Photo TR: Six Flags Over Texas & Fiesta Texas 5/15-17/09

My first time to both!
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Photo TR: Six Flags Over Texas & Fiesta Texas 5/15-17/09

Postby PeoplemoverMatt » Wed May 20, 2009 5:24 am

So last weekend I took my first ever trip to Texas for the 32nd Annual O. Henry Pun Off in Austin. While that was on a Saturday, I took the day before and the day after to check out 2 parks I'd never seen before - Six Flags Over Texas & Six Flags Fiesta Texas. 2 days of fun & frivolity - Texas style!

Overall, each park was very enjoyable to visit. Crowds were mostly light, and employees were great. Below is a visual record of two parks that I'll most certainly visit again; likely next year when the Pun-Off is on again.

I'll put up the Six Flags Over Texas pictures first. Tomorrow I'll put up the Six Flags Fiesta Texas pics. Enjoy!
After 200+ miles of driving from Austin, I've finally arrived at SFOT! Looks a lot like Knott's Berry Farm's entrance off Beach...
Arriving at about 6:15pm means no waiting at parking toll gate! (Why so late? Landed at Austin around noon, then drove to Texas Motor Speedway for a quick tour, and then drove over here. Only about 250 miles of driving!)
Why hello there former Sarajevo Bobsleds! Six Flags Magic Mountain has always been my home park, but this took off before I was old enough to be able to ride this. Problem solved today! =)
And a hello there to Goliath's twin + extra helix - Titan!
I has arrived! Yay!
Only two more years before Six Flags turns 50. All our little theme parks are growing up...
Inside the park, this was the first land that I wandered into.
Bugs, Taz, and their paparazzi
Hmmm...same name, but not quite the same look...
Holy crap, Z-Force?!
Ah finally, time for some coasters!
First up, something that might be coming to SFMM someday - Big Spin!
In the queue is where everyone learns about Tony Hawk...
Big Spin goodness...
Undercarriage nerdy shot!
Eat, ride, puke, whatever order you wish. =)
Oh right, I'm in Texas...
Hey there all you KBF fans. =)
As fun as it would have been to relive a fond memory, this wasn't open. But, the name "Texas Chute Out" would have made the Pun-Off folks proud!
At the other end of this tunnel...a woody.
Also, there be a lake with a pretty view, and a state flag reminding me where I was.
*THE* Six Flags fluttering proudly in the breeze. In case you've never known this, "Six Flags" refers to the six flags that have flown over Texas in its history, shown here.
What?! Oh dear. This is not a good sign...
Okay so it's only a Vekoma boomerang, but, any coaster that calls itself "Flashback" merits some trepidation....
It's certainly been a while since I've heard the word "exciting" in a description of a coaster named Flashback!
Name notwithstanding, this is a pretty standard issue boomerang coaster.
It also rode fairly on the smooth side of things, believe it or not. I was pleasantly surprised.
Hmmm...I'm noticing a general theme in this direction...
It's not Gotham City Backlot, but it works!
Hey there Batmobile! Long time, no see!
Yellow Batman looks quite yellowish in person...
Freeze & Batman are all like, "Sup?"
This way to your Batman colonic exam!
Yellow Batman is just so... yellow. Is it good to be yellow in Texas? I'm not quite sure...
Batman: The Exit Queue gives a nice look at a Texas sunset.
Time for some Freeze and yet another credit!
Be there in a sec!
OMG! Is that themeing I see inside a Six Flags attraction???
OMG again! Is Six Flags operating both sides of a loading area when the park attendance is light and there isn't much "demand"???
OMG again again! That's a coaster with inversions but no OSTR's! I must be on drugs. This is a trifecta of impossibility here!
Mr. Freeze was a fun coaster, but there's more credits to be had. Here are two conveniently located right next to each other. Woot.
It's a credit. That's what matters.
This I found interesting. One of the factoids usually floated about Disneyland's Matterhorn is that it was the first coaster to use tubular steel track. However, Runaway Mine Train here makes the very same claim. The claim isn't made in the pictured ACE plaque, but made over the PA in the station. Both can't be correct at the same time creating an interesting case of mutual exclusivity.
The ride came across to me as a cross between Gold Rusher and Big Thunder Mountain. However, I believe the reality is that both those coasters were inspired from this one.
Occasionally I have to stop myself from believing that a giant fart controls these tower rides.
Hey, can anyone tell me what state I'm currently in? I seem to have forgotten...
So what does this park call this? Sky Tower? Eiffel Tower?
Oh right, I'm in Texas. Eh, still serves the same purpose as an observation deck. Too bad it was closed on this day. =(
I wish I could see one of these parades someday. I'm not ready to say I wish this would come to SFMM because I've never seen one, but this still looks like some good nighttime entertainment is headed SFOT's way.
Yes please!
The fact that this had horns on it amused me.
Since I hadn't eaten anything in 26 hours, it was turkey leg time!
Hmmm...this is a giant wooden Texas...what should we call it?
Works for me!
Tons more twisty wooden goodness over here. I finally know what I've been missing in the form of a wooden coaster in SoCal! Texas Giant was all around a tremendous ride. Haven't had that much fun on a coaster in some time.
But with the park closing soon and more credits to be had, I needed to keep moving. Admittedly, this is not the marquee I had envisioned for Titan, but whatcha gonna do?
I was surprised at how much of a difference the extra uphill helix actually made compared to SFMM's Goliath. It's a lot more noticeable than I thought it would be.
The lift hill lighting at night looks awesome!
Texas Giant's lift hill also is quite illuminated in the dark.
But I can't stop at Titan! There's still two more credits left! One of which can be found here in... Spain??
Ah yes...Sarajevo Bo-- err, La Vibora!
Never actually thought that I'd get a chance to ride this thing, but I did. =)
And the final credit of the evening, Shock Wave! Yaaaaaaaaay.
Rode this in the back row, and it did throw me out of the seat a few times. Pretty fun little ride.
Oil Derrick has a familiar look that I think I've seen in another park somewhere. ;)
And my night ended with my own private ride on the Texas Giant. Thanks to the Giant crew for that, and thanks to SFOT as a whole for a very enjoyable first time visit. I'll be sure to make the trek again next year if I return for next year's Pun-Off.

That will do it for SFOT. Later today (Wed) I'll be posting my pics from Six Flags Fiesta Texas, which was also a first time visit. See ya until then!

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Postby SFOGdude25 » Wed May 20, 2009 11:21 am

Nice photos!
It's nice to hear that Texas Giant is giving fun rides again. I believe the ride was retracked a LOT just for this season. It will be fun to watch this coaster get rebuilt next season.

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Postby Erik Johnson » Wed May 20, 2009 1:54 pm

Great report so far! Just a couple more months until the TPR Texas trip.

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Postby haiderodes » Wed May 20, 2009 2:39 pm

I really liked SFOT. It reminded me of a cross between KBF and SFOG. Love Mr Freeze! Too bad you didnt get a chance to check out Chute Out or the Oil Derrick, both give a great view of the area, especially on a clear day!

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Postby paintballer » Wed May 20, 2009 3:15 pm

SFoT is amazing man, Nice to see a TR of my home park!
Glad you had fun!

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Postby supertrooper » Wed May 20, 2009 3:22 pm

Nice report. I live about 20 minutes from SFOT, but haven't been in about 5 years. This report makes me want to give it another chance.

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Postby Jakizle » Wed May 20, 2009 4:06 pm

Awesome photos! Can't wait to see your Fiesta Texas Photo TR.

By the way, did you ride Runaway Mountain? It's a pretty neat ride, I'd say a bit better than your average "credit."

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Postby ArizonaGuy » Wed May 20, 2009 8:12 pm

Jakizle wrote:Awesome photos! Can't wait to see your Fiesta Texas Photo TR.

By the way, did you ride Runaway Mountain? It's a pretty neat ride, I'd say a bit better than your average "credit."

Great pics. Thanks for the TR.

I totally agree with the Runaway Mountain statement. Very fun coaster.

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Postby PeoplemoverMatt » Fri May 22, 2009 3:34 am

Fiesta Texas pictures are almost ready!...

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Postby PeoplemoverMatt » Fri May 22, 2009 3:35 am

Seriously! They're, like, almost here!


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