Photo TR: Chuck Does It Scandi Style

TPR's 2009 Scandinavian Tour--UPDATE: Linnanmaki
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Archived Photo Trip Reports of Theme Parks, Roller Coasters, and Donkeys!
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Postby rollin_n_coastin » Tue Jul 07, 2009 5:11 am

Chuck, another great update, thank you!

The park was definitely another of the nicest that we visited. Also, the overall enthusiasm for having us there was contagious. They are obviously proud of what they have and especially of what's coming in the future. I do wish that Orchy made an appearance though. lol.

That obstacle course was somewhat insane as well and I think one of the two best that we came across.

*Personal side-note* I have to say thanks to whoever kept up the cheering as I really thought I wasn't going to make it past that last obstacle with the stirrups on ropes. Always happens on the last one I guess where the steam was just about worn out lol

The only bummer was that the interesting looking bell ride wasn't working. I think it's made by the Starflyer folks.

Looking forward to the rest Chuck.


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Postby ginzo » Tue Jul 07, 2009 5:29 am

Ha. "Engineer Liz". Thanks for the laugh, Chuck.
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Postby Erik Johnson » Tue Jul 07, 2009 7:13 am

More, more, more!

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Postby SteveC » Tue Jul 07, 2009 7:18 am

Thanks Chuck, you have added sunshine to a very dull day, figuratively and literally! =)

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Postby Nrthwnd » Tue Jul 07, 2009 11:53 am

rollin'_n'_coastin' wrote:The only bummer was that the interesting looking bell ride wasn't working. I think it's made by the Starflyer folks.

Yeah, I was saddened that (what I call it) The Taco Bell Ride wasn't open, and it didn't look like it was ever going to open, although they did seem to get their effects (fire, water fountain) working ok. Another time I guess, hmm?

Great TR as usual Chuck. Your always special and unique photos, and added captions of wit and general :lolr: are great to read through and enjoy.

Looking forward to more.
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Postby larrygator » Tue Jul 07, 2009 12:40 pm

Bell, Bell, Bell, Bell

True - one of the park's signature rides was down and it seems like we all still had a great time.
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Postby RonFrost » Wed Jul 08, 2009 11:54 am

Great job on your trip report, Chuck!

I love how you captured the splash on that ride! We truly got soaked, but it was worth the fun!

Can't wait to see more - keep it up!

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Postby cfc » Wed Jul 08, 2009 5:41 pm

Chapter 5: During the Deluge, Part 1: Sommerland Syd & Legoland

Up to this point, the weather gods had been kind to us--some sunshine, comfortable temperatures, and just the occasional drizzle. Well, that changed after Hansa Park. We were out and about in some pretty serious rain for the next couple of days, but what the hell--it's Scandinavia, and it's often damp.

Give us your best shot, Thor! Long-haired, freakin' God of Thunder! Go to a barbershop, you pansy! We got credits to get, and ERT to get 'em!

We made a brief stop at Sommerland Syd, a nice little park, for a brief spot of ERT. The coasters here are nothing particularly special, just a decent Vekoma Invertigo and a Pinfari death machine, but there was this rather unusual splash boat. Let's just say that "political correctness" wasn't a factor on this ride; in fact, with it's theming dedicated to cannibals, it was geared to be as offensive (or hilarious, depending on your mood) as possible. Old Tarzan flicks were more enlightened than this thing.

My thanks to our gracious host, Helmut "the mechanic," who was our guide and ride op at Sommerland Syd. He went out in the pouring rain just so a bunch of coaster geeks could score some credits.

Next up was Legoland Billund, the original Legoland park (after Hansa Park). Although the pouring rain put a bit of a damper on the day, this was an excellent park for families--the best of the Legolands, or so those who have been to all of them said. (I've only been to Legoland Windsor.) It had the usual assortment of rides you see at other Legolands (Dragon and the Richochet in Technics drag), along with a log-themed kiddie coaster. But I thought the best thing there, rain and all, was the Lego version of Pirates of the Carribbean--a very nice knockoff of the Disney classic. Good rapids ride, too (well, we were already soaked, anyway).

Here's a word from our sponsor--plus a look at Sommerland Syd and Legoland.
Hi there, folks! Ever wonder what goes into sausage? Hell, what doesn't go into sausage! Well, at Sam's Sausage Remnants, Inc., we stuff our sausage with damn near anything, providing it's dead! Yes, Sam's Sausage Remnants--if we can scrape it off the pavement, we can stuff it in a sausage!
SS 01.jpg
Our hotel in Flensburg, Germany was very nice.
SS 02.jpg
Er, Larry . . . this is a bit awkward.
SS 03.jpg
This little port town was quite pretty.
SS 04.jpg
Larry and I found a nice little tavern for dinner, too. (Mmm--pepper steak.)
SS 05.jpg
"Hello! I'm Syd! Welcome to my rather rustic Sommerland!"
SS 06.jpg
We rode this. In the pouring rain. Well, why not?
SS 07.jpg
"The sooner we ride this, the sooner we get to the Vekoma!" (NOTE: The following images are about as far from PC as you can get--like that's ever stopped me before.)
SS 08.jpg
"I say, Cyril! Do I have enough time to finish smoking my Cuban before dinner?"
SS 09.jpg
"I daresay you do, Chauncey. Funny you should mention that, because guess what we're having tonight . . .
SS 10.jpg
. . . smoked Cubans!"
SS 11.jpg
"Hmm--I sure am hungry. Guess I'll hit the drive-thru for some . . .
SS 12.jpg
. . . handburgers!" (Who comes up with this stuff--Noel Coward?)
SS 13.jpg
Next up, is some goodness courtesy of the Vekoma corporation.
SS 14.jpg
Meet Lena, a tour bus driver. She always hoped that some day, she'd be driving a busload of freaks to ride an Invertigo. Her dreams have been fulfilled now!
SS 15.jpg
By this point, she's thinking, "It's a dream come true!"
SS 16.jpg
By now, she realizes that her dream has become a nightmare.
SS 17.jpg
But that's how it goes . . . in the Twilight Zone! (Actually, the ride was OK.)
SS 18.jpg
We've endured the Vekoma--bring on the Pinfari!
SS 19.jpg
Don't look now, I am too stupid to spell Steel Vengeance so I'll just write SteVe and pretend I'm being cool, but there's a Klan meeting going on behind you.
SS 20.jpg
We rode the Pinfari, then headed out. Thanks, Helmut! Legoland awaits.

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Postby cfc » Wed Jul 08, 2009 6:06 pm

You know, a REAL MAN will eat damn near anything! Chorizo, pickled tripe, pigs feet, Taco Bell--yes, anything!

At Sam's Sausage Remnants, Inc., we only stuff our sausage for REAL MEN!

Enjoy Legoland.
LL 01.jpg
There's one thing you have to remember when you visit Legoland Billund.
LL 02.jpg
Do not annoy the bunny with the chainsaw.
LL 03.jpg
A whorin' we will go, . . .
LL 04.jpg
. . . a whorin' we will go! High ho the merrio . . .
LL 05.jpg
. . . a whorin' we will go!
LL 06.jpg
Yes, even in the rain, there were some people crazy enough to ride the Splash Battle.
LL 07.jpg
"Oh, crap! What was in that brew last night . . . bleah!"
LL 08.jpg
Hmm--this looks rather familiar, only they spell it "Dragen."
LL 09.jpg
"Yes, I am thoroughly enjoying the Dragen so far. Thank you."
LL 10.jpg
"Before the dawn of history . . . an ancient race of people . . . the Druids!"
LL 11.jpg
"Stonehenge! Where the demons dwell! Where the banshees live, and they do live well!"
LL 12.jpg
Aw, there's no need to be afraid of Xtreme Racers, little dragon dude!
LL 13.jpg
Just repeat to yourself, it's only Ricochet, it's only Ricochet . . .
LL 14.jpg
Legoland Billund took the "robocoaster" idea from California and put it indoors. It was like a "rave" for Detroit-assembly-line robots in there.
LL 15.jpg
"Sigh! I'll have to dress up like a Druid, again."
LL 16.jpg
Here's another familiar ride.
LL 17.jpg
I like these little boat trips to nowhere.
LL 18.jpg
And, on this damp day, this may have been the most popular part of Legoland. One more set of pics to come.

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Postby cfc » Wed Jul 08, 2009 6:33 pm

Sam's Sausage Remnants, Inc., would like to remind you to eat responsibly.

Yes, you are responsible for each one of our sausages you eat.

And now, we return you to Legoland.
LL 18a.jpg
Now it's time to get wet--like Vikings!
LL 19.jpg
"Hey, Bjorn! I think someone forgot to finish the lifthill!!"
LL 20.jpg
Hmm--either that, or this ride uses an elevator. Yes, my seasoned park-enthusiast instincts are telling me the latter.
LL 21.jpg
"Up into the rigging, you scurvy dog!"
LL 22.jpg
"Belay that! Maybe ye should work in the galley."
LL 23.jpg
"Arr! Mangy curs act as though ye never seen a Lego shark before!"
LL 24.jpg
"How about a little help fer yer old shipmate, lads? No? Well, how about shoving a marlin spike up yer fjord, then?"
LL 25.jpg
"Hmm--I hear if you mix rum with gunpowder, then light it on fire, you get really high!"

"Let's check it out, dude!"
LL 26.jpg
"Arr! I be the most effeminate-lookin' pirate ever in these pantaloons and shirt! What were I thinkin'?"
LL 27.jpg
"Heave to! Stand and deliver, coaster-ridin' scum!"
LL 28.jpg
"Avast! Me donkey vouches fer 'em!"
LL 29.jpg
"So, the donkey be dolin' out shares of our treasure now, eh?"
LL 30.jpg
"I suppose he'll be lettin'em share our busty Lego wenches, too! Blast that, sez I!"
LL 31.jpg
"Well, bein' as I were all wet, anyway."
LL 32.jpg
Even a cactus needs a siesta from time to time. It's very tiring work standing around in the desert and all.
LL 33.jpg
Just to give you an idea of how wet it really was, this happened despite wearing a windbreaker and poncho over my sweatshirt. Thanks for reading so far--but there's a ways to go yet.


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