TPR 2009 Trips Chat Transcript AKA 2009 Trips FAQ!

Lots of good Q&A in this post!
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TPR 2009 Trips Chat Transcript AKA 2009 Trips FAQ!

Postby robbalvey » Tue Nov 11, 2008 8:55 pm

Here is the Q&A from the "2009 TPR Trips Chat" with a few FAQ's from last year's chat. If you have a question about our trips, please read through this ENTIRE post before asking a question. Chances are your question may have already been answered! You can download the official flyers for our trips here:

Q: The price for the trips seem pretty steep. Is it money well spent?
A: Oh, I am HAPPY to address this question! First off, I do not believe the price is steep. It is only steep if you compare it with doing the trip with you and three friends all piling into someones car, sleeping 4 to a room at a motel 6 and eating nothing but peanut butter sandwiches, oh and you have season passes for every park. Our trips are very different than that. We stay at Holiday Inn's or better every night, you get at least one meal a day (usually two), you get ERT and perks that would not be available to you during a normal visit, you get to sit back and relax while the luxury coach does all the driving and someone else does all the planning and organizing. If you've ever planned your own coaster trip, you'll know that alone is quite a good value! And you get a kick a$$ experience with tons of like-minded people! Oh, you also get goodies, snacks, shirts, dvd's, group photos, and much more, but that's just the icing on the cake! I don't think I've heard people (even behind our back) every say they didn't get what they paid for!

Q: If I live local to some parks, can I join you guys for just one park during a TPR trip?
A: This is a tough question. Of course you are allowed to come and meet up with us for a day here or there but keep in mind, unless we open an event day to other TPR members, you cannot join us for group meals or ERT or any other perks.

Please also note that during the trip, many people form groups and hang out in the park. We very rarely, if at all, travel the park as one big group of 50 people. This only happens during ERT or group meal sessions. Most other times everyone splits off into smaller groups on their own, and it can sometimes be hard to meet up with people unless you already know them.

I think the only way we really reccomend meeting up with the group for a day is if you are already friends with someone on the trip and you want to hang out with them or if you bring a friends with you. Trying to join the group for a TPR trip day, unless it's an official TPR Meet, is not something we really encourage anymore.

Q: Since I live near DFW is it possible to subtract the amount that a hotel would cost, so I could just stay at home the days we are in the area?
A: No. We do not piece out the trips. On the West Coast Trip Robb and I will be staying in a hotel down the street from our house! Consider it a VACATION and stay with us in the hotel!

Q: If you have never been on a TPR trip, would it be a bad idea to go if don't know anyone?
A: Everyone who started on a TPR Trip didn't know anyone at first. Even the most hesitant shy people have met friends and had a great time. Don't be worried at all!

Q: Do you know what parks on the deep south trip you might open up for a one day thing like Hershey?
A: At this point we are not planning on any open days on the trip. There is a small chance for Dollywood, but please do not expect anything.

Q: If we meet up with you guys at some parks on the trips, are we allowed ERT and dinners if we pay you guys an extra price?
A: Similar to the last question, most of the time we do not open up a single park day to people not on the trip. You are welcome to come on your own, but you would not get ERT or Meals

Q: What is the approximate Vegas add on cost?
A:We do not have an exact price for the Vegas Add On at this time. Most likely, it will be under $500 and include a bunch of meals, accommodation, all Vegas Credits, and possibly a show!

Q: If you are banned from the TPR forums, you won't be allowed on this trip right?
A: Correct, if you are banned from the Forums you are not allowed on a TPR Trip

Q: Do costs include airfare?
A: As detailed on the flyers, costs do NOT include airfare. You are responsible for getting to the meeting point at the start of the trip, then returning home from the ending point

Q: I am not that into coasters, more into experiencing parks, dark rides, etc. Will the Deep South Trip still be worth it?
A: Dollywood and the Pigeon Forge area alone will be worth the price of the Deep South Trip!

Q: Is it likely that people who are doing the Texas trip will be paired up for the hotels, and those doing both together, or will there be some mixing up of the two?
A: It really depends on sign ups. Some people may request to have the same roommate for both trips, some might not, depending on numbers and ages for both trips we may mix it up, etc.

Q: My mom wants to know if we can do half of a trip for half the price.

Q: I'm guessing this is still being worked out, but will we be visiting Disneyland and California Adventure on separate days, or will we hit them both on the same day?
A: We will have park hopper tickets allowing us to visit both parks on all days!

Q: For the Westcoast trip, It says we meet in the airport, but what if you leaven close already? Do we still go to the airport?
A: The bus will pick up at a hotel near the LAX airport, and will then pick up at the SFO Airport. You will have to get to the meeting point to get on the bus.

Q: Obviously not for 2009, but have you considered doing a slower-paced trip that doesn't have a rigorous schedule? I know a major point is to hit as many coasters as possible, but what about a trip that "coaster counts" weren't the objective?
A: I actually feel that the USA Trips in 09 will be much less crazy than previous trips. When we do Australia that one will be less rigorous, also Disney Around The World will be much more relaxing (if you ignore the tons of flights!). Also, we keep trying to get a TPR Cruise together but there's never enough interest!

Q: The flyer mentions sightseeing in Helsinki, Copenhagen, and Stockholm....what does this mean....will they be full days or, half-days, nights?
A: Sightseeing will be on your own for all three of these cities. For Helsinki you will have time during our Linnanmaki day as the park is right in the central city area. That is also our departure point so you may have extra time depending on your flights. Copenhagen is our arrival city and you will have time on arrival day, and possibly more if you arrive early (always recommended!). Stockholm we will have time during our visit to Grona Lund which is also very near the center city.

Q: If you have been on a TPR trip before, do you get priority for spots on a trip over newbies if it comes down to a lottery?
A: We sent out an email to past trip participants explaining that that is no longer the case due to having so many past trip participants. Sorry!

Q: How far away from our trip date would you suggest getting airline tickets?
A: We usually discuss this more on the private trip boards but it's really a crapshoot with the airlines these days. It used to be that 330 days, and then 4 months before were the best, but now it seems like they fluctuate so much it's hard to tell. Once you're on the board we create an airfare thread where we all look for good airfare on almost a daily basis. One rule of thumb though, if you see an airfare that you're willing to pay for and is a good it!

Q: Is Hansa park probably the only German park on the Scandi trip?
A: That is correct...and now perhaps everyone sees why we're going there! In addition to the awesome starflyer and credit!

Q: Is there ANY chance at all for an add on to Silver Dollar City for the Texas trip. Frontier City and Magic Springs were mentioned, and I thought SDC may be close enough?
A: We've actually decided NOT to do an add on to Texas. Instead look for a trip featuring those add on parks and some better ones in 2010! It was just too much driving from Texas.

Q: Any Goliath at SFOG??
A: Why yes, there is a Goliath at SFoG!

Q: Can a friend of mine go on a TPR trip even though he is not a member of the forum and I am not going on the trip?
A: You do NOT need to be a member of the site to attend a trip. It is recommended to create an account though just so we can email info out to you in a more timely fashion.

Q: How many spots are left open for Scandi?
A: There are seven spots open for Scandi at this time.

Q: Will the Vegas add on include transport from wherever Cali finishes?
A: Vegas Add On will include transport from our final park on the West Coast trip to Vegas, transport in Vegas, then back to LAX

Q: Will there be a “non-Disney” option for West Coast like there was for Europe?
A: There will not be a 'non-Disney' option. We looked into it, but realized with the Vegas Add On, schedule, itinerary, etc. It didn't make sense this time around. Disney is awesome (well not as awesome as WDW or Tokyo Disney) but still awesome!

Q: The Texas trip is only 5 Days. If we are going to 5 parks, will that be too rushed? Will there be enough time at the parks?
A: You will have plenty of time at all parks on the Texas Trips. If you ask ANYONE who's done a previous trip with us, they will say that we are 99% of the time RIGHT ON about exactly how much time you'll need at a park!

Q: If the Vegas add-on happens, how heavy will the schedule be for coaster riding vs. gambling/attraction seeing or are we going places outside of Vegas too?
A: There aren't THAT many credits and stuff in Vegas so we'll have plenty of time to do EVERYTHING! Credits, attractions, shows, eating, gambling, shopping, walking around, seeing the 'porn slappers' etc.

Q: If you are under 16, do you need an adult to attend the trip with you? No, do my parents need to COME WITH me?
A: if you are 15 or under at the start of the trip you need to have a guardian attend with you. This most likely would be one of your parents, unless you can convince your parents to sign you over to someone else to be your temporary guardian for the trip (older sibling, family friend, etc.)

Q: If hard rock park reopens would that be included on the deep south trip?
A: Absolutely NOT. The park is very far away, and would require adding at LEAST two extra days onto the trip or an expensive flight I also wouldn't trust if they reopened not to close again just prior to our visit with no notice as they did several times this summer!

Q: What coasters are expected on the ERT for the Texas Trip?
A: Major coasters, newer coasters, or ones with lower capacity. Very similar to how we choose on all the trips. The ERT won't be decided or announced till much closer to the trip.

Q: Any chance of a side trip to the aquarium in Atlanta, or should I plan on arriving a day early if I want to do that (for Deep South trip of course)?
A: There will not be time or an official trip to the Atlanta Aquarium. That being said, you are more than welcome to come in early and go check it out. We are happy to help people plan stuff pre or post trip

Q: Is there a possible add on for the Scandi trip?
A: There is NO official add on to the Scandi Trip. We looked into several options but felt that the trip was already long enough and most people wouldn't have additional days off or more money to spend on coastering. That being said, I can tell you there are already plans for a UK trip with European Add On for 2010.

Q: What would be good times to book a flight INTO and OUT of DFW for the Texas trip? An approx time where there's a group to meet up with would be great!
A: Wait until we open the trip boards to discuss these sorts of specifics. That being said, Robb and I usually book our airfare sometime between December and March and will them post it to the boards. For the Texas Trip, we are recommending people arrive DFW around noon, as we will visit a park that evening.

Q: For vacation planning purposes how likely are add-ons to the DeepSouth and Texas trips?
A: As answered earlier there will NOT be an add on for Texas. And unless some park very close to the deep south area adds like 5 coasters or one really good coaster I don't think there will be an add on to that trip as well. (That being said, if a bunch of Cypress Gardens Credits show up at Wild Adventures we may have to hit that!) But keep in mind that nothing is planned at this time.

Q: When will the private trip forums open?
A: The trip forums will open up right around or after thanksgiving (for you canabians, that's November 27th!)

Q: Do we still have to circumcise TPDave?
A: YES!!!! It will be done. On the bus. Tyler will be assisting me in the procedure

Q: Are there luggage restrictions? If so, what are they? This is in regards to the Deep South trip.
A: Yes, one medium sized checked luggage and one carry on bag. The buses just don't have room for much more. Plus it will make it much easier for switching hotels, paying airline luggage fees, etc.

Q: On the Cali trip, will you be doing multiple parks (smaller ones) in one day? Some of them can be done in an hour, will there be some...3 a day?
A: There is a day where we will whore up a few SoCal kiddie parks yes. Other than that it's usually one park a day. Or one park for most of the day and a quick run to a kiddie credit during the day.

Q: Do i have to download a form to fill out if I'm a minor?
A: If you're 16 or 17 and attending a TPR Trip I will email with you and your parents closer to the trip then there will be a form to fill out just before the trip

Q: How many minors are already signed up for west coast?
A:I do not have that info in front of me at the moment. Off the top of my head I'd say 3-5.

Q: I'm curious about coming but I took a look at the roster of coasters on the Scandinavia trip but they all look like they kind of blow . . . do they blow?
A: I don't know what you're talking about. Scandi has some AMAZING coasters, and the parks are even better! Crazy attractions, no rules, so much fun!!!!

Q:: Will there be porn in the back of the bus?
A: Only of the coaster type!

Q: Any idea on the estimated time of arrival into LA after Vegas?
A: Most likely we will do the drive back to LA late at night, stay at an LAX airport hotel, then you would fly out the next day. Because that drive from Vegas to LA is so unpredictable we can't have anyone fly out the same day we drive (even if we were going to depart form Vegas early)

Q: What weather should we expect for Texas/deep south? Ginger melting heat?
A: It will be VERY hot and humid. You will most likely die. (Bring sunscreen and drink water and you'll be fine!)

Q: Are you traveling most of the trip, or are you at parks most of the trip?
A: We spend the majority of time at the parks. We don't just drive around aimlessly!

Q: With regards to sightseeing, will there be an "group" or it everyone for themselves?
A: There will not be an 'official group sightseeing' but as you've seen many times before people will form sightseeing groups on the forum ahead of time based on similar interests.

Q: When making arrangements for before and after the trips, you had mentioned before in a question I had asked before about getting a group rate for the first hotel of the Texas trip. Would we pay for it directly to the hotel/booking company, or would we pay you guys?
A: We would arrange it and you would pay us. Then you would check in at the hotel and everything is already paid and taken care of.

Q: Will there be any photo walk backs on any of the trips?
A: I can guarantee there will be at least one photo walk back on one of the trips! No specifics as of now though.

Q: What's the average bed time/wake up call?
A: There really is no average, all trips are different and are different by days. For example usually the Asia trips are early mornings and early nights. Europe was very easy and normal nights and mornings. East coast was early mornings and late nights!

Q: Do the Disney parks do ERT sessions for the TPR trips?
A:We have gotten ERT at Disneyland Paris and Hong Kong Disneyland. We will try to get ERT at all Disney parks in the future but it cannot be guaranteed. On the West Coast trip we will have at least one 'early morning' special entry.

Q: If we would like to meet up with the west coast trip, which one would be the most awesome to meet up at.
A: Like we've said before it can often times be hard to meet up with the group. Obviously it will be easier if you have someone to go with, or you know some people on the trip already. If you really want to meet up I would suggest meeting up at a park that we are at opening to close, or at least for opening so it's easier to meet up.

Q: So, what is the process of sending in payments and down payment, and if you decide later on to go, or don't go?
A: This is all covered in the payment information section on the flyers. You send in your deposit (check, money order, bank transfer, or paypal). It is refundable until the date specified on the trip flyer. If you have any other questions, feel free to email Robb or myself

Q: For the West Coast what time in the morning would the Bus leave LAX from pick ups?
A: This is not officially decided yet, but I would assume the bus will leave the meeting spot near LAX around noon.

Q: When will be know the results if there is a lottery?
A: We gave people till the 14th to get their deposits postmarked. So right around the 20th we'll evaluate sign ups and whether we need to do a lottery or not

Q: Will this year's trips include wholesome rounds of Elissa Photo Bingo and the TPR Trip Awards?
A: Yes there will be Elissa Photo Bingo (as long as Dave does not die before the trips) and yes there will be TPR Trip awards!

Q: Since you mentioned Australia, when would that tentatively take place?
A: Nothing is really set in stone for Australia, could be as early as February 2010. The trip will most likely occur over Presidents Day Week some year!

Q: How much time will we have at Schlitterbahn?
A: We will have at least seven hours at Schlitterbahn.

Q: Would there ever be a Florida trip in the future?
A: Florida is a hard one to do as a group trip because it is very expensive park wise, hard to decide where to stay, most people have passes somewhere and want to use it. You may have noticed that we do an October Florida Trip every year that has gotten bigger over time. We are looking into opening that up as a full TPR Trip in the future.

Q: What happens if I'm 13 years old
A: Hair starts to grow places, your voice gets deeper, and you may find yourself interested in girls!

Q: Will there be a group flight linking Texas and Deep South?
A: We will certainly post our flight and recommend people take it to make pick up at the DFW airport easier, but there are so many flights that if someone wants a different one that still works for DFW pick up it's fine with us.

Q: Is there any point going on the Vegas add-on if I'm a minor?
A: It's really a personal decision. I've been visiting Vegas since I was a baby and always had a good time. Sure at times it's frustrating not being 'of age', but there is still a lot to do. You'll get credits, eat with the group, walk around, play tons of games, cool shopping places, and just soak up the atmosphere.

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Postby thrillgeek » Wed Nov 12, 2008 12:03 am

This sure covered alot of info. I'm glad it answered a few of my questions. Now I just can't wait till the info about the plane tickets become available.

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Postby PeoplemoverMatt » Wed Nov 12, 2008 1:59 am

UK + Europe trip in 2010? What an interesting thought... ;)

I just might target that for my first TPR trip!

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Postby ginzo » Wed Nov 12, 2008 5:27 am

Q: I'm curious about coming but I took a look at the roster of coasters on the Scandinavia trip but they all look like they kind of blow . . . do they blow?

I learned this past summer that it's a HUGE mistake to try and judge a European park by what you see in RCDB. Bobbejaanland didn't have very impressive looking coasters, but it nevertheless became one of my top 3 parks in Europe.
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Postby spacemtfan » Wed Nov 12, 2008 8:24 am

It was a pretty good least for the time I was there.

Anyhow, I'm going to desperately try my best to get on the Texas Trip. Good thing it's split into easy payments.
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Postby sfmmrules! » Thu Nov 13, 2008 9:25 pm

I have questions for Robb:
-What is the absolute latest date I can reserve a spot for the West Coast trip?
-How many days would we be spending at Disneyland/California Adventure? :mickey:
-& How many hours & how many days at Magic Mountain? :airtime:

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Postby coolhandluke » Thu Nov 13, 2008 9:35 pm

^Smart edit.

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Postby socalMAN123 » Fri Nov 14, 2008 8:54 pm

Q: What happens if I'm 13 years old
A: Hair starts to grow places, your voice gets deeper, and you may find yourself interested

Epic win. :lolr: Wish I could get myself on a TPR trip, but as the poor kid that I am, I have no spare cash!
---Brent =)

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Postby Mozart67 » Tue Dec 16, 2008 3:46 pm

Awesome. This answered every pertinent question I could think of. Thanks a million for posting the transcript :)

(now all I need to find out is what this "epic fail, epic win" thing is...)


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Postby macca_boy69 » Sun Jan 04, 2009 10:58 pm

Q: What happens if I'm 13 years old
A: Hair starts to grow places, your voice gets deeper, and you may find yourself interested

OMFG! I was drinking my Coke while reading this. And spluterred it all over the computer when i read that. Thats classic. :b !

Thats cool there might be an Australian trip. It's strange though. I live in Australia(1 hour from Gold Coast(theme park capital of Aus)) and i know alot about Australian Parks.. I would assume you'd start in Melbourne at Luna Park, Then finish in Brisbane via Sydney. I'm not sure. But sounds interesting. I reckon it would be quite cheap but the flights for you Northern Hemispherians would be more expensive. I'm excited.



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