Photo TR: SFoT

Very detailed. Check it out!
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Photo TR: SFoT

Postby eskater132 » Fri Jul 10, 2009 10:43 pm

Hello! I went to Six Flags today because it's about 20 minutes away from me and I was bored. Let me just say it was a great day. There was a light crowd, and wonderful staff. It was HOT! Man, the reported high temperature for the day was 103 degrees.

It was a nice trip. Most rides were walk-ons, all the rides were open, including Texas Giant, and I got a PINK THING! So good!

I took many photos. Hope ya'll enjoy!
IMG_0974 (Medium).jpg
Almost there!
IMG_0975 (Medium).jpg
Superman Tower, and Mr. Freeze in the distance!
IMG_0976 (Medium).jpg
IMG_0977 (Medium).jpg
Meh. Icky field.
IMG_0978 (Medium).jpg
OK. The shopping center in the foreground was bought by the park YEARS ago. This is something that gets to me, but supposedly, maybe, someday the park will expand onto this land.
IMG_0979 (Medium).jpg
Flashback. The boomerang.
IMG_0980 (Medium).jpg
I absolutely LOVE Judge Roy Scream's setting. It's on a narrow strip of land next to a clean pond with DUCKS!
IMG_0981 (Medium).jpg
There's gonna be a lot of foilage in this TR.
IMG_0984 (Medium).jpg
More of what you just saw.
IMG_0985 (Medium).jpg
Goose? Duck? Will someone let me know?
IMG_0986 (Medium).jpg
Titan in the background, trees, and entrance.
IMG_0987 (Medium).jpg
Oh yeah, there's gonna be a lot of shots of the towers: Oil Derrick Observation and Superman.
IMG_0988 (Medium).jpg
Get ready to park! (and pay $15).
IMG_0990 (Medium).jpg
IMG_0991 (Medium).jpg
This expensive and fancy sign tells you that no weapons are allowed...However, a moose explaining this would be much better IMO.
IMG_0992 (Medium).jpg
Entry plaza. Complete with pentagon fountain, The Six Flags, and a carousel.
IMG_0993 (Medium).jpg
Bathrooms, fluffy, fluffy bunnies filled with medicine and goo, and Strollers, OH MY!
IMG_0994 (Medium).jpg
Market of the plaza, with novelty Tees such as...
IMG_1009 (Medium).jpg
IMG_0995 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1008 (Medium).jpg
There are six flags outside the carousel. Four of the six has a little history on each pole.
IMG_0996 (Medium).jpg
Texas as of now.
IMG_0997 (Medium).jpg
The Republic
IMG_0998 (Medium).jpg
IMG_0999 (Medium).jpg
Spain (sorry about the water)
IMG_1001 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1002 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1004 (Medium).jpg
Confederacy? and Mexico
IMG_1005 (Medium).jpg
Texas State Flag
IMG_1006 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1007 (Medium).jpg
Texas Giant waiting to be ridden. (background)
IMG_1008 (Medium).jpg
The observation tower can be seen from everywhere!
IMG_1010 (Medium).jpg
Just a day in the park.
IMG_1011 (Medium).jpg
Texas Giant.
IMG_1013 (Medium).jpg
Looney Tunes
IMG_1014 (Medium).jpg
kiddie truck ride thing
IMG_1015 (Medium).jpg
Looney Tunes USA. I'm grateful that it's the only kiddie area of the park!
IMG_1016 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1017 (Medium).jpg
France section. Home of nothing.
IMG_1018 (Medium).jpg
New sign. newly remodeled food court.
IMG_1019 (Medium).jpg
Did not ride this. Did not feel the need to be soggy!
IMG_1025 (Medium).jpg thanks!
IMG_1020 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1021 (Medium).jpg
At least it has decent theming.
IMG_1022 (Medium).jpg
My first ride of the day. THBS. Longest wait of the day, about 40 minutes.
IMG_1027 (Medium).jpg
Spin spin.
IMG_1028 (Medium).jpg
Messin' with the color accent feature. This is just OK. Works best with red.
IMG_1030 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1031 (Medium).jpg
I love Mr. Freeze
IMG_1034 (Medium).jpg
Almost there.
IMG_1035 (Medium).jpg
jeez, this is a fast chain.
IMG_1036 (Medium).jpg
No more 3D? Boo!
IMG_1037 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1039 (Medium).jpg
THBS loading platform
IMG_1040 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1042 (Medium).jpg
Six Flags really likes their ads. I kept seeing this Jumbo Tron of sorts show movie trailers.
IMG_1043 (Medium).jpg
In case you get lost
IMG_1044 (Medium).jpg
Here we go!
IMG_1046 (Medium).jpg
Runaway Mine Train is always fun.
IMG_1048 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1049 (Medium).jpg
Some track
IMG_1050 (Medium).jpg
Good day today!
IMG_1052 (Medium).jpg
Loading platform with great crew
IMG_1053 (Medium).jpg
Let's get on.
IMG_1054 (Medium).jpg
Hot brake run.
IMG_1056 (Medium).jpg
Now to Ace Hotel
IMG_1057 (Medium).jpg
Thumbs up to Six Flags for having everything in here working. The music, the movement, the lighting, everything!
IMG_1058 (Medium).jpg
Oil Rig
IMG_1059 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1060 (Medium).jpg
I love this park.
IMG_1061 (Medium).jpg
Cloud Bouncer
IMG_1062 (Medium).jpg
Very photogenic ride, the Chute Out
IMG_1064 (Medium).jpg
Majestic Theater
IMG_1065 (Medium).jpg
Fun ride
IMG_1066 (Medium).jpg
You must TAKE THE TUNNEL to get to Judge.
IMG_1068 (Medium).jpg
Tribute to Bill Cobb
IMG_1070 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1071 (Medium).jpg
Some of the skyline
IMG_1072 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1075 (Medium).jpg
Judge loading platform and empty station
IMG_1077 (Medium).jpg
OK. There are now two stadiums in Arlington. The one closest is The Ballpark in Arlington where the Rangers play, and the one in the back with the white roof is Cowboys Stadium. Brand spankin' new.
IMG_1078 (Medium).jpg
Judge Roy Scream
IMG_1080 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1081 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1082 (Medium).jpg
More brake run
IMG_1084 (Medium).jpg
Off they go.
IMG_1085 (Medium).jpg
Up the lift
IMG_1087 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1089 (Medium).jpg
Off they go
IMG_1090 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1091 (Medium).jpg
So photogenic!
IMG_1092 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1093 (Medium).jpg
What's wrong?
IMG_1094 (Medium).jpg
The Light!
IMG_1095 (Medium).jpg
Here I go on the ride with cables.
IMG_1096 (Medium).jpg
Crazy Legs.
IMG_1097 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1098 (Medium).jpg
Chute Shoot
IMG_1104 (Medium).jpg
Judge, again.

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Postby eskater132 » Fri Jul 10, 2009 10:43 pm

More pics!
IMG_1105 (Medium).jpg
Tower Section Overview
IMG_1106 (Medium).jpg
Gotham City Overview
IMG_1107 (Medium).jpg
More Tower...
IMG_1108 (Medium).jpg
Texas Section coasters
IMG_1109 (Medium).jpg
The Crazy Legs IN ACTION!
IMG_1110 (Medium).jpg
Johnny Rockets
IMG_1112 (Medium).jpg
Goodtimes Square
IMG_1113 (Medium).jpg
Whoa! Mr. Freeze? Already?
IMG_1114 (Medium).jpg
TOP HAT! Amazing inversion!
IMG_1115 (Medium).jpg
Up the spike...the moment of peace!
IMG_1116 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1117 (Medium).jpg
This ride is themed well.
IMG_1118 (Medium).jpg
Just the other side of the Snowy's Cones facade.
IMG_1119 (Medium).jpg
When you first get into this factory, you MUST!
IMG_1120 (Medium).jpg
The whole ride is themed around an ice cream factory with the splattered flavors on the steel corrugated wall.
IMG_1121 (Medium).jpg
Don't smoke or you'll have a flavor explosion!
IMG_1122 (Medium).jpg
I love theming. I want to have my own theming in my house, cuddle up with it, and then fall asleep in it. Disturbing?
IMG_1123 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1124 (Medium).jpg
I did this theming with a couple cans of spray paint
IMG_1125 (Medium).jpg
HEY LOOK? Train!
IMG_1126 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1129 (Medium).jpg
They ruined it.
IMG_1130 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1131 (Medium).jpg
Don't get crushed by the theming.
IMG_1132 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1135 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1136 (Medium).jpg
Don't, please, don't!
IMG_1137 (Medium).jpg
Mr. Freeze is a terrorist.
IMG_1138 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1139 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1147 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1148 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1149 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1150 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1151 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1152 (Medium).jpg
Queue is not as nice as Georgia's but still nice.
IMG_1158 (Medium).jpg
So, just snapping random photos, huh?
IMG_1159 (Medium).jpg
The computer's black now?
IMG_1162 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1167 (Medium).jpg
You've never EVER seen any photo like this before!
IMG_1170 (Medium).jpg
General park photo
IMG_1171 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1172 (Medium).jpg
Fame. Fame. Fame. Fame. Fame. Fame. Fame.
IMG_1176 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1182 (Medium).jpg
Caddo Lake Barge.
IMG_1183 (Medium).jpg
I love this structure.
IMG_1184 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1187 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1188 (Medium).jpg
What's that?
IMG_1189 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1190 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1192 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1193 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1194 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1197 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1204 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1205 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1211 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1217 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1221 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1224 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1233 (Medium).jpg
Clean sheets
IMG_1234 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1238 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1239 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1240 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1241 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1242 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1272 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1301 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1318 (Medium).jpg
Hope Ya'll enjoyed my TR! Enjoy yourselves next week.
IMG_1258 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1264 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1213 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1214 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1265 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1278 (Medium).jpg
Log Flume
IMG_1269 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1246 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1263 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1231 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1320 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1284 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1285 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1298 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1324 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1325 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1297 (Medium).jpg
IMG_1323 (Medium).jpg

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Postby eskater132 » Sat Jul 11, 2009 7:46 am

Everything is now up.

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Postby Top Thrill Dragster » Sat Jul 11, 2009 8:00 am


Great TR!!

Six Flags Over Texas looks like such a nice park. Kinda hard to believe its a Six Flags Park.
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Postby Koolkid » Sat Jul 11, 2009 8:05 am

I thought this was a wicked TR. And I thought it was a great length.

Absolutely loved looking through all the awesome pics, and Mr Freeze looks brilliant.

I really wish we would get a Premier coaster over here!

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Postby CD » Sat Jul 11, 2009 9:56 am

Awesome Photo TR! I love SFoT. It is by far the best Six Flags park I have ever been to. It is huge, has great theming and landscaping, an amazing atmosphere, and awesome rides (with a large variety). I know all you guys are going to have a great time on the Deep South Trip at all of the very underrated (IMO) Texas parks. Have Fun!
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Postby Maverickrocks » Sat Jul 11, 2009 12:48 pm

Wow, that was fun to go through! Great photos!

It's great that SFoT still has some of its original charm and that its theming has managed to stay intact to a good extent. It really looks like a great park!

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Postby bpmitchell » Sat Jul 11, 2009 1:00 pm

Awesome TR, I hope to make it out to this park one day

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Postby eskater132 » Wed Jul 15, 2009 7:07 pm

I might go Friday morning.

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Postby YoshiFan » Wed Jul 15, 2009 7:16 pm

Great photos, the park looks like it has a lot of ride variety with something for everyone.

It's too bad they also have Fly Me To The Moon, that is the worst simulator I have been on and wasn't happy to see Great Adventure had it for a 2nd year in a row.


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