Photo TR: Divv's European Adventure

A look back at TPR's Europe Trip. Final Disney updates: Pg20
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Archived Photo Trip Reports of Theme Parks, Roller Coasters, and Donkeys!
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Photo TR: Divv's European Adventure

Postby Divv3k » Sun Feb 08, 2009 8:56 am

Well here it is at long last. It's my trip report from last summer's TPR Mainland Europe Trip! I've been meaning to post this for months now but life has kept getting in the way and so it's only now, into 2009 that I'm actually able to start the TR. I was gonna just not bother after a certain stage but I figured that if Lou can post her 2007 year in review all the way through 2008 I can post this now!

So I'm sorry about it being a bit later than planned but I had some other stuff taking up my time after the trip and well, there were already loads of fantastic trip reports going on from all the various TPR trips this year. Posting this now also means I don't have to compete with them and worry about mine being inferior.

Yet again the Alveys put on an absolutely fantastic tour for us lucky participants and hopefully I'll be able to share a bit of that with you guys here.

Day -1: MER DE SABLE (Below)
Day 0 - Part 2: PARC ST PAUL
Day 0 - Part 3: BEAUVAIS FAIR
Day 2 - Part 1: WALIBI BELGIUM
Day 2 - Part 2: AVENTURE PARC (Ropes Course)
Day 3 - Part 2: TOVERLAND
Day 4 - Part 1: EFTELING
Day 4 - Part 2: DRIEVLIET
Day 6 - Part 2: DRAGON BAR!
Day 7 - Part 2: SCHLOSSBECK
Day 9 - Part 1: TRIPSDRILL
Day 9 - Part 2: HOLIDAY PARK
Days 10 & 11: EUROPA PARK
Days 11 - 13: DISNEYLAND PARIS, Part 1
Days 11 - 13: DISNEYLAND PARIS, Part 2
Days 11 - 13: DISNEYLAND PARIS, Part 3
Days 11 - 13: DISNEYLAND PARIS, Part 4


DAY -1:

Seeing as I'm a bit of a credit whore and there seemed to be a few others on the trip a bunch of us made plans to hire a car for the first weekend before the trip offically kicked off to hit a couple of other parks in the Paris area. The plan was for five of us to hire a car and head to Mer de Sable on the first afternoon we were there (Day -1) and hit Jardin d'Acclimatation and Parc Saint Paul on Day 0.

Unfortunately some members of our group of credit whores got hit by flight delays and so it was only Erik and I, who had travelled to Paris by train who were actually in Paris in time to make our way to the first park. So we quickly picked up the car, checked into the hotel and headed out to Mer de Sable. Anth was hanging about the hotel with nothing to do so he was lucky enough to make the most of Steve. Jes and Ben's misfortune and nabbed this bonus credit.

I only go on about this at length to rub it into those three that I got a credit that they didn't on this trip! =P

Mer de Sable is a nice little park set on a slight hill which is made up almost exclusively of sand and western theming. The one coaster there Train du Colorado was my first Souquet coaster. After riding it I'm not surprise there aren't many of those around. The ride was quite amusing as the complete lack of banking on the turns mean that you're thrown right into whoever is sitting next to you multiple times. Well it as quite amusing for us, maybe not so much for the poor little girl who ended up sitting next to Erik!

We had a quick look around the rest of the park but as it was warm we opted to do the log flume which had a really insane drop. Really one of the best drops I've ever experienced on a log flume.

Anyway, we went back to the hotel and met up with the rest of the group. It was great to catch up with some old friends and fantastic to meet some amazing new people. The evening wasn't so great for poor Erik who witnessed Holland crashing out the Euros but for the rest of us fun was had! In what was to become a theme for the trip we closed out the hotel bar and so headed to another hotel bar and closed that one out too!

I'll try and ramble less next time! Here's the day -1 photos...
SS856032 copy.jpg
My journey begins at the sexy new St Pancras International Railway station.
SS856033 copy.jpg
Being a total train geek as a youngster who followed the channel tunnel construction I was super excited to pop my Eurostar cherry!
SS856036 copy.jpg
Here's the first constipation shot at the first park of my trip - Mer de Sable!
SS856040 copy.jpg
The park is built on the side of a hill with mostly kiddie rides.
SS856041 copy.jpg
Le Train du Colorado is Mer de Sable's only coaster. It was my first chance to ride one of these Souquet concoctions.
SS856049 copy.jpg
Erik prepares to crush the innocent little girl next to him!
SS856043 copy.jpg
First credit of the trip! Hi Steve!
SS856048 copy.jpg
Don't expect any banking on the turns. Just expected to be crushed by the person next to you!
SS856039 copy.jpg
The park features mostly kiddie rides. Like this very RCT looking thing.
SS856037 copy.jpg
Or this fire fighting thing that I've seen at a few European parks now. Probably a good thing we passed on this. It would have likely ended in tears!
SS856051 copy.jpg
The park's log flume was really great. It has such a fantastic drop. Probably the best ride in the park.
SS856052 copy.jpg
SKLOOOSH!!! With it being such a hot day this was much needed.
SS856055 copy.jpg
Anth and Erik both approve of the awesome Mer de Sable log flume!
SS856054 copy.jpg
Bloody hell, we better get moving if we want to make the start of the trip!
SS856057 copy.jpg
One park down and still many, many more to go! This was a nice little park to spend an hour in. Especially since it meant I got a credit that Steve should have but didn't. =P

Day 0 is up next...

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Postby TPDave » Sun Feb 08, 2009 9:10 am

Good stuff Divv, let's see if you can beat Lou's record for not only the latest TR in history, but also the longest running. Wasn't her's like 8 months from the first to last update? Has she even finished it yet?! ;)


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Postby Divv3k » Sun Feb 08, 2009 9:32 am

^ Thanks Dave. I'm hoping to do a park a day after today. Whether or not that actually happens remains to be seen! With that in mind I'll throw in a disclaimer here.

*This TR is being posted in "Lou time".*

That should cover any lack of updates at any point over the next few months!


DAY 0 - Part 1:

The first park of that TPR visited as a group was Jardin d'Acclimatation. A nice little park in the middle of the city. There were two credits for me and weren't much more than that. The powered coaster was cool with a kinda psychoish bit in the middle. We didn't really stay here long as we, the "credit whore group", had plans of hitting Parc St. Paul that same afternoon.

Here's some photos...
SS856083 copy.jpg
Every TPR member who visited this park cycled here. Fact.
SS856063 copy.jpg
No wasting time here. It's straight to the credits!
SS856062 copy.jpg
The car is all "what the hell are these guys doing in there?"
SS856059 copy.jpg
SS856064 copy.jpg
It may have been powered but this thing wasn't too bad.
SS856069 copy.jpg
Hands up if you remember the Cretaceous period!
SS856068 copy.jpg
Erik may still be standing on that bridge waiting for the perfect shot.
SS856072 copy.jpg
That's a lot of train blur! This was the real surprising moment of the ride.
SS856073 copy.jpg
One credit to go and it appears a takeover is in order!
SS856078 copy.jpg
Hey who's that in the front row?
SS856079 copy.jpg
That's right! The Big Mike Road Show is in Europe!!!
SS856067 copy.jpg
With the credits conquered it was time to go hunting for some more!

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Postby Divv3k » Sun Feb 08, 2009 9:33 am

DAY 0 - Part 2:

Jes, Erik, Steve, Ben and myself headed off in our rental car to Parc Saint-Paul with the expectation of it being a crappy park with some crappy credits. We were pleasantly surprised. Okay it was no theming paradise or anything but it was quite scenic and had two coaster which were really surprising. In a good way! Who knew the Russian company PAX made such fecked up rides?!?

Anyway here's some pictures...
SS856084 copy.jpg
Here's our second park, I mean parc of the day. Parc Saint-Paul
SS856087 copy.jpg
In true credit whore style we head straight for the Wacky Worm!
SS856089 copy.jpg
What's that thing peeking over?
SS856136 copy.jpg
That be the Wild Train baby!
SS856090 copy.jpg
This thing was all kinds of messed up in the back. Really insane!
SS856092 copy.jpg
We rode this thing a few times because it was so messed up. Who said this was just a whoring park, I mean parc?
SS856095 copy.jpg
The other PAX ride was even more messed up! Look how steep this lift hill is!
SS856141 copy.jpg
It was like a wild mouse but everything was kinda shifted a little to make it insane!
SS856093 copy.jpg
This thing had some ridiculous air!
SS856143 copy.jpg
This was seriously one of my favourite coasters of the trip! Why aren't there more of these?
SS856097 copy.jpg
Erik and Ben can't believe how messed up it all is!
SS856099 copy.jpg
Moving away from coasters for a minute we had a look at the dark ride.
SS856101 copy.jpg
It took us a while to persuade Erik to ride.
SS856102 copy.jpg
When sex games go wrong...
SS856103 copy.jpg
It wasn't anything special in the end. Just your typical carnie dark ride.
SS856106 copy.jpg
No copyrights were infringed in the making of this ride.
SS856107 copy.jpg
I never realised we were visiting the same day as ACE!
SS856114 copy.jpg
Back to credits and to the spinning mouse that didn't spin! Yay!
SS856109 copy.jpg
Lift hill photo quota for this TR: Satisfied.
SS856108 copy.jpg
SS856116 copy.jpg
Another credit in the bag.
SS856117 copy.jpg
This is where it gets really sad and pathetic.
SS856118 copy.jpg
Yes, hang your heads in shame whores.
SS856122 copy.jpg
Speaking of sad and pathetic...
Some coaster counter sites list this thing! Seriously!
SS856123 copy.jpg
It's not a credit but it is FUN!
SS856125 copy.jpg
Moments before Erik came within an inch of losing his head!
SS856129 copy.jpg
I include this only to share how creeped out I was by this thing. Give me an Efteling babything over this anyday!
SS856131 copy.jpg
From the ferris wheel you can see how nice the parc(k) is.
SS856132 copy.jpg
The surrounding trees hide most of the rides. Believe me, they're in there!
SS856137 copy.jpg
Finally we checked out the drop tower. It was fun with a nice view of well... trees.
SS856119 copy.jpg
Once the bears start doing the macarena you know its time to move on!
SS856135 copy.jpg
Quick! Which way to Paris? Don't make us dance with the bears!
SS856085 copy.jpg
Phew. Escaped! Back to Paris we go!

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Postby Divv3k » Sun Feb 08, 2009 9:33 am

DAY 0 - Part 3:

On the way back from Parc Saint-Paul we started to see posters for a carnival in Beauvais. A place we just so happened to be driving through. We decided to stop, not thinking there would be a credit because SURELY credit whores, Jeff Johnson, Big Mike and Elissa would have all noticed this place when they passed the day before and check the place out.

So much to our surprise when we walked through the carnival and noticed, lo and behold, can you believe it, a freaking spinning coaster! Woo! BONUS CREDIT! We all felt this was an extra special bonus credit because no one else on the trip apart from the five of us got this credit and we'd be able to be very obnoxious about it and rub it in to everyone. I kid, as I'm sure we were the only people who actually cared about it. LOL!

Apart from the credit which was pretty ghetto in itself the rest of the place lived up to the ghetto theme. Throwing in the odd copyright infringement here and there for good measure. We only rode the coaster before deciding there wasn't anything else worth riding so we all grabbed a crepe (hey, we were in France!) and I got a frozen coke.

After that we drove through Paris so that we could be semi touristy at least. We walked around the Eiffel Tower, got back in the car and headed back to the hotel and hit the bar! A good day!

Here's the photos...
SS856187 copy.jpg
We're heading back to Paris with full intentions of going straight back to the hotel.
SS856185 copy.jpg
Until we see this!
SS856175 copy.jpg
Woo, it's a ghetto carnival!
SS856173 copy.jpg
I love ghetto fairs. Why?
SS856146 copy.jpg
SS856147 copy.jpg
Erik loves boobs too!
SS856145 copy.jpg
Here's that Nintendo park everyone keeps asking for!
SS856158 copy.jpg
All copyrighted images used with licences. Honest!
SS856148 copy.jpg
Hey, what's that over there?
SS856182 copy.jpg
It's only a freaking BONUS CREDIT!!!
SS856180 copy.jpg
SS856149 copy.jpg
Bonus credits are Erik approved!
SS856150 copy.jpg
Ben and Jes feel so much cooler than the rest of the trip participants! Especially Big Mike!
SS856156 copy.jpg
The ride op points and laughs at the names of everyone who DIDN'T get this credit! LOL! It was only a crappy fair coaster, but we were still pretty excited to find it, even though I'm sure no one else cares!
SS856166 copy.jpg
Even more exciting than bonus credits is banana and nutella crepes!
SS856169 copy.jpg
These were awesome!
SS856170 copy.jpg
Steve and Ben agree!
SS856177 copy.jpg
And even better than crepes - Frozen Coke!
SS856178 copy.jpg
Is this where I say something like "Hi Jahan!"?
SS856193 copy.jpg
After the fair we headed back to Paris for some sight seeing. Although its not really my thing I enjoy spending a little time seeing these things.
SS856203 copy.jpg
Anyway, that'll do it from Paris. There's a TPR trip to get properly started tomorrow!

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Postby gisco » Sun Feb 08, 2009 9:34 am

Nice Pictures Divv. Love the European parks. Don't be a Louise and not finish. She gets a PROPER job and has no time for us anymore! ;)

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Postby Crazy_Behemoth_Lady_Jess » Sun Feb 08, 2009 10:01 am

Nice TR, doesn't seem like alot of what I'd consider "extreme rides" at those parks. Still, the kiddie coasters look kinda cute.

That "bonus credit" is a Maurer spinner right? Or a knockoff copy?
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Postby eBen » Sun Feb 08, 2009 10:07 am

The cars do look like Maurer but its an Italian manufacture. They are also link as one long train instead of individual.

It seams hard to understand how good those PAX rides are from there small footprint and short layout but they are both better than frostys GREEEEAT.
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Postby Crazy_Behemoth_Lady_Jess » Sun Feb 08, 2009 10:25 am

Yeah, its because they were linked in a train that made me wonder whether they were really Maurer's are not. I noticed that most of the cars for spinners of various brands do have some resemblence to each other in a way.

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Postby thrillerman1 » Sun Feb 08, 2009 11:09 am

Sweet TR so far Divv. Looking forward to the rest of it...and some Doritos credit pictures!


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