on this, but I would really like to own one.
Picture 039 [].jpg
Riders on the Storm...
Picture 040 [].jpg
Let your children play...yeeeeaaah.
Picture 043 [].jpg
Great Bear.
Picture 042 [].jpg
Great Beer.
Picture 044 [].jpg
Great Bear meet Great Beer.
Picture 045 [].jpg
This is another place where Great Bear and Great Beer unite.
Picture 046 [].jpg
My Dad wanted to represent TPR West Coast Bash at Hershey - how cool is that?
Picture 048 [].jpg
Great Bear had a shower in the queue! Six Flags charges $1 per fluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and goo to store stuff while Hershey offers showers to guests that may have gotten soiled by track lubricants while in line!
Picture 049 [].jpg
Noted track lubricants.
Picture 050 [].jpg
This is the hose in which the track lubricants flow...BEWARE!
Picture 060 [].jpg
I guess that this could be a queue for an Intamin someday.
Picture 063 [].jpg
Man, I miss me some Green Water Landing at CP. But sunny days are here again with the announcement of the moonshine drinkin' anti-kids/anti-family log ride. Woo-Hoo!
Picture 064 [].jpg
The sea lion show told us that we would get wet only because it was a salt water show. If it was regular water, you would leave as a dry person.
Picture 073 [].jpg
Fortunately for PETA, only one sea lion was hurt in the creation of this show.
Picture 075 [].jpg
I'm only kidding...he really DID love balancing a ball on his nose to get those fishy treats!
Picture 070 [].jpg
They also had high divers.
Picture 072 [].jpg
I guess the villain decided to call in sick, so they improvised the normal show with more high diving and sea lion antics than usual - it rocked!
Picture 067 [].jpg
Sea lion wouldn't hesitate to bark at the crowd if people weren't clapping despite the failure of the villain getting too drunk the night before and not showing up for his scheduled performance!
Picture 058 [].jpg
Ever rode Tidal Force? It is a very evil water ride that forces mass amounts of wetness by placing cargo nets above to keep the water from escaping!
Picture 031 [].jpg
Even Fahrenheit cannot escape it's wicked amount of wetness!
Picture 077 [].jpg
The Alive Milkmen were performing a free show...
Picture 085 [].jpg
Last picture of us waiting in line for Fahrenheit. Don't worry kids, we're really not drunk!

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Postby Philrad71 » Tue Sep 15, 2009 2:27 pm

Last weekend, we visited Canobie Lake park in Salem, NH. Despite the fact that it had been raining and would continue to spit and sputter throughout the day, the park was actually quite busy!

Overall, we were very impressed with the park. Very clean with some well-themed rides and (for the most part) friendly employees. Not a ton of thrill rides, but a great family park with a nice lakefront setting.

We took Michael's grand-daughters there and they loved it! They are now tall enough (barely 54") to ride just about any coaster or ride. I sure wish I would have been as bold as they are when I was 7 & 9!!!!

Onto the pics....

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Postby larrygator » Tue Sep 15, 2009 3:08 pm

I failed, I should have made comments on your PTRs to help you get the pictures of multiple pages.

Bad moderator, bad moderator.

I've used quite of few of your photos for the Park Index.
As usual, my analysis is free of charge!
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Postby Philrad71 » Tue Sep 15, 2009 3:18 pm

Canobie on 9/12/09...
Canobie 087 [].jpg
Welcome to a wet Canobie Lake!
Canobie 088 [].jpg
They were preparing the park for Screeemfest.
Canobie 090 [].jpg
One of the coolest things about Canobie - big food!
Canobie 092 [].jpg
Well maintained and very clean. Kinda reminds me of Conneaut Lake and Waldameer. I sure wish Conneaut could get the funding to upgrade their park to similar standards.
Canobie 095 [].jpg
First up was the Frisbee. The ride cycle on this seemed about triple the duration of the one at SFNE (Tomahawk). Awesome flat!
Canobie 099 [].jpg
Next up - Rowdy Rooster. Always have to do the flyers! I think Michael was trying to teach his grand-daughter how to snap!
Canobie 100 [].jpg
The flyers had big cock heads painted on them.
Canobie 106 [].jpg
Next up was the well-themed 'Wipeout'. At that point, it began misting so we got a little wet on this one.
Canobie 110 [].jpg
But they told us before we bought our tickets that all the rides would run in the long as there was no thunder or lightning! Woo-Hoo! This one tested my stamina though...
Canobie 113 [].jpg
The main deal here was the Yankee Cannonball coaster. Only 63 feet high, but we caught some nice air at the tops of the hills - especially in the front!
Canobie 112 [].jpg's a lift hill. Not a lot of places to get shots of this one except from the parking lot.
Canobie 170 [].jpg
So here are a couple from the parking lot.
Canobie 171 [].jpg
First drop...not much, but a fun little coaster and very smooth for it's age!
Canobie 119 [].jpg
Psycho-Drome: our first indoor Scrambler.
Canobie 121 [].jpg
If you like your Scrambler experience to be partially lighted and you enjoy the stench of sweaty socks, you'll love this ride!
Canobie 129 [].jpg
DaVinci's Dream was the best themed swing ride I have ever seen.
Canobie 134 [].jpg
Like Idlewild, they had a Caterpillar with the cover. They covered you immediately and kept you covered most of the ride.
Canobie 136 [].jpg
Semi-nude Caterpillar getting ready to reveal all!
Canobie 141 [].jpg
And the fully nude/exposed Caterpillar in all her green glory!
Canobie 142 [].jpg
They had a half-pipe Skater, but it was the only ride that wasn't running. They tested while we were in the area, but I never saw anyone actually on it.
Canobie 143 [].jpg
More awesome big food!
Canobie 144 [].jpg
Giant cotton candy!
Canobie 114 [].jpg
Is it me, or is the chef trying to lick his own meat?
Canobie 148 [].jpg
Anyone that likes big meat needs to visit Canobie Lake!
Canobie 149 [].jpg
And what have we here?
Canobie 150 [].jpg
Could it really be?
Canobie 151 [].jpg
Everyone's favorite - the old Arrow Corkscrew!
Canobie 154 [].jpg
73' high with two inversions! The coaster came from Old Chicago (Chicago Loop), Alabama State Fairgrounds (Corkscrew) and then to Canobie - according to RCDB. I thought it might have been the Python from Busch, but I was wrong.
Canobie 156 [].jpg
Next up was the diversely named 'Pirata'.
Canobie 157 [].jpg
Complete with a screaming wench - too awesome!
Canobie 159 [].jpg
'Mine of Lost Souls' a rather lengthy dark ride for the family - very cool!
Canobie 160 [].jpg
For the dark ride car/loading platform enthusiasts...
Canobie 162 [].jpg
A nicely themed water tube ride that you ride with your clothes on. I believe these were a big hit at parks in the 80's.
Canobie 163 [].jpg
The flume ride looked neat, but we were wet enough by that time.
Canobie 166 [].jpg
Ferris Wheel with an ominous background.
Canobie 167 [].jpg
Hmmm...lot's of questions with this pic. Is this Sally from the Peanuts gang? Will this park succeed because it doesn't have a Nickelodeon themed kids area so little one's won't recognize the characters and therefore not have fun? Will a car skid into all those Sally's? Which Sally would you choose if you had your choice?
Canobie 168 [].jpg
Thanks Olde and Newe Canobie Park - you are one cool little amusement park!


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